Trump Suggests Call He Made to Ukraine, Which Was Center of Impeachment Scandal, Predicted “Biden Corruption”

President Donald Trump was impeached, in part, for encouraging Ukrainian leadership to investigate President-elect Joe Biden for “political dirt” he could wield against his opponent. The president was ultimately acquitted by the Senate earlier this year, and he touted the acquittal as a sign of his innocence in the matter, which he has claimed, without evidence, was a Democratic plot to topple his presidency. read more

Member of Biden’s Covid-19 Advisory Board Warns Americans Not to Gather for Christmas

Michael Osterholm, a member of President-elect Joe Biden’s Covid-19 advisory board has warned Americans not to gather for Christmas festivities after cases across the country skyrocketed following holiday travel over the Thanksgiving weekend. Osterholm’s remarks come the day after the United States recorded its highest daily death toll yet: At least 3,055 people died of Covid-19 yesterday, the highest number since April.  read more

With Majority Dwindling, Hoyer Wants Biden to Stop Nominating House Dems For Cabinet Spots

There were many Democrats in the House of Representatives that helped propel Joe Biden to victory. And it is tradition for some of these congresspeople to be rewarded with prominent cabinet seats.

Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was important surrogate and adviser for the Biden campaign. The president-elect has now tapped him to be the director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.  read more

Trump Claims Voters Will Soon Learn About “Courage” and “Saving Our Country” Amid Bogus Election Fraud Lawsuits

Trump Biden Town Hall

President Donald Trump stressed that his election fraud lawsuits, which have been tossed out of court for lack of credible evidence and have become emblematic of his crusade to overturn the results of an election that President-elect Joe Biden decisively won, would soon teach American voters about “courage” and “saving our Country.” read more