Donald Trump scandals

The GOP’s Cover Is Blown As Russian State TV Calls Donald Trump Their ‘Partner’

Russia listens to Trump’s pleas for their help, wants to help, does help, and views Trump as a partner in…

2 months ago

It Gets Real For Trump In Georgia As His Lawyers Meet With Prosecutors About Criminal Election Interference Investigation

Rachel Maddow reported that the criminal investigation into Trump's election interference in Georgia now has his lawyers meeting with prosecutors.

4 months ago

Bipartisan Group of Former Lawmakers Files Brief Against Trump’s Claim of Executive Privilege

he brief, which is slated to hit the docket in the D. C. federal District Court on Friday, contends that no…

7 months ago

Trump’s Lawyers Plead Immunity From the IRS to Avoid Congressional Scrutiny

Trump's lawyers contend Congress has no authority to investigate individuals and cannot demand personal, confidential information.

10 months ago

Officers Want Trump And GOP In Congress Investigated For Collaborating With 1/6 Attackers

Officers Fanone and Hodges asked the Select Committee to investigate what every patriot in this country is desperate to understand:…

10 months ago

Opinion: Eric Trump’s Grifter Wife Funneled Dog Rescue Charity Funds To Trump

Grifting is not solely familial, but in Trump’s case, it always leads back to the biggest grifter in American history…

1 year ago

Trump Should Be Terrified As Michael Cohen Leads Manhattan DA Toward A Criminal Indictment

What's happening at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has all the makings of a coming criminal indictment.

1 year ago

Rachel Maddow Tells Trump To Brace For A Criminal Trial After Supreme Court Tax Return Ruling

The Supreme Court's decision to allow the release of the ex-president's tax returns means a criminal trial could be coming…

1 year ago

Michael Cohen Predicts A Trump Indictment Is Coming Soon

Michael Cohen predicted on Monday night that a Trump indictment is coming soon based on recent actions from the Manhattan…

1 year ago

Trump’s Financial Crimes Are Unraveling As The Manhattan DA Subpoenas NYC Tax Agency

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office continues to ramp up its fraud investigation into Donald Trump's company.

1 year ago

Spineless Lindsey Graham Says It’s Not His Job To Hold Trump Accountable

Lindsey Graham is essentially admitting that he has no intention of being an open-minded juror in Donald Trump's Senate impeachment…

1 year ago

‘An Insurrectionist President’: House Dem Calls Trump’s Impeachment Trial An Open-And-Shut Case

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) called Donald Trump's Senate trial – set to start on Tuesday – an open-and-shut case…

1 year ago

History Is Made As The House Officially Triggers Trump’s Second Senate Impeachment Trial

The House of Representatives officially delivered its latest article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the United States Senate.

1 year ago

Eric Swalwell Outlines Slam Dunk Case For Senate To Convict Donald Trump

Rep. Eric Swalwell made a clear and concise case for why Donald Trump should be convicted in the Senate's upcoming…

1 year ago

Impeachment Manager Calls Lindsey Graham A Disgrace For Trying To Stop Senate Trial

Rep. Dean blasted Graham for apparently forgetting that Trump incited an attack that targeted his own vice president and members…

1 year ago

Capitol Attack Shows That Trump Is Basically The Leader Of A White Supremacist Terror Cell

The mob that descended on D.C. on Jan. 6 was filled with pro-Trump white supremacists, many of whom were on…

1 year ago

Trump Officials Are Panicking About Being ‘Unemployable’ After Leaving The White House

Participating in a violent coup – or even standing silently by as Donald Trump encourages one – isn't something that…

1 year ago

Rep. Jerry Nadler Calls For Immediate Vote To Impeach Trump Over Capitol Attack

With Mike Pence reportedly opposing an attempt to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment, House Democrats could move quickly on…

1 year ago

Congressional and Senate Republicans Who Incited Traitorous Attack Must Be Removed and Tried for Sedition

The Patriotic Millionaires issued a statement calling for those members of the House and Senate who incited with Trump the…

1 year ago

Joy Reid Calls Trump A ‘Dime Store Dictator’ Whose Crimes Make Watergate Look Like Child’s Play

Reid ripped Donald Trump's effort to pressure the Georgia secretary of state, calling the outgoing president a dime store dictator.

1 year ago