Is SCOTUS Preparing To Gut Another Civil Rights Law?

The conservative majority court has been spoiling for a fight over the 1968 Fair Housing Act (FHA) for quite a while. Not so much the law, but the related application of an argument called disparate impact.

Please Pass (On) The Popcorn: Democrats Need To Take 2016 General Election Seriously

It is time that the left started taking this election seriously, along with Romney and Jeb Bush and the rest, even those we view as stupid, misogynist, and out of touch wing nuts

No Political Motive For A Koch Brothers Ad? Will Americans Seriously Buy It?

The ad was a straight-up promotion of the corporate Koch and a spokesman for Koch Industries told Advertising Age it is intended as a tool to recruit new employees.The question is, will Americans buy it or are they now wise to what the Koch brothers really have in mind?

Did The Supreme Court Rip The Corporate Veil? Does It Even Care?

Ever since the Hobby Lobby decision there have been two words playing in my head but it had taken a week before I heard anyone else say them aloud. Corporate veil.

American Voters Need To Realize The Terrible Urgency Of 2014

Every time I hear a pundit or a pollster discuss the certainty that Republicans will hold the House or the high probability they will gain control of the Senate I suspect I am having an out-of-body experience.

The Silence Would Be Deafening If Obama Tasked Neocons With Finding Solutions In Iraq

How would the neocons respond if President Obama told them they were solely in charge of coming up with solutions to the problems in Iraq? Could they even handle it? Or are they more interested in complaining from the peanut gallery?

Republicans Worried About Another Akin-like Gaffe Fail to See Real Problem

Republicans simply never learn. They always view their problems as cosmetic rather than core.

50 Years After JFK’s Death, GOP Engaging In Character Assassination of POTUS

Five years ago we elected a man almost as young, certainly as intelligent, and for many as charismatic as JFK. Another with a young and beautiful family.

Joe Biden, Rand Paul and Plagiarism – False Equivalence Run Amok

With the outing of Rand Paul's alleged serial plagiarism gathering steam his supporters are weighing in on social media. To paraphrase the common post, "And I suppose you were this outraged about Joe Biden too."

The Senate has the Constitutional Power to Expel Ted Cruz

The Senate theoretically has the Constitutonal power to expel Ted Cruz by a two-thirds vote immediately and with no recourse.

Virginia and New Jersey Democratic Voters Can’t Let Us Down

The rest of us are looking to Virginia and New Jersey voters to send Republicans the message the rest of us cannot.

Darrell Issa Is Hot on the Trail of a New Bogus Obama ‘Scandal’

Darrell Issa and other Republicans are going after another agency in their unending battle of bogus to discredit Obama Administration

Flo Wants to Know: Progressive Insurance Is Wiretapping Our Cars

Not sure whether to call it a social experiment, a marketing gimmick, or just plain scary. Granted it is voluntary - at least so far - but Progressive is wiretapping our cars.

The Crisis In Boston Is Over; Let the Carping, Criticisms, and Conspiracies Begin

It started right on schedule early Saturday morning. The second guessing and the criticism over the choices made by law enforcement Friday morning regarding the pursuit of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Should ANY Of Us Need the State’s OK To Wed?

Shouldn't we be questioning the right of government to mess with marriage at all?

Are Wal-Mart’s Financials A Light Bulb Moment?

There was a little glimmer of light in the Southern skies last week. It wasn't exactly a light bulb flashing on over Wal-Mart corporate, but it did look as though someone was fumbling with the switch.

Republicans are Jumping the Shark With Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Attack

Republicans seem intent on jumping the shark. This time they are staking a lot of political capital on a battle to disable the CFPB and its director Richard Cordray.

Giffords/Kelly PAC a Missed Opportunity for Gun Reform

Ya gotta love Gabby Giffords and her remarkable husband Mark Kelly. But on Tuesday they blew it.

Harry Reid Wants Input on Filibuster; let’s give it to him

If Senator Reid needs more input on filibuster reform, let's make our voices heard right now.

Focusing NRA Fight on Sandy Hook Could Lose the Battle for Sensible Gun Policy

Now we have this universal outpouring of grief and revulsion and we also have a problem. The known facts about the event and the killer himself could mitigate against meaningful changes.