Tim Libretti

Tim Libretti is a professor of U.S. literature and culture at a state university in Chicago. A long-time progressive voice, he has published many academic and journalistic articles on culture, class, race, gender, and politics, for which he has received awards from the Working Class Studies Association, the International Labor Communications Association, the National Federation of Press Women, and the Illinois Woman's Press Association.

Opinion: Why Labor Organization Should Be The Focus In The Fight For Democracy

We need to tell the story of unionization and collective action at least as much as we tell the story…

4 days ago

Opinion: Liz Cheney’s End Game Is To Make Republican Authoritarianism Palatable

Liz Cheney does not oppose the authoritarianism and anti-democratic impulses of the Republican Party.

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Manchin’s Betrayal Typifies Long-Standing Conservative Misinformation Campaign Against American Worker

The ongoing public negotiation among Manchin, Biden, and progressive Democrats has made clear that Manchin has been trafficking the same…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Manchin Betrayal Provides Opportunity for Democrats to Prove They Represent White Working Class

Manchin’s betrayal has created an opening, an opportunity for Democrats to spur a much broader profound and urgent reflection on…

3 weeks ago

Coal Miners Plead with Manchin to Actually Represent West Virginians And Support Build Back Better

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) on Monday urged Manchin to revisit his rejection of the planning, highlighting the…

4 weeks ago

Opinion: It’s Time for Democrats to Play Hardball and Jettison Manchin and Sinema

If they’re going to act like Republicans, then Biden and the Democrats need to treat them like Republicans.

1 month ago

Want to Save American Democracy? Then Care About Starbucks Workers’ Union Victory

It’s a huge deal—people standing up a declaring they want a voice at the table in their workplace, to participate…

1 month ago

Opinion: When Will Democrats Take Off Gloves In Fight For Civil and Human Rights?

For whom does the hangman need to come for moderate and conservative Democrats to care?

1 month ago

Opinion: How the Corporate Media’s Treatment of Inflation Abets America’s Authoritarian Turn

This type of coverage of the mere politics, as opposed to the underlying reality of inflation, constitutes in its own…

2 months ago

Opinion: Rittenhouse Verdict Consistent with Right Wing’s Effort of Destroy Democracy

The Rittenhouse verdict is one piece of this larger campaign to destroy democracy and energize white supremacy.

2 months ago

Opinion: Right-Wing “Uncivil Disobedience” Distorts American Revolutionary Traditions And Unleashes Authoritarian Terror

We are not seeing acts of revolutionary uprising. What we are seeing is the rise of terrorism and authoritarianism.

2 months ago

Opinion: Accepting Republican Frame about “Wokeness,” Conservative Democrats Play to White Supremacy

Elements of the Democratic Party have bought into this Republican framing, similarly deploying “wokeness” as a term of slander and…

2 months ago

Virginia Governor Race Reveals Dynamics of Republican Abuse, Voter Trauma

We see the media and many Americans giving the Republicans, who engage in abusive behavior by refusing to do anything…

3 months ago

Opinion: All That Americans Really Need To Know About The Human Infrastructure Bill

We know what’s in the bill: attempts to make a more equitable society that sustains and supports the health and…

3 months ago

Opinion:Defining Labor’s Role In Freedom Is Vital to Fighting Authoritarian Threats

As workers realize and assert their real power, rooted in the fact that we all depend on each other’s work…

3 months ago

Opinion: Moderates, Mainstream Media Have Their Heads in the Sand When It Comes to GOP’s Assault on America

Republicans are scary, indeed. But the moderates and mainstream media members who aid and abet them, living in denial, are…

3 months ago

Opinion: Republicans Unleash Vigilante Justice, Destroy Rule of Law

We are at a dangerous moment in America. Republicans have effectively sanctioned violent vigilante justice.

3 months ago

Opinion: How Anti-Socialism Fuels Anti-Science Extremism in America

A belief in science supports a socialist philosophy and worldview, and to slander or dismiss socialism may very well undermine…

4 months ago

Ongoing War on Women Highlights Extremism’s Roots in Mainstream U.S. Culture and Politics

Most disturbing about this evidence is the way it highlights just how widespread the acceptance of sexism, and of violence…

4 months ago

Far from “Jaw-Dropping,” Will Facebook Revelation Make Us Face Our Serious Systemic Sickness?

So, Facebook’s behavior is a symptom of alienation, and it shouldn’t be any kind of “jaw-dropping” surprise.

4 months ago

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