Trump’s Politics of Repression Promise to Exacerbate Domestic and Global Problems

Trump's presidency, with its emphasis on law and order, is trying to sell us the idea that a repressive society is a free society.

Chicago Rally Reveals Economic and Human Damage of GOP’s Real Motives and Hypocrisy in ACA Repeal

“What is the best way to decimate a community? Deny its people access to healthcare.”

“What is the best way to decimate a community? Shut down its largest employer.”

These questions were asked and answered by Tim Egan, CEO of Chicago’s Roseland Community Hospital, last Sunday, January 15, as he opened his comments at a rally to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA) against the GOP’s ongoing efforts to repeal it. Hosted by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) at its Chicago headquarters, the rally included such heavy-hitting speakers as Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, and SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, among others who shared their personal testimonies of how the ACA has literally saved their lives and how its repeal would certainly put their lives in danger. read more

Trump’s Education Secretary’s “School Choice” Movement Undermines Public Education

Efforts to undermine unions diminish democratic operations in our schools and disempower those who are most attuned to what our children need.

What is the Minimum Wage of Whiteness?

Is there a minimum wage of whiteness? When will those whites, of all classes...cease to feel a benefit of racism and see a benefit in solidarity?

Trauma and Trump: Understanding America’s Vote Requires a Psychotherapuetic Approach

In a post-election episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and political analyst Mark Halperin insisted that the Trump victory should have been foreseeable by anyone watching and thinking rationally. The signs of disaffection with Washington were everywhere, and the antipathy to Hillary Clinton—and the Clintons as an institution (and foundation!)—glaringly saturated the electorate. If, again, our elites and the elite media had simply listened to the average American, whom they supposedly condescendingly ignore and even disdain as they huddle up in their bubbles of polls and self-involved punditry, this outcome would have been obvious. So the story now goes—as it is now told by that same supposedly elite media covering its tracks. read more

Don’t Be Fooled: Existing Extremism Is Not Trump but GOP Establishment

Trump has effectively functioned as a smoke screen for the remarkably consistent orchestration of a Republican scorched earth policy at the state level

Donald Trump’s Language About Women Shows He Can’t Represent Women

"Can we wonder that many reformers think that measures are not likely to be taken on behalf of women, unless their wishes could be publicly represented by women?"

Trump’s Failure to Pay Taxes is Deeply at Odds with the Nation’s Founding Values

Ignoring the greater good, Trump has shown himself to be far more interested in using the people’s government to serve his private interests

Rauner’s Illinois Portends America’s Disastrous Future Under GOP Rule: Part III of a Series Covering the Illinois Debacle

The GOP has given up on governing and instead dedicated itself to aggressively redistributing wealth to the top at the expense of the rest

Rauner Tells Illinois Democrats if They Won’t Punish the Taxpayers, He Will: Part II of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner has chosen to plunder the state for his own private interest and those of his cronies.

Republican Redux: Governor Bruce Rauner Brings Ruin to Illinois: Part I of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner is falling in with the strategy we have seen from Sam Brownback in Kansas, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan

GOP Rhetoric Blames the Federal Government for Snyder’s Poisoning the People of Flint

The problem has nothing to do with Washington, D.C. “choking off” infrastructure spending. The problems lay in Snyder’s tax cuts

Far From Unrealistic, Sanders Has the Experience to Work Toward his Vision

It has been claimed Sanders is unelectable and unrealistic, but his years as senator suggest his ability to hold onto his ideals while he works the daily grind of the political process

Media Gives Trump A Free Pass For Economic Problems His Policies and Businesses Help Create

Trump’s own business practices are and have been characterized by the drive to decrease wages and benefits for workers while it has been precisely governmental efforts, on both Federal as well as state levels, which have succeeded in legislating or attempted to legislate higher minimum wages.

Trickle-Down to Keep-the-Worker-Down: It’s Not the “Skills Gap” Driving Down Wages

Witness the reality of the GOP's keep-the worker-down economics and its persistent drive to re-distribute wealth from the bottom to the top

It’s the Stupid Economy: Why Income Inequality Ought To Be This Election’s Hot Topic

The health of an economy should correlate directly to the health of the people living within it, not to their economic impoverishment.

Bernie Sanders’ socialist presence in the presidential primary mix as well as populist sentiment brewing on both sides of the political aisle promise, hopefully, to keep the much-needed conversation on income inequality front and center in our national debates. read more

Let’s Not Forget Democracy And Equality In The Income Inequality Debate

Although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is tired of hearing about increasing the minimum wage, it is worth noting that this January 1, nine states, including New Jersey, will see their minimum wages rise because of indexed increases.

Republicans Don’t Care About Income Inequality Or Basic Human Needs

We have come to serve the economy rather than the economy serving us. We ask people to suffer to save the system that produces suffering, instead of creating a system that seeks to eliminate suffering.

Who Really Knows How To Address Income Inequality And Save Us From The Grave?

So how exactly can we address income inequality by simply asking everyone to learn new skills and find a better job, avoiding the reality of the need for a re-distribution of social resources? We can't.

How Much Would You Pay for the Good Society? Where the Income Inequality Debate Can Take Us

If we were able to ask the average American if s/he would be willing to pay $12.50 annually so that thousands upon thousands of people who work for a living might stand a chance of meeting their basic needs, I wonder how s/he would respond?