Kamala Harris

Vice President Calls Out Republicans For Election Interference In MLK Day Address

Vice President Kamala Harris said that Republicans are not only trying to take away the right to vote, they are…

3 days ago

Kamala Harris Turns Up The Heat On The Senate To Pass Voting Rights

Vice President Kamala Harris called voting rights the right that leads to all other rights as she put pressure on…

4 weeks ago

Harris Calls Conservative Press Coverage About Her Paris Trip “Ridiculous”

Vice President Kamala Harris criticized press coverage about her recent trip to Paris "ridiculous." "Oh, how about, 'She's going to…

1 month ago

Trump Spent $765,000 On Golf Cart Rentals, But Fox News Melts Down Over Kamala Harris Buying Some Pots And Pans

Fox News is having a meltdown because Vice President Harris spent $500 of her own money on pots and pans…

2 months ago

Florida Woman Pleads Guilty, Faces Five-Year Prison Term For Threatening to Kill Kamala Harris

Niviane Petit Phelps, a former Florida nurse, has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris. She faces…

4 months ago

VP Kamala Harris Pushes Back On GOP Death Cult Dividing America In Powerful 9/11 Remarks

Vice President Kamala Harris honored the heroes of Flight 93 and used their story to deliver a powerful message about…

4 months ago

VP Kamala Harris’s Travel Delayed By Possible Havana Syndrome Incident

Vice President Kamala Harris had her travel to Vietnam delayed by a possible Havana syndrome incident at the US embassy…

5 months ago

Harris: Administration “Singularly Focused” on Evacuating Americans, Afghan Allies, At-Risk Afghans

Speaking during a news conference in Singapore alongside the country’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, Vice President Kamala Harris said…

5 months ago

Ahead of Midterms, the DNC Will Invest Millions in Voter Engagement

The DNC has announced an expansion of this successful initiative "to address and overcome efforts across the country to make…

5 months ago

Republicans Melt Down Over Kamala Harris Going To Walter Reed For A Doctor’s Appointment

Republicans are losing their minds over Kamala Harris going to Walter Reed for a doctor's appointment but weren't concerned at…

6 months ago

VP Kamala Harris Calls Out GOP Cowards For Blocking Debate On Voting Rights

Vice President Kamala Harris suggested that it was cowardly of Senate Republicans to block debate on voting rights legislation.

7 months ago

QAnon Cultists Tell Kamala Harris Trump Is Still President In South Carolina

Vice President Kamala Harris was greeted by protesters claiming that Trump is still president on her vaccination tour stop in…

7 months ago

Kamala Harris To Lead White House Effort To Pass Voting Rights Bill

President Biden has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the White House effort to get voting rights legislation…

8 months ago

Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris For Memorial Day Weekend Tweet Then Shoots Itself In The Foot

Fox News attacked Vice President Harris for wishing everyone a happy long weekend and then promptly did the same thing.

8 months ago

Harris: “We Must Speak Truth About the History of Racism in Our Country”

Asked to respond to remarks from South Carolina Republican Tim Scott that the United States "is not a racist country,"…

9 months ago

Biden Calls on Global Community to Band Together in Speech During Virtual Climate Summit

President Joe Biden urged the international community to band together to tackle climate change in his speech during a virtual…

9 months ago

Jen Psaki Obliterates A Sexist Question About Kamala Harris

At the White House briefing, a reporter asked if VP Harris was still working on the border because she got…

10 months ago

Biden Administration Issues Proclamation Commemorating Transgender Day of Visibility

President Joe Biden's administration affirmed its support for the transgender community, issuing a proclamation commemorating today, which happens to be…

10 months ago

Joe Biden Gives Kamala Harris A Big Assignment And Shows That He’s Got Her Back

President Biden showed the world that he has Vice President Harris's back as he assigned her to lead the diplomatic…

10 months ago

Biden Puts People First And Cancels Political Event To Meet With Atlanta Asian-American Leaders

President Biden and Vice President Harris have canceled an event on the American Rescue Plan and will instead meet with…

10 months ago

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