Poll Brings Bad News For Trump As Biden, Warren, and Sanders Could All Beat Him

The five Democratic candidates with the most support are looking more like a big three with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all leading Trump in a new poll.

Kamala Harris Calls Trump A Small Man Hiding Behind Big Tweets

During an interview with Rachel Maddow, Kamala Harris said Trump is a small man who hides behind big tweets and cruel, inhumane rhetoric and policy.

Kamala Harris Jumps To Second As Joe Biden Continues To Lead In Iowa

A new Iowa poll has Kamala Harris passing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but still trailing Joe Biden by 8 points 24%-16%).

Warren And Harris Surge, Biden Slides, and Sanders Plummets In New Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

Kamala Harris surged to second place as Joe Biden stayed in first, Elizabeth Warren moved to third and Bernie Sanders sunk to fourth in a new CNN poll.

Kamala Harris Takes Down Trump For Joking About Russian Election Attack

Kamala Harris Trump Russia

Kamala Harris said that the Russian attack on the 2016 election is not a joking matter, and Trump doesn't voice the values of America.

Biden Stays In First, Harris Moves To Third In First Post Debate Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

In the first poll done after the Democratic debate, Joe Biden remains in first, Bernie Sanders is second, and Harris has moved into a tie for third with Warren.

Biden Holds Steady While Harris Gets A Bump In Post Debate Poll

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

The first post-debate poll shows Sen. Kamala Harris getting a bump and Biden and Sanders remaining steady in the Democratic primary race.

Kamala Harris Was The Breakout Star Of The Democratic Debate

Kamala Harris had a dream debate where she broke through the crowd and the clutter and elevated herself in the Democratic primary field.

Here Are The Democratic Debate Winners And Losers (Night 2)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had great debates, as here are the entire list of winners and losers from the second night of the Democratic debate.

Kamala Harris Goes After Biden For His Segregationist Senator Comments

Kamala Harris Joe Biden

Kamala Harris went there and mixed it up with Joe Biden and called him for his comments about working with segregationist senators.

Kamala Harris Sends Debate Crowd Roaring By Exposing The Myth Of Trump’s Economy

Kamala Harris sent the crowd roaring on Thursday night after she tore Donald Trump to shreds for bragging about an economy that isn't working for the middle class.

Kamala Harris Blows The Roof Off The Democratic Debate Twice

Kamala Harris Democratic Debate

Sen. Kamala Harris is having a great debate as she called out the Trump tax cuts for the rich and broke up a Democratic food fight to loud ovations.

Harris calls out the Trump tax cuts:

"Working families need support and need to be lifted up and frankly, this economy is not working for working people." read more

Kamala Harris Reads Trump’s ‘Rap Sheet’ In An Epic South Carolina Takedown

Kamala Harris has shown through her work as a prosecutor, in the Senate and as a Democratic hopeful, that she could be Trump's toughest opponent.

Kamala Harris Nails Mitch McConnell For Enabling Trump’s Foreign Election Treason

Kamala Harris Mitch McConnell

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), nailed Mitch McConnell for blocking an election security bill that would stop foreign governments from helping Trump.

Kamala Harris Says She Will Lock Trump Up After His Presidency

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said that if she is elected president she sees no choice but to prosecute Trump for obstruction of just crimes.

Kamala Harris Accuses Trump Of Trying To Steal Barack Obama’s Identity

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) laid out all of the ways that Trump has defrauded Americans, including trying to steal Obama's identity.

Joe Biden Rides High As Elizabeth Warren Kneecaps Bernie Sanders

Former vice president Joe Biden continues to ride high and maintain his lead, while the presence of Sen. Elizabeth Warren is adding to the struggles of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris Calls For The Prosecution Of Trump After He Leaves Office

Kamala Harris prosecute Trump

Sen. Kamala Harris said during a town hall that she supports prosecuting Donald Trump and members of his administration after they leave office.

Kamala Harris And Elizabeth Warren Rise As Bernie Sanders Sinks

A new poll reveals Joe Biden at the top of the Democratic field, but Bernie Sanders is sliding while Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are gaining for second place.