Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Campaign Is Secretly Funneling $360K A Year To Don Jr.’s Girlfriend And Eric Trump’s Wife

Donald Trump's presidential campaign is funneling tens of thousands of dollars per month to Don Jr.'s girlfriend and Eric Trump's…

9 months ago

Trumps Took More Trips Last Fiscal Year That Required Secret Service Protection Than Obama Did in Seven

The Trump family took more trips in the last fiscal year that required protection from the Secret Service than the…

10 months ago

Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump’s Family Of Grifters

Donald Trump and his family's grifting will never stop. Neither should the aggressive oversight by Democrats in the House.

10 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Republican Senators On Vote For Witnesses

Donald Trump Jr. made a clear threat to moderate Senate Republicans and warned them against voting for witnesses outside of…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Throws A Tantrum After Canada Cuts His Daddy From Home Alone 2

Donald Trump Jr. is outraged that Canada cut his dad out of Home Alone 2, and sees a political message…

1 year ago

Lindsey Graham Just May Have Gotten Trump’s Kids Investigated

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said that he is more than happy to have a conversation with America about the corruption…

1 year ago

The Trump Family Could Soon Be Charged With A Crime In New York

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is considering criminal charges against the business run by the Trump family.

1 year ago

Trump Breaks The Law By Using The Presidency To Promote Don Jr.’s Book

Trump violated federal regulations by using his position as president to help sell his son Don Jr.'s book.

1 year ago

Kamala Harris Obliterates Don Jr.: ‘You Wouldn’t Know A Joke If One Raised You’

California senator and 2020 Democratic contender Kamala Harris shot back at Donald Trump Jr. after the president's son attacked her…

1 year ago

Gun Policy Is Being Decided By Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.

Trump has no plan on guns, because two of his kids, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., are fighting about what…

1 year ago

Nobody Shows Up To See Donald Trump Jr. In Kentucky Coal Country

Donald Trump Jr. showed up in Kentucky for an event with unpopular Gov. Matt Bevin, and they were met with…

1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. Flips Out As Roy Moore Cozies Up To His Dad

Donald Trump Jr. twisted himself into knots while trying to distance his dad from Roy Moore and pretending like his…

2 years ago

Donald Trump Jr. Tried To Threaten Justin Amash And Got Burned To The Ground

Donald Trump Jr. tried to threaten Rep. Justin Amash with a primary challenge, and Amash responded by burning the president's…

2 years ago

Fox Warns Don Jr. That Lindsey Graham’s Terrible Legal Advice Will Get Him Locked Up

Judge Andrew Napolitano warned Donald Trump Jr. that if he followed Lindsey Graham's legal advice, he would end up in…

2 years ago

Republicans Cave And Give Donald Trump Jr. An Escape With Testimony Deal

The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee has given Donald Trump Jr. a deal where his Senate testimony is…

2 years ago

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