Opinion: Election of Trump Reveals Cultural Divide and Flaws in Our Democratic System

How was Donald Trump allowed to enter the White House as leader of the most influential nation on the planet? By electing Trump as President of the United States, we as citizens may have done irreparable damage to America. Mr. Trump has not only stoked the flames of ignorance; he has undeniably revealed our democratic system to be flawed and in need of an ideological reconstruction.

Opinion: GOP Effort to Kill Obamacare is Personal, Not Business

Donald Trump and his cohorts of the GOP are malevolently complicit in a political assassination attempt, that leaves American citizens as collateral damage. Republicans have engaged in a universal effort to erase the legacy of Barrack Obama and will stop at no cost including the lives of the people that they serve.

Opinion: Congressional Shooting Was A Heinous Sign of the Times

There is no justifiable reason to commit these deplorable and sickening crimes but it must be understood that our current government has fostered an atmosphere that encourages and condones mayhem through silence. The hateful rhetoric spewed from POTUS and his backers has given license to fanatical support as well as opposition. This country is tearing apart at the seams and it's leaders are the main culprit and cause for our divide.