Biden And Sanders Are Tied Followed By Warren, Buttigieg and Harris In Iowa

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are tied in a wide-open Iowa Democratic caucus, with Buttigieg, Warren, and Harris also at double-digit support.

Joe Scarborough Praises Pete Buttigieg For Laughing At Trump

Pete Buttigieg, Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough praised Pete Buttigieg for the perfect response to Trump which is to laugh at him and his carnival.

Pete Buttigieg Tells Fox News That It’s Time To Turn Off Trump

Pete Buttigieg Trump grotesque Fox News town hall

Pete Buttigieg called Trump grotesque and said that it is time for America to change the channel during his Fox News town hall.

Trump Tantrums Over Mayor Pete’s Fox News Town Hall

Trump is throwing a fit because Fox News is doing a Sunday night town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Joe Biden Has A Higher Favorability Rating Than Trump Has Ever Had

A new Gallup poll shows that Joe Biden has a higher favorability rating that Trump has ever had as a candidate or president.

Joe Biden Leads By 31 In South Carolina As Pete Buttigieg Rises

A new poll of the South Carolina Democratic primary has Joe Biden leading Bernie Sanders by 31 as Pete Buttigieg as the biggest upward mover besides Biden.

Trump Tried To Slam Pete Buttigieg And It Massively Backfired

Trump tried one of his nicknames on Pete Buttigieg, but Mayor Pete turned it into the ultimate takedown of the president.

Joe Biden Surges 4 More Points to 40% As Bernie Sanders Drops 8

The Joe Biden surge continues to grow as the former vice president has seen his support grow to 40% as Sen. Bernie Sanders as lost 8 points to fall to 19%.

Pete Buttigieg Turns The Tables And Hits Trump Hard On Moral Leadership

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg used a traditionally conservative argument about moral leadership to turn the tables on the GOP.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Democrats Are As United As Ever To Make Trump A One-Term President

A majority of the Democratic candidates have already signed onto an Indivisible pledge to wholeheartedly endorse the eventual nominee.

Pete Buttigieg Soars As Bernie Sanders Drops In New 2020 Poll

Mayor Pete Buttigieg gained seven points of support among Democrats while Sen. Bernie Sanders has dropped 5 points in the latest Monmouth University Poll.

Trump Shows That He Is Totally Terrified Of Joe Biden

In an interview with SiriusXM, Trump praised Bernie Sanders, said he'd like to run against Pete Buttigieg and attacked Joe Biden. It is easy to see who Trump fears the most.