Trump Blames Obama For His Record Tax Cuts For The Rich Deficit

Trump didn't know the difference between deficit and debt as he tried to blame Obama for the deficit caused by his tax cuts for the rich.

Nicolle Wallace Destroys Trump Racism With Clip Of Obama Singing Amazing Grace

Nicolle Wallace Obama Amazing Grace

Nicolle Wallace put into context the damage that Trump has done to the presidency by playing clips of former presidents and candidates denouncing racism and Obama singing Amazing Grace.

Trump Killed Iran Deal To Hurt Obama According To Leaked Cables

Leaked cables from the former British ambassador reveal that Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Iran deal because it was Obama's.

Trump Is Celebrating Failure As Obama Created 1 Million More Jobs

Trump can't measure up to Obama in jobs as the former president created 1 million more jobs that Donald Trump over the same 29 month period.

America Ignores Trump And Wishes Obama A Happy 4th of July

America rejects Trump's 4th of July like a bad organ transplant, as they make Happy 4th of July Mr. President trend for Barack Obama.

Obama Officials Blow Up Trump’s Lie About Meeting With Kim Jong-un

Trump had to give himself some kind of accomplishment, so he lied and claimed that Obama wanted to meet with Kim Jong-un.

Former ICE Director Tears Trump To Shreds For Claiming Obama Separated Migrant Families

The man who ran ICE under Barack Obama tore Trump to shreds for repeatedly lying about this administration's family separation policy.

Desperate Trump Cooks Up Story To Divide Biden And Obama

Trump tried to create division between Biden and Obama by questioning why Obama hasn't already endorsed his vice president.

Obama Obsessed Trump Lies About Iran Deal As He Imposes New Sanctions

Trump tried to blame Obama for the new sanctions that he imposed on Iran, as the president lied about the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump Blames Obama For His Policy Of Putting Children In Cages

During an interview on NBC's Meet The Press, Trump falsely claimed that he inherited the child separation policy from Barack Obama.

Trump Blames Obama After Chickening Out On Iran Strikes

Trump went on a Twitter rant blaming Barack Obama for his series of moves that brought tensions with Iran to a boiling point.

Mitch McConnell Just Took Credit For Obama Being President

While speaking to reporters, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took credit for Barack Obama winning the presidency.

Kamala Harris Accuses Trump Of Trying To Steal Barack Obama’s Identity

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) laid out all of the ways that Trump has defrauded Americans, including trying to steal Obama's identity.

Top Automakers Tell Trump That Rolling Back Obama’s Environmental Policies Will Kill Jobs

Trump's push to wage trade wars and implement deregulation policies won't just wreak long-term havoc on the U.S. economy, but they could sink his presidential campaign.

Pete Buttigieg Calls Mueller Press Conference Basically An Impeachment Referral

Pete Biuttigieg Mueller

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said that Mueller's press conference was as close to an impeachment referral as you can get.

Trump Blames Obama After Judge Rules He Must Release His Financial Documents

Donald Trump is desperate, and there is no ridiculous lie he isn't afraid to tell as the walls close in on his corrupt presidency.

Obama Unveils Unity Fund To Build A Strong Party To Topple Trump

Former President Barack Obama announced that the Democratic Unity Fund which will be used to back the party's nominee with a strong organization.

Trump Claims Obama Was Disloyal To America As Investigators Close In

Trump claimed that former President Obama had been disloyal to America, as congressional investigators are digging into his relationship with Russia.

Joe Biden Says He Asked Obama Not To Endorse Him

Joe Biden says he asked former president Obama not to endorse him because whoever wins the nomination should do so on their own merits.

Obama Issues Warm Statement On Biden That He Hasn’t Given To Other 2020 Democrats

Former President Obama issued a warm statement about Joe Biden entering the presidential race that wasn't an endorsement but was something Obama hasn't done for other 2020 Democrats.