GOP Senator Tries To Blame Obama For Trump Withholding Ukraine Aid

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) tried to muddy the waters and say Obama never released aid to Ukraine while defending Donald Trump.

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: This is about people who desperately need military aid getting it. read more

Trump Calls Obama Lazy During Racist Mississippi Rant

Trump made sure to refer to Obama Hussein Obama, and then called the first African-American president lazy during his rally in Mississippi.

Trump was reliving his version of the 2016 election when he said, “Think of it. I’d just beaten with no political experience, the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the president Barack Hussein Obama dynasty, and President Obama worked harder at defeating me than Crooked Hillary Clinton. He was all over the place. It was the only time I’ve actually seen him work hard when he came to trying to beat Trump. True.” read more

Obama Delivers A Rousing Rejection Of Trump During Eulogy For Elijah Cummings

Obama eulogizes Elijah Cummings

Former President Obama rejected Trumpism while eulogizing Rep. Elijah Cummings by saying that kindness and integrity are not weaknesses.

Trump Attacks Obama As He Spends 283 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf

Trump attacked Obama for not donating his presidential salary, but Donald Trump has spent nearly 300 years of presidential salary on taxpayer-funded trips to go play golf at his private clubs.

Trump Melts Down And Demands That The Senate Investigate Obama

Trump demands that the Senate investigate Obama

Trump melted down while speaking to reporters and demanded that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham investigate Obama.

Trump Just Blamed Barack Obama For His Impeachment

Trump seemed to tie the 2016 election to his impeachment with a claim that Barack Obama is involved in a conspiracy against him.

Trump Humiliates Himself At UN By Whining About Obama’s Nobel Prize

Trump whines about Obama Nobel Prize

Trump is using his time at the UN to whine that Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize and he has not.

GOP Hypocrites Go Silent As Trump’s Trade War Bailout Costs Twice As Much As Obama Auto Bailout

The Trump farmer bailout is now twice as big as the Obama auto bailout and the same Republicans who criticized Obama are saying nothing to Trump.

Trump Has Added More Lobbyists To His Cabinet In 3 Years Than Barack Obama Did In 2 Terms

Trump's promise to rid Washington of corruption and special interest influence was just one of the many lies he told his supporters to get elected.

Obama Shows Class While Trump Is Trash After The Death Of Cokie Roberts

Former President Obama issued a classy statement on the death of Cokie Roberts, while Donald Trump responded that Roberts "wasn't nice to him."

Trump Demands Congress Investigate Obama For Netflix Documentary

Trump tried to distract from the impeachment investigation that is encircling him by demanding that Congress investigate Obama for his deal with Netflix.

Trump Is Now Creating 59,000 Fewer Jobs A Month Than Obama

Trump's jobs report came in lower than expected and over the last four months has created 59,000 fewer jobs per month than Obama.

Reporter Calls Out Trump For Lying About Obama At G7 Press Conference

Journalist calls out Trump for Obama lies

Trump was called out by a reporter for lying President Obama and Russia's annexation of Crimea during his press conference at the G7.

Trump Might Have Ditched Denmark Trip Out Of Fear Of Being Outshined By Obama

Obama was set to travel to Denmark not long after Trump's planned visit, and the current president didn't want to be humiliated.

While At A Golf Course For The 210th Time, Trump Claims Obama Didn’t Do His Job As President

On his way back from 208th visit as president to one of his golf courses, Donald Trump claimed that Obama didn't do his job as president.

Trump Has Run Up A Bigger Deficit In Less Than Three Years Than Obama’s Entire Second Term

It hasn't even been a full fiscal year, and Trump's deficit spending in 2019 has already blown through last year's total.

Obama Makes Trump Look Like A Pathetic Racist Baby While Condemning Mass Shootings

Obama appealed to America's better angels while making Trump's response to the mass shootings look it came a pathetic racist baby.

Kamala Harris’ Praise Of Obama For Healthcare Will Drive Trump Nuts

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) spoke the truth and praised Obama for doing what no other has done by reforming the healthcare system.

Trump Threatens Barack Obama With An Investigation

A day after Fox News talked about investigating Obama Donald Trump threatened to launch an investigation into the popular former president.

Fox News Demand Obama Be Investigated For Trump’s Russia Crimes

Fox News is calling for an investigation into former President Obama the day after Mueller’s testimony about Trump and Russia.

Fox News wants Obama Investigated For Trump’s Crimes


Trump promoted Mark Levin's interview on Fox & Friends in which Levin and hosts suggested Obama should be investigated for his role in Russiagate read more