Winners And Losers Of The CNN Democratic Debate

The Democratic stage was crowded, but a few candidates stood out. Here are tonight's winners and losers from the CNN Democratic Debate.

Pete Buttigieg Smacks Down Tulsi Gabbard For Defending Trump’s Syria Disaster

Gabbard Syria

Gabbard seemed to suggest that it's not just Trump who deserves blame for the humanitarian catastrophe playing out in Syria. 

New Iowa Poll Finds Warren Surging, Sanders Fading, and Biden Leading

A new Iowa poll shows Joe Biden with a narrow two-point lead over Elizabeth Warren as Pete Buttigieg has taken over third and Bernie Sanders is in fourth.

Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The ABC Democratic Debate

The top three Democrats in the polls were on stage together, but who won? Here are the winners and losers of the ABC Democratic debate.

Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump For Turning America Into The Laughingstock Of The World

The mayor pointed to Trump's clownish failure in his reckless trade war and his embarrassing performance at the recent G7 summit in France.

Biden Campaign Expects Long Primary Featuring 3-4 Democratic Candidates

'Joe Biden Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders

In a call with reporters, the Biden campaign laid out their expectation of a long primary campaign that will consist of 3-4 Democratic candidates.

Pete Buttigieg Makes GOP Nightmares Real By Equating A Vote For Trump To Racism

Buttigieg Trump racism

Pete Buttigieg made a clear argument that people who vote for Trump are looking the other way on racism and giving a racist president 4 more years.

Mayor Pete To Trump: It Takes More Than Hollow Teleprompter Speeches To Fix Gun Violence

This president can stand in front of a teleprompter and read as many scripts as he wants, but the American people know who the real Donald Trump is.

Here Are The Winners And Losers Of The First CNN Democratic Debate

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg were the clear winners and head and shoulders above everyone else during the first night of the CNN Democratic debate.

Pete Buttigieg Rips Fake Christian Republican Senators For Blocking Bill To Raise The Minimum Wage

Pete Buttigieg called out fake Christian Republican senators who are blocking a House-passed bill to raise the minimum wage.

Pete Buttigieg Tells Democrats To Stop Letting Trump’s Phony Attacks Drive The Policy Debate

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg told his Democratic debate opponents on Tuesday to stop being so afraid of Donald Trump's petty attacks.

Here Are The Democratic Debate Winners And Losers (Night 2)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had great debates, as here are the entire list of winners and losers from the second night of the Democratic debate.

Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump And Republicans For Touting Religion While Caging Children

Buttigieg said Donald Trump and Republicans lost the right to tout their religion when they started caging children on the southern border.

Pete Buttigieg Rocks Trump By Promising No Pardon If He Is Indicted

Pete Buttigieg Trump pardon

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said that he would not pardon Trump or any other ex-president if they were indicted.

Warren And Buttigieg Jump In South Carolina As Sanders Plunges

Joe Biden still has a 20 point lead in South Carolina, but Warren and Buttigieg have moved into second and third as Bernie Sanders has fallen to fourth.

Pete Buttigieg Promises To Immediately Scrub Any Trace Of Trumpism From The DOJ

Buttigieg said he will restore the DOJ to its pre-Trump state as an entity that defends the rule of law, not acts as an extension of the Oval Office.

Pete Buttigieg Rocks Iowa And Tears Down Trump’s White Nationalist Wall

Pete Buttigieg is climbing in the polls in Iowa, and while addressing the Iowa Democratic Party Hall Of Fame Forum took on Trump's wall and white nationalism.

Pete Buttigieg Destroys Trump’s Tariffs And Showed Farmers Why They Should Support Democrats

Pete Buttigieg Trump tariffs

Pete Buttigieg destroyed Trump's tariff tax at a Hardball townhall and showed farmers why they should support Democrats.