Trump Blames Obama For Mueller’s Damning Report

As Trump looked for a way to deflect from the damning Mueller report, he took to Twitter to – what else? – trash Barack Obama.

Obama Raised More Money Than Trump For His Reelection Campaign

Trump’s $30 million haul looks impressive at first glance but it less than both George W. Bush and Obama raised in the first quarter of their reelection campaigns.

Chuck Todd said MSNBC’s MTP Daily, “I want to put up the president’s fundraising and it looks good compared to the Democrats. He has one primary foe in Bill Weld; he raised approximately $30 million this quarter. We put it up against other first quarter reelects, Obama, his first may quarter, which was quarter two, not quarter one. $46.3 million. George W. Bush, $35.1 million at this same time. The trump story doesn’t sound like a lot. And the cash on hand totals, very much the same. I remind you contribution limits are much higher they’ve today than they were in 2003 and even Obama in ’11. I just expected a bigger juggernaut.” read more

Obama And Clinton Show The World How Real Presidents Act In Their Responses To Notre Dame Fire

Former President Barack Obama and should-be-President Hillary Clinton stepped up to the plate to fill America's leadership vacuum.

Trump Lies And Blames Obama For His Child Separation Policy

While speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump falsely claimed that Obama had child separation policies and that he changed it.

Eric Holder Crushes Trump By Saying He’ll Never Measure Up To Barack Obama

Trump will never measure up to Barack Obama, both in terms of character and presidential success, and he will rank among the worst presidents in history.

Trump’s Economy Is Growing Less Than Obama’s As The Fraud Is Crumbling

Republicans and Trump think that they can run on the economy in 2020, but the Trump economy is growing less than Obama's.

Obama Adviser Demolishes Trump With Facts: We Had Zero Indictments In Two Terms

Ben Rhodes reminded the president that dozens of people in his orbit were indicted in the special counsel investigation that just wrapped up.

Trump Is Now Demanding That Obama Be Investigated

obama expression

Trump went to Capitol Hill and suggested that Barack Obama was behind the Russia investigation and demanded an investigation of the former president.

Beto O’Rourke Smacks Down Chuck Todd For Blaming Obama For Division In America

After Meet The Press moderator Chuck Todd tried to blame Obama, not Trump and the GOP for the division in America, Beto O'Rourke set the record straight.

Voters Are Yearning For Obama’s Character And Decency

A recently released CNN poll found that voters overwhelmingly think that Obama was a better president than Trump, and the reason why is personal character.

Chuck Todd Calls Out Trump’s Lie That Obama Wanted War With N. Korea

NBC's Chuck Todd seized on and called out a new lie that Trump was building that Obama wanted to go to war with North Korea.

Trump’s Approval Rating Crashes Lower Than Obama’s Ever Was

A new AP finds Trump's approval rating crashing to 34%, In the same poll, Barack Obama never had an approval rating under 40%.

Trump Shows Up Late To Work More Than 80 Percent Of The Time

Donald Trump, with his lack of focus and poor work ethic, has shown that he doesn't really want to the responsibilities of his powerful office.

Obama Has The Most Popular Video Of 2018 As Trump Withers In White House

As Donald Trump whines about being alone with his government shutdown, Barack Obama had the top Reuters video of 2018.

Obama Spreads Holiday Cheer At A Children’s Hospital While Trump Defends His Criminal Charity

As Trump's presidency continues to go up in flames amid increasing legal trouble, Barack Obama is giving the country a much-needed dose of holiday cheer.

Obama Does Trump’s Job With Video Promoting ACA Sign Up

Obama ACA video

While Trump is trying to destroy the healthcare system, former President Obama has released a video helping to promote ACA sign up.

‘Beto O’Rourke Should Run For President’: Chris Matthews Says The Texas Dem Could Defeat Trump

The skyrocketing popularity of Beto O'Rourke shows that Democratic voters – and Americans – crave a candidate who embraces the politics of hope.

Obama’s Stock Market Is Now Doing Better Than Trump’s

One of Trump favorite talking points has shriveled up and died, as the stock market in the second year of Obama's first term is now better than Trump's.

Trump Attacks Michelle Obama After She Calls His Racist Birtherism Unforgivable

Former first lady Michelle Obama said that she could never forgive Trump for his birtherism. The president responded with a series of lies about both Obamas.