Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Takes Down Tucker Carlson For Parental Leave Smear

Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg took down Tucker Carlson for spreading homophobic smears about his parental leave.

1 month ago

Peter Doocy Asked Another Bad Question, And Pete Buttigieg Smashed It

When he was asked if there is demand for cross country high-speed rail service, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that…

8 months ago

Pete Buttigieg Speaks Slowly And Explains To Republicans That Humans Need Water To Live

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg explained to Republicans who oppose money for pipes in the infrastructure bill that humans need water…

8 months ago

Buttigieg Shreds Fox News For Trying To Discredit Its Own Report About Trump Trashing Troops

Fox News anchor Jon Scott attempted to discredit reporting that Donald Trump repeatedly trashed the military.

1 year ago

The Biden Wave Continues As Beto O’Rourke Endorses The Former Vice President

Former congressman Beto O'Rourke, a rising star in the Democratic Party, will be endorsing Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

2 years ago

Buttigieg Dropped Out Before Super Tuesday To Stop Bernie Sanders

Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the Democratic primary before Super Tuesday to stop Sanders from building an insurmountable delegate lead.

2 years ago

Pete Buttigieg Is Dropping Out And Clearing A Bigger Path For Biden

Pete Buttigieg is suspending his presidential campaign after he failed to attract African-American support and has no path to the…

2 years ago

A Biden Comeback Is Brewing As The Former VP Surges In South Carolina

Multiple polls released on Thursday show that former vice president Joe Biden is surging ahead of South Carolina's primary.

2 years ago

Trump Terrified After SC Democratic Debate Sets Viewership Record

More than 21 million Americans watched the Democratic primary debate in South Carolina including a record viewership number on CBSN.

2 years ago

Here Are Winners And Losers Of The South Carolina Debate

Democrats held a big debate in South Carolina, and here are the candidates who rose to the challenge and those…

2 years ago

Mayor Pete Tells Bernie Sanders That The Real Cost Of His Plans Is Four More Years Of Trump

The former mayor said that while Sanders still hasn't told taxpayers how much his plans will cost, the political cost…

2 years ago

Democratic Debate: Who Won, Who Lost, and What You Need To Know

Democrats had their best debate yet in Nevada as Bloomberg and Sanders took fire from all sides as Biden, Buttigieg,…

2 years ago

The Nevada Democratic Debate Is An Exciting Barn Burner

Mike Bloomberg taking the stage has brought out the edge in Democrats as they are going after each other hard…

2 years ago

5 Things To Watch For During The Nevada Democratic Debate

The Nevada Democratic debate has arrived and here are five things to watch for in tonight's critical for Democratic candidates…

2 years ago

Trayvon Martin Killer George Zimmerman Sues Pete Buttigieg And Elizabeth Warren

Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman is suing Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg for $265 million.

2 years ago

Trump Called Rush Limbaugh And Told Him Not To Apologize For Homophobic Attacks On Buttigieg

Donald Trump personally called Rush Limbaugh and urged him not to apologize for his homophobic attacks on the former South…

2 years ago

Pete Buttigieg Has The Perfect Answer For What He’ll Do If Trump Loses And Refuses To Leave

Pete Buttigieg had the perfect answer for what he will do if Trump calls the election a hoax and refuses…

2 years ago

Live Blog: The New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results

Follow the results live with PoliticusUSA as Democratic voters make their choice in the nation's first primary.

2 years ago

The Media Is Wrong As New Poll Shows Every Top Democrat Beating Trump

The media is playing up their usual Dems in disarray act, but a new poll shows all of the top…

2 years ago

Most New Hampshire Democrats Undecided In Quagmire Primary

A new CBS News poll found that just 39% of New Hampshire Democratic voters have made up their minds less…

2 years ago

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