Eric Trump

Eric Trump Has A Meltdown Because Joe Biden Rode A Bike

Eric Trump is trying to find anything to get people on the right mad about, and he picked Joe Biden…

2 months ago

It All Comes Crashing Down As NY Attorney General Finds Significant Evidence Of Trump Family Fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James said that she has uncovered significant evidence of Trump family fraud and is moving…

4 months ago

1/6 Committee Puts A Bullseye On The Trumps By Subpoenaing Eric Trump And Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Phone Records

The 1/6 Committee is investigating the Trump family for the 1/6 attack as they have subpoenaed the phone records of…

4 months ago

Eric Trump Claims That The Trumps Are Too Dumb Too Collude With Russia

While appearing on a podcast, Eric Trump said that his family is too dumb to collude with the Russians.

5 months ago

Eric Trump Is Suddenly Very Worried About Prosecutions

Eric Trump commented on Monday about the dangers of "political prosecutions," while he is under investigation.

6 months ago

Eric Trump Has An Epic Meltdown On Fox Over Being Criminally Investigated

Eric Trump lost it on Fox News on Sunday as he ranted about the Trumps being under constant investigation and…

8 months ago

Eric Trump Melts Down And Admits Indictment Could Destroy His Dad

Eric Trump is under scrutiny from the New York Attorney General's office which is why he is trying to blame…

11 months ago

Criminal Prosecutors Are Asking About Eric Trump According To Witness

Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization's CFO, said that prosecutors asked her about Eric Trump.

12 months ago

Don Jr., Ivanka, And Eric Trump Told To Get Criminal Defense Lawyers

If they don't have them already, Donald Trump's adult kids all need to get criminal defense lawyers.

12 months ago

Ari Melber Says Jail Is Now On The Table For Trump And His Kids

MSNBC's Ari Melber explained that Trump's legal situation is much worse now because jail is potentially on the table.

1 year ago

Eric Trump, Who Is Facing Potential Criminal Indictment, Claims Joe Biden Is Lazy

Eric Trump, who is one of the members of the Trump Organization who is facing potential indictment in New York…

1 year ago

Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Steal $140,000 For Travel From Taxpayers During Biden’s First Month

Trump's adult kids are still bilking the taxpayers as they spent $140,000 on travel and hotels during the first month…

1 year ago

Eric Trump Nearly Bursts In Tears On Fox Over His Family Potentially Going To Prison

Eric Trump sounded like he was going to cry on Fox News as he talked about his belief that Democrats…

1 year ago

Opinion: Eric Trump’s Grifter Wife Funneled Dog Rescue Charity Funds To Trump

Grifting is not solely familial, but in Trump’s case, it always leads back to the biggest grifter in American history…

1 year ago

Trump Criminal Investigation Expands To Eric Trump

The Manhattan DA's investigation into potential Trump family financial crimes has expanded to include Eric Trump.

1 year ago

Congressional and Senate Republicans Who Incited Traitorous Attack Must Be Removed and Tried for Sedition

The Patriotic Millionaires issued a statement calling for those members of the House and Senate who incited with Trump the…

1 year ago

Poll: Voters Believe It Would Be Inappropriate of Trump to Pardon His Family Members

The New York Times reported last week that President Donald Trump had discussed with his advisers the possibility of pardoning his…

1 year ago

Michael Cohen Says Either Trump Or His Kids Will Go To Jail Once They Leave The White House

Efforts by Donald Trump to overturn the results of the election are about more than soothing his battered ego.

2 years ago

Eric Trump Falsely Claims His Daddy Invented COVID Vaccine

Eric Trump falsely claimed that his father invented the coronavirus vaccine and that he is 100% over the coronavirus.

2 years ago

Eric Trump Has An Epic Meltdown When Asked About His Dad Taking Bribes

Eric Trump fell apart on Sunday when asked about a new report that Trump uses hotels and businesses to run…

2 years ago