As Republicans Cover For Barr, Remember Team Trump Had 251 Contacts with Russians

That is to say, there are Republicans in the Senate and House who might not be there were it not for Russia's help of Donald Trump. So naturally, they aren't interested in pulling the curtain back on the little man behind the ridiculous, clearly unfit person occupying the White House.

Patricia Arquette Moves The House With Chilling Testimony In Support Of The ERA

Actress and activist Patricia Arquette argued for the ERA on Tuesday, saying women do not have equal protection under the law and laying bare with chilling examples how women today are often treated as sub-humans in America and do not have the same value as men.

12 Senators Push For Investigation Into William Barr’s Handling of the Mueller Report

They cited, among many ethical and legal issues, Barr's decision not to recuse himself, whether his non-summary summary was misleading, whether his conduct with respect to the report complied with DOJ practices, and whether he has demonstrated sufficient impartiality to continue overseeing the 14 criminal matters referred to other components of the DOJ and FBI.

The Media Helps Trump’s Power Grab By Enabling His Relentless Lies

It took a Canadian to point out how our mainstream media is failing us.

Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star Daniel Dale observed how our media fails to even mention Trump's lies.

Expert Identifies Strong Evidence of Trump Russia Collusion In Mueller Report

"The redacted Mueller Report documents a series of activities that show strong evidence of collusion. Or, more precisely, it provides significant evidence that Trump Campaign associates coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged, or gave support to the Russia/WikiLeaks election interference activities.

Joe Biden Slams Trump for Badmouthing Labor And Unions

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination last week, blasted President Trump for badmouthing unions, hours before Biden spoke to unions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Mueller’s Reality Bomb Triggers Trump To Tell 57 Lies A Day

The "president" has now made 10,000 false or misleading claims while in office. What a lot of winning. Trump now lies so much in a day that he has lied more in a single month than he did in the first five months of his presidency.

Senator Elizabeth Warren offers military housing bill to boost transparency

By Joshua Schneyer and M.B. Pell

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic lawmakers on Friday proposed a bill that offers new protections for U.S. military families facing unsafe housing, following a series of Reuters reports revealing squalid conditions in privately managed base homes. read more

Cruelty Is Trump’s Point And It Won’t Stop Until He’s Kicked Out Of The White House

This won't stop until Donald Trump is finally held accountable for his own behavior for once in his life. It won't stop until he is dragged from the White House like the inhumane, unworthy, and illegitimate president he is.

North Korean leader warns of a return to tension, blames U.S. ‘bad faith’

By Joyce Lee

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told Russian President Vladimir Putin peace and security on the Korean peninsula depended on the United States, warning that a state of hostility could easily return, North Korean media said on Friday. read more

Trump’s Fed pick Moore draws fire from Democrats; Republicans silent

By Ann Saphir and Trevor Hunnicutt

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stephen Moore, the economic commentator that U.S. President Donald Trump has said he will nominate to the Federal Reserve Board, is drawing new fire from top Democrats for his comments denigrating, among other targets, women and the Midwest. read more

White Supremacist Rep. Steve King Thinks That He Is Just Like Jesus

You don’t like Steve King embracing neo-Nazi slogans? Thanks for persecuting him, world.

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa told a town hall at Western Iowa Tech Community College that he understood how Jesus Christ felt after King endured the horrors of months of feedback over his comments on white supremacy and nationalism, the Des Moines Register reported. read more

Trump Sides with Russia and China Against Women’s Rights on Rape as a Weapon of War

the United States is siding with Russia and China to set women's rights back 25 years, according to an exclusive by The Guardian, which revealed that the Trump administration threatened to veto a UN resolution on rape as a weapon of war.

Jared Kushner Rewrites History And Claims Russia Help For Trump Didn’t Matter

Speaking at the Time Magazine 100 Summit, Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor Jared Kushner tried to rewrite history on Tuesday by pretending he didn’t understand what the Russians meant when they said they wanted to help Trump in the 2016 election and claiming they didn't know what Russia was doing and it didn't register as impactful.

Jim Jordan Gets Schooled by Former Rep. Joe Walsh For Lying About Mueller’s Findings

When Joe Walsh is correcting your bias, you might want to check yourself.

Trump Wants To Prosecute Former Obama Sec. Of State John Kerry

The man whose campaign met with hostile foreign power officials and spies during the 2016 campaign just tried to accuse Democratic former Secretary of State John Kerry of possibly violating the Logan Act.

Republicans Blame Obama to Distract from Trump’s Betrayal of Our Country

Sharyl Attkisson, opinion contributor and host of Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson on stations operated by the conservative propaganda outlet Sinclair Broadcast Group, echoed the cries of the Right and Donald Trump as she tried desperately to blame Obama for Trump taking help from the Russians to “win” an election. read more

Unlike Republicans, Pelosi Shows Real Class By Refusing To Criticize The President While Overseas

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was inappropriate to criticize the U.S. President while abroad, unlike Republicans, many of whom criticized former President Barack Obama while overseas. read more

Steve Mnuchin Tries to Dodge The Law To Hide Trump’s Tax Returns

Mnuchin is trying to pull a Trump sleight of hand with the word "shall" that is clear as day on a statute of the tax code that has never been interpreted otherwise. He is also suggesting somehow that the intent of the people asking him to uphold the law somehow mitigates the law.

Pelosi Sends Trump Over The Edge By Telling Him That Even He Knows That He Shouldn’t Be President

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a '60 Minutes' interview that there's 'nobody in the country who knows better' than Donald Trump that he shouldn't be president.