Melania Trump

Melania Trump May Not Move Back To DC If Trump Wins

Melania Trump May Not Move Back To DC If Trump Wins

Melania Trump refuses to campaign with her husband and might not move back to DC if Donald Trump wins the…

1 month ago

Jimmy Fallon Sneaks In A Melania’s Missing Joke On The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show did a bit about Trump having to sell his properties that included a Melania's missing joke.

2 months ago

Jimmy Fallon Ends The Week With A Sharp Melania Trump Joke

Jimmy Fallon had a Melania Trump joke ready on The Tonight Show for the news that Trump had a secret…

3 months ago

Melania Trump Apparently Refused To Ride With Donald Trump At Her Mother’s Funeral

Video shows Melania Trump getting into a car then seemed to tell Donald Trump to take a second car.

3 months ago

Melania Trump Gets Busted In Six Figure Super PAC Grift

A Donald Trump linked folded super PAC paid his wife Melania Trump $155,000 for design consulting, which involved picking out…

9 months ago

Fox News Reportedly Duped By Fake Melania At Trump Arraignment

Fox News claimed that Trump aide Margo Martin a.k.a. Fake Melania was the former first lady during their coverage of…

11 months ago

Trump Has A Meltdown And Apologizes To His 2 Great Loves Melania Trump And Sean Hannity

Trump is still claiming that the stories about his election night rage are false, but he did offer an apology…

1 year ago

Trump Is Furious And Blaming Melania Trump For Telling Him To Support Oz

Trump is furious over Mehmet Oz's loss to John Fetterman in the PA Senate race and he is blaming his…

1 year ago

Trump Busted Illegally Shaking Down His Business Partner For Melania

Trump tried to shake down the co-founder of his media company to get Melania Trump paid, but the guy said…

2 years ago

Trump’s PAC Is Paying Melania Trump’s Fashion Designer Even While Under Investigation For Fraud

The DOJ is investigating Trump's Save America PAC for fraud, but that hasn't stopped them from using donor funds to…

2 years ago