Backlash To Trump Is Directly Responsible for the Sudden Shift in Power for Women

Without the backlash to Donald Trump's presidency -- a thing built on the backbone of his own admission on tape that he sexually assaults women whenever he wants to and 16 women coming forward to say that Trump harassed and/or assaulted them -- we would not be here right now...

... Having sometimes heartbreaking discussions about the predators among us.

Racist Trump Isn’t An Anomaly: He Was Cultivated And Grown By The Republican Party

We welcome Republicans who have joined us in taking a stand, but it would be enabling to fail to mention how they got here. Trump’s racism didn’t just happen to the Republican Party. They grew this the hard way and the only way to root it out is to face this fact.

Republicans Have Turned Into A Mob By Justifying Assaulting A “Liberal Reporter”

The Republican justification for assaulting Ben Jacobs included the dog whistle words, "liberal reporter" for a reason. The reason is that if the reporter was a liberal, it was okay. Not just okay, but justified.

Democrats Must Block The Illegitimate President’s Supreme Court Nominee For National Security

Democrats don't need to find an "issue" to stop the Neil Gorsuch nomination from proceeding to confirmation. The Gorsuch hearing is irrelevant. He needs to be blocked out of concern for our national security and sovereignty.

The Trump/Russia Hearing Puts An End To The Allegation That Clinton Ran A Terrible Campaign

Pundits and strategists who keep blaming Hillary Clinton for losing while ignoring the impact of Russian interference display a willful blindness that can only be accounted for by a particularly strong emotional bias teetering on hysteria.

Editorial: Republicans Use Shame As A Weapon To Silence Elizabeth Warren

When Republicans voted to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren Tuesday night on the Senate floor, they justified it by using shame. This matters because this is how Republicans silenced dissent under George W. Bush, and way too many liberals and Democrats fell for it then.

The Women’s March Isn’t The “New Tea Party” It’s the Democratic Party Getting Loud

The media has dubbed the Trump protests as the "New Tea Party". But this is mainstream America. This is not an extremist faction of the Democratic Party. And therein lies the huge difference between this movement and the Tea Party.

Obama Gave The US the Greatest Gift and It’s One We’re Going To Need Now

Trump will destroy many things, but he won’t destroy the memory of a great president or the wake of hope Obama left behind him.

Opinion: Democrats Are Too Nice When Dealing with Racist Republican Jeff Sessions

Democrats are wasting air time playing Nice Guys and praising Sen Jeff Sessions, which is typical Senate behavior and typical of Democrats, for whom reaching across the aisle is a value.

But those times are gone, and they are dealing with a dangerous racist who has been nominated to be the Attorney General.

If You’re Feeling Vaguely Hysterical Over Donald Trump, You’re Not Alone

If you've been feeling vaguely hysterical, what I like to call hysterical-adjacent, at the idea of Donald Trump running the U.S., you're not alone.

American Women Are Suffering from Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder

Since Donald Trump won his bid for the White House, the women of America have been suffering Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I wish I were kidding. But I'm not. This is real and it's serious.

The Media Is Blaming Anger at the Elites for Their Own Smug Sinking Of Hillary Clinton

The same media that trolled Obamacare for six years, never really grasping that people's lives were on the line, is now telling you that the creation they helped power to the White House is a function of "regular people" being angry at the elites.

Americans Should Be Proud to Have a Candidate As Qualified and Passionate as Hillary Clinton

How cool would the cool kids feel if they knew they had been duped, that in scoffing about Clinton's scandals they were actually repeating scandals paid for by the folks behind Citizens United.

Hillary Clinton Should Bury Donald Trump By Holding A Press Conference

Hillary Clinton needs to do a press conference because not doing one allows this false equivalency with Donald Trump's assault on the free press to continue, and in no way is Clinton less transparent than Trump. Her whole life has already been vetted and has been lived in the public eye.

Together Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton Are Lightning in a Bottle

Elizabeth Warren is a perfect complement to Hillary Clinton. It's lighting in a bottle special. It's Obama at the DNC in 2004. This is the magic Clinton was missing.

Democrats Are Carrying Republican Water with Personal Character Attacks

The following is an editorial by PoliticusUSA’s co-publisher Sarah Jones.

Demoralized Democrats are depressed today because they’ve had an entire primary of issue indulgence, with excellent presidential candidates focused on policy and issues that matter deeply to the base. The Democratic primary has truly been a cornucopia of issues, a fact that made a sharp contrast between the Republican cage match of violent extremism and the Democratic primary of wonky debate. read more

Irresponsible Mainstream Media Refuses to Call Donald Trump a Racist

The media keeps playing dumb by asking Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is a racist. This question sets the question up as if it is a matter of debate or personal opinion and is being used to exploit drama for ratings.

Promise Fulfilled: Obama’s Moral Mission Has Transformed America For The Better

Seven years in, one thing has become abundantly clear - this President is on a moral mission. Not all people who run for the highest office of the land actually have an agenda to do good for the people, but it appears as though this President did and does.

There Is No One I Would Rather Have at the Helm Today Than President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama knows this. That is why he hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden. That's not something any person with an ounce of humanity wants to do, no matter what- to kill another human being. But it was necessary.