New Iowa Poll Finds Warren Surging, Sanders Fading, and Biden Leading

A new Iowa poll shows Joe Biden with a narrow two-point lead over Elizabeth Warren as Pete Buttigieg has taken over third and Bernie Sanders is in fourth.

Post-Debate Poll Shows Biden, Warren Clear Winners Of Third Primary Debate

Pundits treat every debate as a make-or-make moment, but the polling shows that the Democratic primary race is remarkably stable.

Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The ABC Democratic Debate

The top three Democrats in the polls were on stage together, but who won? Here are the winners and losers of the ABC Democratic debate.

Kamala Harris Stares Into The Camera And Tells Trump He Should Be Indicted

Kamala Harris used her opening statement during Thursday's debate to tell Donald Trump that he should be indicted for his crimes.

Joe Biden Leads Trump By 9 As GOP Troubles Boil In Wisconsin

A new poll of Wisconsin shows Joe Biden as the only Democratic candidate with a lead over Trump (51%-42%) that is above the margin of error.

Biden Campaign Expects Long Primary Featuring 3-4 Democratic Candidates

'Joe Biden Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders

In a call with reporters, the Biden campaign laid out their expectation of a long primary campaign that will consist of 3-4 Democratic candidates.

Kamala Harris’ climate plan to draw on her experience suing polluters

Kamala Harris’ campaign is finalizing a plan to tackle climate change that will center on cracking down on fossil fuel companies and protecting poor neighborhoods from the worst impacts of global warming, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

White Women Flee Trump As Top Democrats Crush Him In New Poll

A new poll shows the top four Democratic presidential candidates all beating Donald Trump by double digits because white women have fled this president.

Fox News Poll Shows All Democratic Candidates Surging And Easily Beating Trump In 2020

Right now, American voters seem more than eager to send Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party packing come November 2020.

Kamala Harris Draws Massive Crowd At Iowa State Fair

Kamala Harris Iowa State Fair

In what could be a sign of growing momentum, Sen. Kamala Harris drew a huge crowd to her soapbox speech at the Iowa State Fair.

Kamala Harris Rips Into Trump For Golfing While Blood Spilled On American Streets

Harris ripped into Donald Trump on Monday for his complete leadership failure following the mass shooting attacks over the weekend.

Joe Biden Is Rolling As No One Gains Ground After Second Debate

None of the other presidential candidates gained any ground on Joe Biden after the second round of Democratic debates in Detroit.

Kamala Harris’ Praise Of Obama For Healthcare Will Drive Trump Nuts

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) spoke the truth and praised Obama for doing what no other has done by reforming the healthcare system.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Winners And Losers Of The CNN Debate

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had the highest expectations, but here are the winners and losers from the second night of the CNN debate.

Elizabeth Warren Surges To 2nd As Kamala Harris Falls To 4th In New Poll

A new poll taken before the second Democratic debate shows Biden still leading, but Warren has moved to second and Harris has fallen to 4th.

Voter Expectations Surge For Kamala Harris Ahead Of Second Debate

A new poll shows that voter expectations that Kamala Harris will deliver the best performance have surged ahead of the second Democratic debate.

Joe Biden Rips Kamala Harris’ Healthcare Plan To Shreds

Biden Harris healthcare

The Biden campaign didn't hold anything back while tearing apart Sen. Kamala Harris' Medicare for All healthcare plan.

Trump’s Support Is Stuck In The 30s As Biden Leads By 10 In New Fox Poll

A new poll shows Donald Trump's support is stuck in the 30s in a hypothetical matchup against former vice president Joe Biden.

African-American Voters Are Flocking To Joe Biden In South Carolina

A new poll of South Carolina has former vice president Joe Biden leading Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 39%-12%-10%.