Tim Libretti

Tim Libretti is a professor of U.S. literature and culture at a state university in Chicago. A long-time progressive voice, he has published many academic and journalistic articles on culture, class, race, gender, and politics, for which he has received awards from the Working Class Studies Association, the International Labor Communications Association, the National Federation of Press Women, and the Illinois Woman's Press Association.

Ongoing War on Women Highlights Extremism’s Roots in Mainstream U.S. Culture and Politics

Most disturbing about this evidence is the way it highlights just how widespread the acceptance of sexism, and of violence…

8 hours ago

Far from “Jaw-Dropping,” Will Facebook Revelation Make Us Face Our Serious Systemic Sickness?

So, Facebook’s behavior is a symptom of alienation, and it shouldn’t be any kind of “jaw-dropping” surprise.

1 week ago

Opinion: On Labor Day, Let’s Recognize that Our Market Economy Does Not Properly Value Labor

The chief value-driving economic behavior, the U.S. economy itself, is not the meeting of human need, and thus it is…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: What the 1/6 Insurrection, Texas Anti-Abortion Law Reveal About GOP “Law and Order” ideology

For Republicans, freedom means they also get to impose their belief systems, their version of “law and order” on everybody…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Democrats Must Redefine Fiscal Responsibility in Passing Infrastructure Bill to Address Climate Change and Americans’ Needs

What Republicans call “socialism” isn’t giving away free stuff; it’s smart short and long-term investing.

1 month ago

Opinion: Joe Scarborough’s Ignorant Anti-Socialism Exposes Dangers of Conservative Ideology

Scarborough’s logic is exactly that which also enables the anti-vaccination movement and, frankly, movements to undermine democracy.

2 months ago

Opinion: How Republicans Distort Founders’ Meaning, Mission of Freedom

The founders conceptualized freedom as a social mission, a social obligation, the chief goal of which was to serve the…

2 months ago

Opinion: Will “Enough Is Enough” Politics Eclipse Dems’ Futile Hopes for Bi-Partisanship?

“Folks [are] supposed to have common sense.” These are the now well-known words of Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey when…

2 months ago

Opinion: Republicans’ Endorsement of “White Rage” Undermines Americans’ Economic Well-Being

Understanding the role white rage has played historically in undermining the economic well-being of people of color as well as…

2 months ago

Opinion: Why Defending Democracy Means Taking on “Amazons” of America

We need large organizations that bring people and their power together to insist that people matter and deserve a voice…

3 months ago

Opinion: GOP Doesn’t Want You to Know American History, Just Repeat It with Racist Delight

Republicans promote an ignorance that delights in repeating history, even it results in deadly massacres.

3 months ago

Opinion: Republicans Continue War On American People By Seeking To Eliminate Unemployment Benefits

The war is formalized in legal proceedings as the people are fighting back against Republican governors who prematurely eliminated the…

3 months ago

Opinion: Sinema, SCOTUS, and the Filibuster: A Recipe for Mainstreaming Extremism

Sinema and the Supreme Court, empowered and enabled by the filibuster, have through the supposedly “democratic processes” Congress invented, extra-constitutionally,…

3 months ago

Opinion: Can Americans Survive Without “Radical Socialism”?

Again, we have to ask, where and in what shape would Americans and the U.S. economy be without the “radical…

3 months ago

Opinion: To Really Save Democracy, Democrats Must Rally Behind Biden’s Labor Advocacy

On the whole, as a culture, we don’t speak much of the nation’s failure to extend democracy and civil rights…

3 months ago

Opinion: Representation Without Taxation: How Traditional and Current GOP Policies Undermine America and Democracy

Traditional Republican policies do not put country over party but rather turn back the clock on the American Revolution.

4 months ago

Opinion: How Donald Trump’s Smallness Is Fueling the GOP’s Grandiose Master Plan

His belief that he is still president, or entitled to the presidency, is simply the most honest and overt expression…

4 months ago

Opinion: Yes, Liz Cheney and the Anti-Trump GOP Believe in Stealing Elections Too

Of course, these Republicans, strenuously posing as “principled,” remain quiet about their own election-stealing strategy, even as it sits ponderously…

4 months ago

Opinion: Big Lie of Stolen Election Obscures Cheney’s Bigger Longstanding Lie

Trumpism, in fact, has provided a fortuitous opening for the Republican Party establishment to salvage its own perfidious conservatism by…

4 months ago

Opinion: Don’t be Fooled By Liz Cheney’s “Stand”: There Is No Conservative Conscience In GOP

The problem Cheney and the other never-Trumpers have with Trump and the current Republican Party is that it has exposed…

5 months ago

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