Trump Wants To Make It Harder For African Americans To Buy Homes

A new housing plan from the Trump administration will make it more difficult for those in the minority community to buy homes.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Being Guilty Of Crimes He Accused Hillary Clinton Of Committing

Trump spent the 2016 election cycle saying Clinton couldn't be trusted with classified intel, but it is he who has been mismanaging sensitive material.

Democrats Hold Six-Point Early Vote Lead In Key North Carolina Special Election

Win or lose for the Democrats, the fact that such a GOP-heavy district is a tossup race should give them optimism heading into 2020.

Trump Brags About Rain-Soaked Supporters Even Though His Rally Site Was Clear And Sunny All Day

As Trump's rally kicked off on Monday, it was 88 degrees and sunny. In fact, it hadn't rained all day at the site of the president's campaign event.

Trump Admin Threatened To Fire NOAA Officials If They Didn’t Repeat False Hurricane Forecast

The administration threatened to fire officials at the NOAA if they didn't go along with Donald Trump's false hurricane forecast.

Thousands Of Federal Weather Workers Fight Back As Trump Destroys The NOAA’s Credibility

Donald Trump is destroying the credibility of one of the most non-partisan and important government entities, and it could put American lives at risk.

House Democrats Are Planning To Go To War Over Trump’s Presidential Profiteering

Trump has been in violation of the Emoluments Clause since day one, but in recent weeks those violations appear to be more flagrant.

Trump Can’t Find Rock Bottom As He Now Wants To Ban Reporters From White House Grounds

Trump suggested that he would bar at least two Washington Post reporters from White House grounds for not giving him favorable coverage.

‘What Is Wrong With You?’: Chris Hayes Erupts On Trump For Obsessing Over Fake Dorian Forecast

The last few days have provided the American complete clarity on at least one thing: Donald Trump is completely out of his damn mind.

Elizabeth Warren Is Launching Her Own Investigation Into Pence’s Stay At Trump’s Ireland Resort

Elizabeth Warren demanded that the State Department hand over any documents related to Vice President Mike Pence's trip to Ireland.

Republicans Are Plotting To Go After Social Security Behind Closed Doors

Republicans in Congress are trying to pay for their tax scam by coming after earned benefits that millions of people rely on.

‘Something Is Going Wrong’: Maddow Sounds The Alarm About Trump’s Apparent Mental Decline

Trump's instability has gotten worse in recent weeks, and it comes at a time when America and the world are in need of stable leadership.

Joe Biden Destroys Trump For Being A Global Laughingstock On Climate Change

Whether you agree with Biden on all of his policy positions, there is no question that he is respected and well-known by leaders all across the globe.

Trump Is Taking Money From Military Bases Hit By Hurricanes To Fund His Border Wall

The president's campaign was built on the promise that his wall would be funded by Mexico. Instead, it's being paid for by the military.

Trump Triples Down On His Hurricane Insanity By Tweeting Out Week-Old Map Of Dorian’s Path

While Trump continues to defend his claim that Hurricane Dorian was going to hit Alabama, real lives are at stake as the storm continues on its path.

Chris Hayes Calls Trump A Never-Ending Category 5 Disaster

As Trump signals that he doesn't care or know much about climate change, the policies his administration keeps enacting are making the problem much worse.

Dem On The House Judiciary Committee Predicts Impeachment Votes By The End Of 2019

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon said the House Judiciary Committee could be moving toward a vote on articles of impeachment by the end of this year.

‘This Is Illegal’: Former WH Ethics Lawyer Shreds Trump For Profiting Off Pence’s Ireland Trip

It's unlikely to be the last time Trump uses taxpayer dollars to boost his own business interests. His presidency, after all, is one never-ending grift.

Trump Wants To Host The G7 At His Doral Resort Because The Property Is Going Broke

Trump holds the most powerful office in the world, and – with the help of a corrupt attorney general – he's using it to boost his failing businesses.

Trump Was Laughed At By Other World Leaders Behind The Scenes At The G7

Trump has no credibility on the world stage, and his performance and reception by other world leaders at the G7 summit was the latest evidence of that.