Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Skewers Republican Coronavirus Bailout Plan in New Op-Ed

Writing in USA Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took a stand for American workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic, saying that…

1 week ago

Biden Adopts Sanders And Warren Proposals On Free College and Bankruptcy

Joe Biden is moving to unify the party by adopting the Sanders policy on free public college, and the Warren…

2 weeks ago

Trump Slammed For Another “Pocahontas” Attack Against Warren as Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll

President Donald Trump claimed Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) "singlehandedly destroyed" the campaign of fellow Senator Bernie Sanders (ID-Vt.), accusing her…

3 weeks ago

Asked If Sexism Played A Role In Warren’s Exit, Trump Responds With Sexist Trope, Calling Her ‘Mean’

Responding to questions from reporters on Friday regarding Sen. Elizabeth Warren's departure from the Democratic Party's presidential nomination contests, President…

3 weeks ago

Elizabeth Warren Tells Sanders Supporters To Stop Embracing Trumpian Politics Of Division

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren had some tough words for Bernie Sanders regarding the behavior of his loyal supporters.

3 weeks ago

Elizabeth Warren To Announce She’s Exiting The Presidential Race Thursday

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is set to announce on Thursday that she is suspending her run to be the Democratic Party's…

3 weeks ago

Elizabeth Warren ‘Reassessing’ Next Steps Of Campaign As Progressives Push Her To Exit Race

Sources close to presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said on Wednesday that she was taking the day to discuss…

3 weeks ago

Opinion: Super Tuesday Could Bring Us Closer To Unity Or Bust

Super Tuesday might tell us which of the four remaining candidates is likely to become Donald Trump’s opponent. I’m not…

4 weeks ago

After Warren Claimed He Can’t Get Things Done, Sanders Showed Up With The Receipts

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) dismissed Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass.) criticism that he "fails" to get things done by listing a…

4 weeks ago

Trump Terrified After SC Democratic Debate Sets Viewership Record

More than 21 million Americans watched the Democratic primary debate in South Carolina including a record viewership number on CBSN.

1 month ago

Democratic Debate: Who Won, Who Lost, and What You Need To Know

Democrats had their best debate yet in Nevada as Bloomberg and Sanders took fire from all sides as Biden, Buttigieg,…

1 month ago

Elizabeth Warren Is Destroying Bloomberg At The Nevada Debate

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came to the debate ready, and she has taken Mike Bloomberg apart piece by piece and…

1 month ago

The Nevada Democratic Debate Is An Exciting Barn Burner

Mike Bloomberg taking the stage has brought out the edge in Democrats as they are going after each other hard…

1 month ago

5 Things To Watch For During The Nevada Democratic Debate

The Nevada Democratic debate has arrived and here are five things to watch for in tonight's critical for Democratic candidates…

1 month ago

Trayvon Martin Killer George Zimmerman Sues Pete Buttigieg And Elizabeth Warren

Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman is suing Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg for $265 million.

1 month ago

Elizabeth Warren Calls For William Barr To Resign Or Be Impeached

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called for Attorney General William Barr to resign or be impeached.

2 months ago

Live Blog: The New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results

Follow the results live with PoliticusUSA as Democratic voters make their choice in the nation's first primary.

2 months ago

The Media Is Wrong As New Poll Shows Every Top Democrat Beating Trump

The media is playing up their usual Dems in disarray act, but a new poll shows all of the top…

2 months ago

The Biggest Loser At The New Hampshire Democratic Debate Was Trump

The conventional wisdom was that Democrats would go after each other in New Hampshire, but instead, they had a great…

2 months ago

Winners and Losers From The CNN Iowa Democratic Debate

With just six candidates on the stage, everyone got time to talk, but some candidates shined while a few stumbled…

2 months ago

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