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Biden to Sign Two Executive Orders on Covid-19 Economic Relief

President Joe Biden will sign two executive orders on Covid-19 relief that aim to provide vital economic relief to Americans…

17 hours ago

‘Not Messing Around’: Rachel Maddow Applauds Biden For Working Quickly To Undo Trump’s Damage

In less than 48 hours, Biden has taken meaningful steps on everything from the pandemic to climate change to immigration.

1 day ago

Biden’s Inaugural Address Draws Millions More Viewers Than Trump’s

Biden's inaugural address was watched by nearly 2 million more television viewers than tuned in for Donald Trump in 2017.

1 day ago

World Leaders Praise Biden as U.S. Returns to the Forefront in the Battle Against Climate Change

World leaders praised President Joe Biden after he signed an executive order authorizing the United States' return into the Paris…

2 days ago

Joe Biden Just Fired Trump’s Anti-Union NLRB Lawyer

Joe Biden immediately made it clear that he will be the most pro-union president in years by canning Trump's anti-union…

2 days ago

Biden Proclaims National Day Of Unity In One His First Presidential Acts

President Biden has proclaimed a national day of unity in one of his first official acts as the new President…

2 days ago

Fox’s Chris Wallace Calls Biden’s Inaugural Address The Best He’s Ever Heard

President Biden's inaugural address was heavily praised by Fox News's Chris Wallace, who called it the best that he's ever…

3 days ago

Ted Cruz Showed Up At Biden’s Inauguration After Trying To Overthrow The Government

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to overturn the election and helped to incite the insurrection, and then he showed up…

3 days ago

Joe Biden Rebuilds The American Spirit With Beautiful And Heartfelt Inaugural Address

Joe Biden became the 46th President Of The United States and used his inaugural address to restore the American spirit.

3 days ago

It’s Official: Joe Biden is Now the President of the United States

The inauguration of Joe Biden is the culmination of a long and fraught process made more complicated by a predecessor…

3 days ago

Freshman Republicans Signal to Biden That They Can “Rise Above the Partisan Fray”

Several freshman Republicans signaled to President-elect Joe Biden that they hope Democrats and Republicans "may work together on behalf of…

3 days ago

Officer Eugene Goodman, Who Saved Lives During the Capitol Insurrection, Is Currently Escorting Kamala Harris

Officer Eugene Goodman, who saved lives during the Capitol insurrection, is currently escorting Vice President-elect Kamala Harris into the Capitol…

3 days ago

Biden Expected to Ask Surgeon General Adams to Resign

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to ask Surgeon General Jerome Adams to resign after he is sworn in later today…

3 days ago

Biden To Kill Trump’s Border Wall As Soon As He Takes Office

Donald Trump potentially illegally diverted billions of taxpayer dollars to build a border wall. On day one of taking office,…

3 days ago

Maddow Mocks Trump For Throwing A ‘Sore Loser Send-Off’ Before Leaving Office In Disgrace

Rachel Maddow skewered Trump on Tuesday night, calling him a sore loser who will without a doubt go down as…

3 days ago

America Ignores Trump’s Farewell Address As Biden Arrives In D.C. And Immediately Begins Leading

America looked the other way on Tuesday night as Donald Trump released his farewell address to the country, turning instead…

3 days ago

Poll: With Just One Day To Go Until The End of the Trump Administration, Majority of Americans Are Worried About the Future

A poll released a day ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration finds that the majority of Americans are worried and…

4 days ago

Trump Is Installing MAGA Extremists In Military Agencies Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Trump's last-second push to install loyalists Inside military agencies seems to suggest that he is still kicking around coup fantasies.

4 days ago

Garth Brooks Puts The Final Nail In Trumpism By Playing At Biden’s Inaugural

Garth Brooks will be playing at Joe Biden's inaugural in what he called a non-political statement, but he pointed to…

5 days ago

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