Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner To Be Subpoenaed Over Email Crimes

The House Oversight Committee has voted to subpoena Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner over their illegal use of private email.

The House Expands Investigation Into Ivanka Trump Email Crimes

The House Oversight Committee is expanding its investigation into the Trump administration's email crimes and failure to comply with federal record-keeping laws.

Ivanka Trump Is Being Mocked By The World After Annoying World Leaders At G20

No other world leader had a family member with them at the G20 but Ivanka Trump was running around, flailing her arms, and trying to seem important.

Ivanka Trump Busted For Breaking The Law To Help Her Dad’s Campaign

A new complaint filed against Ivanka Trump accuses her of abusing her position as a government official to help her dad's reelection campaign.

Trump To Sell His Family As The New Kennedys At Reelection Launch

Trump will be continuing his push to sell his family to America as the new Kennedys at his reelection campaign launch in Florida.

Lock Her Up: Ivanka Trump Makes Millions From DC Hotel Corruption

A new disclosure report shows that Ivanka Trump made $4 million last year from her conflicted and corrupt Washington, DC hotel.

‘What Does He Think He Is?’: Chris Matthews Destroys Trump For Bringing His Sleazy Kids To London

MSNBC's Chris Matthews obliterated Donald Trump on Tuesday for forcing world leaders to "kiss the butt of his family members."

Ivanka Trump Gets Booed Out Of The UK By British Protesters

Ivanka Trump booed

British protesters booed Ivanka Trump as Fox News claimed that the boos weren't really for the president's daughter, but for John Bolton.

Rachel Maddow: New Obstruction Investigation Could Catch Ivanka Trump In ’50 Tripwires’

One of Ivanka Trump's lawyers allegedly told Michael Cohen to lie about Ivanka Trump's involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Omarosa Rips Ivanka Trump For Being An Equal Pay Fraud

Omarosa Ivanka Trump equal pay

Omarosa said that Ivanka Trump's support for equal pay is just empty talk and that she has done nothing for pay equality for women.