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Stacey Abrams: “To Safeguard The Future of Our Country, We Must Vote Trump Out of Office”

In an op-ed for USA Today, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams says "To safeguard the future of our country,…

26 mins ago

Rolling Stone Endorses Biden: Trump Is “Categorically Unfit to Be President”

The editorial staff of Rolling Stone┬áhas endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, writing that President Donald Trump is "categorically unfit to…

2 hours ago

The Beastie Boys Ad License A Song For The First Time Ever To Support Joe Biden

The Beastie Boys granted their first-ever ad song license for an ad, and it was to support Democratic presidential candidate…

15 hours ago

Joe Biden Drives Mitch McConnell To The Unemployment Line At North Carolina Rally

Joe Biden hammered Senate Republicans at his drive up North Carolina rally and made the argument that leave Mitch McConnell…

20 hours ago

Trump’s Grip On Reality Is Long Gone As He Predicts ‘Giant Red Wave’ In All-Caps Twitter Tirade

With polls showing him on the doorstep of a humiliating defeat to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is becoming more desperate…

2 days ago

Biden Campaign To Its Supporters: Ignore The Polls And Sprint Through The Finish Line

The Biden campaign is telling its supporters that the race is much closer than the national and state polls suggest.

2 days ago

Internal GOP Data Shows Joe Biden’s Scranton Roots Could Make The Midwest Blue Again

Joe Biden's presidential campaign is in a strong position to win back key parts of the midwest that boosted Donald…

2 days ago

Joe Biden Nails Reporter Who Pushes Rudy Giuliani’s Russian Disinformation

Joe Biden had a fiery response to a CBS reporter who asked him about the Russian disinformation pushed by Rudy…

2 days ago

New Ad ‘Girl in the Mirror’ Takes Aim at Trump’s Weakness with Women

In a stunningly emotional ad that hits right at the heart of what women have been feeling for four years…

3 days ago

Biden Beats Trump By Millions Of Viewers In Broadcast Town Hall Ratings

Joe Biden drew nearly two million more viewers than Donald Trump for their head to head town halls carried on…

3 days ago

Trump Claims “Red Wave” Is Coming Despite Lagging in the Polls

President Donald Trump claimed his poll numbers are "looking very strong" and that a "RED WAVE" is coming despite lagging…

3 days ago

Joe Biden Cares So Much That He Stayed After Town Hall And Took Voter Questions

After the town hall on ABC ended, Joe Biden stayed and continued to take questions from Pennsylvania voters with no…

3 days ago

Rachel Maddow Declares Trump’s NBC News Town Hall A Catastrophe

The MSNBC host explained that Donald Trump's town hall likely did more damage to his presidential campaign.

4 days ago

Biden Says He’ll Let The DOJ Decide On Prosecuting Trump

Joe Biden said that he wouldn't use the Department of Justice as his personal lawyers, and he will let the…

4 days ago

In Dueling Town Halls, Trump Throws Tantrums And Biden Behaves Like A Real President

In a pair of dueling town hall events, Donald Trump acted like an irritated toddler while Joe Biden behaved like…

4 days ago

Biden Sets A Trump Voter Straight Who Believes Trump Cut Taxes For Workers

Joe Biden has been taking questions from Trump voters at his ABC town hall and he is respectfully setting them…

4 days ago

Biden Leads With White Votes As Signs Grow Of Enormous Democratic Wave

Joe Biden has taken the lead with white voters in the strongest signal yet that a massive Democratic wave could…

4 days ago

Obama Encourages Voters to “Vote Early” in New Ad

In a new ad, former President Barack Obama encourages Americans to vote--and vote early. The election is just 19 days…

4 days ago

Biden Campaign Suspends Travel for Harris After Communications Director Tests Positive for Covid-19

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), the Democratic vice presidential nominee, has suspended her travel through Sunday after her communications director Liz…

4 days ago

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