Larry Kudlow

Larry Kudlow Tells Unemployed People They Don’t Need An Extra $600/Week

While talking to reporters, Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow told the unemployed that they don't need an extra $600/week.

10 months ago

Larry Kudlow Wants You To Praise Trump For Doubling Unemployment

Larry Kudlow tried to paint a sunny picture even though Trump has more than doubled the unemployment rate since taking…

11 months ago

Larry Kudlow Declares Racism Extinct Because Some White People Voted For Barack Obama

Larry Kudlow has proven time and again that he wasn't even qualified to be a cable news personality, much less…

1 year ago

Trump Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow’s Coronavirus Briefing Appearance Backfires

Trump sent his top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, out to talk about the economic response, but all anyone could talk…

1 year ago

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