Rachel Maddow Draws Devastating Line From Trump’s Shutdown To The Ethiopian Airlines Crash

Trump's shutdown delayed work on a software fix that would solve what Maddow called the "unexpected nosedive problem" on the Boeing 737 Max.

House Democrats Introduce New Dream Act Without A Dime For Trump’s Border Wall

The Democratic legislation – the Dream and Promise Act – isn't just a sensible policy proposal, but it's also good politics.

GOP Senators Humiliate Trump With Legislation That Would Cripple His Emergency Powers

The legislation introduced by Republicans on Tuesday is the clearest sign yet that even they are growing uncomfortable with Trump's abuse of power.

Ari Melber Flat Out Calls Mitch McConnell A Threat To Public Safety

To Mitch McConnell and too many other NRA-owned Republican lawmakers, public safety doesn't matter so long as their campaign checks keep cashing.

Nancy Pelosi Has Left Herself Plenty Of Room For Trump Impeachment

The best course of action is for Democrats to continue doing what they're doing, which is investigating the president, his campaign and his businesses.

Tucker Carlson Throws A Seven-Minute Tantrum After He’s Caught Making Racial Slurs

Instead of apologizing, the Fox News host threw a seven-minute tantrum at the beginning of his primetime show on Monday night.

New Audio Catches Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Spewing Racism About The Obamas

The bar for Fox News is pretty low, but even the right-wing propaganda network should be able to recognize that Tucker Carlson's time is up.

Trump’s Immoral Budget Could Hand Democrats The White House In 2020

No matter who the Democratic nominee is in 2020, Donald Trump's budget will be a gift to them. The ads will write themselves.

Trump’s Worldview Crumbles As The FBI Arrests More Domestic Terrorists Than Foreign Extremists

A new analysis from The Washington Post shows that the FBI arrests more domestic terrorists than Islamic extremists, despite Trump's scare tactics.

Former Federal Prosecutor Warns Trump That Mueller Is About To Drop A ‘Collusion Bomb’

Kirschner said his experience as a prosecutor combined with all the public reporting has convinced him that justice is coming for the president.

Bernie Sanders Vows To Support Eventual Democratic Nominee: ‘Trump Must Be Defeated’

Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised on Saturday that he will support the eventual nominee.

Maxine Waters Says Democrats Don’t Need Mueller’s Report To Move Forward On Impeachment

The Democratic lawmaker said she believes there is already enough on the table to move forward with impeachment hearings.

Trump’s 2020 Reelection Campaign Is About One Thing: Staying Out Of Jail

Trump doesn't want to build a wall between the United States and Mexico; he wants to put up a barrier between himself and the rule of law.

Florida Spa Owner Connected To Sex Trafficking Ring Has Been Selling Access To Trump

The founder of a Florida massage parlor tied to a sex trafficking ring has been selling Chinese executives access to Donald Trump.

Rachel Maddow: Manafort Court Docs Show Investigators Could Be Targeting Trump For Conspiracy

Maddow asked: If the allegations of a Trump campaign conspiracy with Russia aren't being used against Manafort, who are they being used against? 

Paul Manafort’s Light Sentence Could Lay The Groundwork For A Pardon From Trump

Paul Manafort's lawyer's spewed the same talking points as Donald Trump following Thursday's sentencing, suggesting that a pardon is still on the table.

‘I’m Embarrassed’: Former Prosecutor Destroys GOP-Appointed Judge For Letting Manafort Off Easy

Glenn Kirschner tore into Judge T.S. Ellis III for ignoring Robert Mueller's sentencing guidelines and giving Paul Manafort a 47-month sentence.

GOP-Appointed Judge Ignores Mueller And Sentences Paul Manafort To Just 47 Months In Prison

Judge T.S. Ellis III – appointed by Ronald Reagan – didn't seem to care much about Manafort's crimes or his lack of remorse.

Rachel Maddow: Michael Cohen’s Testimony Makes Impeachment Or Criminal Charges More Likely

Rachel Maddow said Michael Cohen's testimony leaves two potential outcomes for Donald Trump: impeachment or criminal charges.

Rick Wilson Lays Into The GOP For Turning Cohen Hearing Into ‘High School Drama Class’

The GOP performance was just the latest demonstration that they no longer care about upholding their responsibilities as members of Congress.