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Biden Moves To Strengthen Unions As Republicans Melt Down Over Fake Meat Ban

Republicans are wasting their time freaking out over an imaginary red meat ban as President Biden takes steps to strengthen…

24 mins ago

Powerless Republicans Can’t Stop Biden So They’re Screaming Socialist

Republicans are failing in every direction, so they are responding to President Biden's first 100 days by screaming socialist.

1 day ago

Biden Keeps His Word And Does What Previous Presidents Wouldn’t By Marking Armenian Genocide

President Biden kept his campaign promise and marked the anniversary of the Armenian massacre by calling it a genocide.

2 days ago

Republicans Are Reeling As Biden Is Using His Experience To Woo Congress

One of the reasons why the Republican criticisms of President Biden have been so muted is that he is using…

2 days ago

Biden Has Republicans Cracking And Running Scared On Infrastructure

Republicans thought that they could vote no and make Biden's policies unpopular, but that tactic backfired and the GOP is…

3 days ago

Senate Democrats Move Fast On Biden’s Judicial Nominees To Remake The Courts

Senate Democrats will take advantage of their majority to move quickly on President Biden's judicial nominees.

3 days ago

Poll: Biden Enjoys Record High Approval Rating Among Young Voters

Young voters have been largely receptive to President Joe Biden and his policies, a striking change from the years under…

3 days ago

Biden Calls on Global Community to Band Together in Speech During Virtual Climate Summit

President Joe Biden urged the international community to band together to tackle climate change in his speech during a virtual…

4 days ago

Obama Beautifully Urges Americans To Fight For Criminal Justice Reform After George Floyd Verdict

Former President Obama called the Floyd verdict a step toward justice as he urged Americans to fight for criminal justice…

6 days ago

Biden Announces That All American Adults Can Now Get Covid-19 Vaccine

President Joe Biden took to Twitter to announce that all American adults can now get the Covid-19 vaccine. "Folks, I…

1 week ago

Russian Asset Devin Nunes Claims Joe Biden Is Being Secretly Controlled

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who has been labeled a Russian asset, claimed that President Biden is being secretly controlled.

1 week ago

On His 87th Day In Office, Joe Biden Finally Plays Golf

President Joe Biden finally played a round of golf on Saturday, which is a big departure from Trump who had…

1 week ago

Biden Administration Invests Billions of Dollars into Tracking and Combating Covid-19 Variants

President Joe Biden's administration announced it would invest $1.7 billion into tracking and combating COVID-19 variants as new strains of…

1 week ago

Sanders Praises Biden for Pledging to Pull Out of Afghanistan, Says Trump Was Right About Ending “Endless Wars”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) praised President Joe Biden for pledging to pull troops out of Afghanistan and noted that former…

1 week ago

With A Spine Of Steel, Joe Biden Defends America And Puts Putin In His Place

Biden showed Putin that there is a new president in town by telling Putin that he could have hit him…

2 weeks ago

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Democrats, Few Republicans Approve of Biden’s Performance in Office

President Joe Biden's approval rating is sky-high among Democrats though few Republicans are on board with his administration, according to…

2 weeks ago

Biden And Democrats Were Right About Stimulus As Retail Sales Grow 9.8%

The American people are getting vaccinated and spending their stimulus checks as retail sales grew by 9.8% in March.

2 weeks ago

Biden Makes Putin Pay For Election Interference And Hacking With New Sanctions

President Biden expelled Russian diplomats and sanctioned Russian companies and individuals that were involved in hacking US infrastructure and election…

2 weeks ago

Barack Obama Praises Joe Biden’s Decision To Get Out Of Afghanistan

Former President Obama praised President Biden for making the right decision and removing US troops from Afghanistan after twenty years.

2 weeks ago

Biden Says It Wasn’t A Hard Decision To Remove US Troops From Afghanistan

While visiting the war dead at Arlington National Cemetery, President Biden told reporters that removing US troops from Afghanistan was…

2 weeks ago

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