A Pattern of Embellishments That Matter: Why The Media Should Be Investigating Ben Carson

Ben carson 2016

The major problem with Ben Carson's tendency to embellish memories in a way that glorifies himself is it's best if a world leader is in touch with reality.

The Media Owe Hillary Clinton An Apology for Their Bogus Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton apologized for a made up email scandal that was blown way out of proportion by the MSM. Now that the DOJ has put that to rest, where is their apology to her?

The Hijacking of Bernie Sanders’ Message by A Small Group Of Elitist White Progressives

Bernie Sanders The Nightly Show

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a man who has always advocated for the underdogs, for women, for minorities. And so it's exceptionally ironic and troubling that his campaign is being hijacked by priggish, self-satisfied, angry white progressives.

Those Who Blame Obama For The Nation’s Epidemic Of Gun Violence Are Wrong

So to blame Obama for any failure to change the laws is to lash out at one of the few people willing to take on the NRA. That's not helping.

Koch Nightmares Come To Life As Bernie Sanders Announces He Has More Than 200,000 Donors

bernie sanders face the nation

The worst fear of the Koch brothers has always been that people will learn about their activities and fight back. On Face The Nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced that people are fighting back and his campaign now has more than 200,000 donors.

With His Mocking of Joe Biden, Ted Cruz Proves That He Isn’t Fit to Govern

Ted Cruz CNN State Of The Union

Our politics are centered on policy, but there is a line that should not be crossed and Senator Ted Cruz has officially crossed it. He is not only not fit to be president, he isn't fit to be a sitting senator.

Martin O’Malley Needs a Reboot Before He Ruins What Could Be A Great Democratic Primary

We were set for a primary where the issues actually get coverage because there would be no mud. That all changed yesterday, when along came former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.

Republicans Lack the Courage to Firmly Denounce Child Sexual Assault and the Duggars’ Cover-up

The reason Republicans have a problem is because they won't denounce the Duggar family's cover up of Josh Duggar's sexual assaults. Former Governor Mike Huckabee has gone full-on defense of the child sexual predator and his family while other Republicans who used the Duggar family as right-wing Christian cred in photo-ops are now silent.

The Tide Is Turning: Time Magazine Puts ‘Black Lives Matter’ On Its Cover

But this time, things were different. Here's what happens when things start to change. Time magazine, one of the most mainstream publications there is, puts "Black Lives Matter" on its cover.

Hillary Clinton Is Building Her Democratic Army As The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

She hasn't even announced yet, and Hillary Clinton's campaign is looking like an incumbent's reelection campaign.

Cheney’s Justification for Torture Highlights How Very Different Obama Is from Bush

Obama never asked us to give up a major freedom so he could get Bin Laden. He just got him.

Democrats Need to Be Bold In Their Policies and Stand with the Guy In The White House

obama frown

One thing is obvious: Democrats are still allowing the media to parrot GOP narratives, and Democrats are still running away from their own ideas and into the arms of the tepid enemy of equivalency. Democrats are still afraid to be bold.

Obamacare’s Revenge: Mitch McConnell Drowns In a Sea of ACA Lies

When asked about Obamacare, aka, Kynect, Mitch McConnell floundered. This was supposed to be the Grand GOP Plan for 2014, but it turned around and bit McConnell in the bum.

Freedom Impinged Upon as Libertarian Candidate Is Excluded from Kentucky Debate

A federal judge denied Kentucky Senate candidate David Patterson's request to be included in the debate between Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

No, It’s Wasn’t A Mistake for President Obama to Say These Policies Are On the Ballot

Former Obama strategist extraordinaire David Axelrod criticized President Obama for saying that his policies are on the ballot for the midterms.

Executive Action: It’s Only a Problem When President Obama Does It

Refusing to discuss their suddenly-found, alleged concern for democracy, Republicans instead claim that President Obama taking executive action makes him a hypocrite for condemning Bush for his use of signing statements.

Obama Bucks Politics As Usual With New Carbon Limits That Are Welcome and Long Overdue

The Obama administration's new EPA guidelines to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants should be applauded and the reaction from Republicans and some Democrats is more cynical politics as usual.