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More Than 80 House And Senate Democrats Demand That Biden Cancel Student Loan Debt

A group of House and Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, are demanding that Biden cancel $50,000 in…

9 hours ago

Joe Biden Is Delivering The Manufacturing Revival That Trump Promised

President Joe Biden is delivering the American manufacturing jobs that Donald Trump promised.

1 day ago

Here Is What Biden Is Doing On The Russia/Ukraine Crisis

The Biden administration has been briefing leaders in Congress and working with them to have a response ready if Russia…

2 days ago

Biden Was Responsible, Presidential, And The Opposite Of Trump In First News Conference

President Biden drew praise for his first solo news conference where he was honest, responsible, presidential, and the opposite of…

1 week ago

Biden Humiliates Fox News By Laughing At Peter Doocy’s Question

President Biden called on Peter Doocy and told him that his questions make no sense to him then shot down…

1 week ago

Biden Busts 5 Republican Senators Who Secretly Support Him

President Biden said that he has five Republican senators come to him and say that they agree with him, but…

1 week ago

Biden Gives The Media A Massive Reality Check During News Conference

President Biden delivered a reality check to mainstream media as they asked him if he should scale down his priorities.

1 week ago

Vice President Calls Out Republicans For Election Interference In MLK Day Address

Vice President Kamala Harris said that Republicans are not only trying to take away the right to vote, they are…

1 week ago

Chuck Todd Blames Biden For Republicans Refusing To Work With Him

NBC's Chuck Todd made it sound like it is President Biden's fault that Republicans are refusing to work with him.

1 week ago

Biden Makes The Largest Investment In The Nation’s Bridges Since Eisenhower

President Biden has announced the largest investment in the nation's crumbling bridges since the Eisenhower administration.

2 weeks ago

Biden Announces Purchase of 500 Million Additional COVID Tests

President Joe Biden has announced the purchase of 500 million additional COVID-19 tests as part of an effort to boost…

2 weeks ago

President Biden Just Accused Trump Of An Attempted Coup

During his voting rights speech in Georgia, President Biden accused Trump of an attempted coup in 2020.

2 weeks ago

Kevin McCarthy Is Already Planning To Strip Committee Assignments From Adam Schiff, Ilhan Omar, And Eric Swalwell If Republicans Win The House

Kevin McCarthy doesn't have an agenda for governing. He plans to use the House to get even with the enemies…

2 weeks ago

Biden Calls The House And Senate Staff That Trump Put In Danger To Thank Them For Their Courage

President Biden called House and Senate staffers to thank them for their courage as they defended the Capitol during Trump's…

3 weeks ago

Biden Blisters Trump With The Blunt Truth About 1/6 And The 2020 Election

President Biden laid out Trump's lies and explained why the failed former president is responsible for the attack on 1/6.

3 weeks ago

Biden Goes There And Makes Putin Miss Trump Even More

While talking to reporters, President Biden threatened the one thing that Putin does not want, an increased NATO presence in…

4 weeks ago

President Biden Promises Colorado Immediate Help For Wildfires

President Biden spoke with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and promised immediate federal help for the wildfires in the state.

4 weeks ago

Eric Swalwell Posts DMs From Man Radicalized By Tucker Carlson Who Threatened To Shoot Him

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) posted direct messages to him from a man who threatened to shoot him who was radicalized…

4 weeks ago

Biden Mounts Massive Relief Effort To Combat COVID Surge

President Biden has deployed thousands of personnel along with 13,000 National Guard troops, and millions of pieces of PPE to…

4 weeks ago

Biden Orders Flags Lowered To Half-Staff To Honor Harry Reid

President Biden has ordered all flags lowered to half-staff to mark the passing of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

4 weeks ago

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