Melania Trump

Donald And Melania Trump Secretly Got The COVID Vaccine While Still In The White House

Donald and Melania Trump got the COVID vaccine while still in the White House in the final weeks of the…

2 months ago

Melania Trump Is Bitter And Jealous Of Jill Biden’s Popularity

Former First Lady Melania Trump is bitter about and jealous of all of the attention and popularity of First Lady…

2 months ago

Melania Trump Refuses To Invite Jill Biden For Walkthrough Of Private White House Living Quarters

Melania Trump will be breaking decades of White House tradition by not holding a walkthrough for Jill Biden of the…

3 months ago

Melania Trump Ends Irony By Calling On Leaders To Be Better Role Models

Melania Trump praised Donald Trump's Twitter account while urging political leaders to be better role models for America's children.

6 months ago

Melania Trump Suggests A Healthy Diet And Fresh Air Can Reduce Risk Of Coronavirus

First Lady Melania Trump suggested that a good diet, vitamins, fresh air and compassion can reduce the risk of contracting…

6 months ago

New Book Accuses Trump Family Of Lining Their Pockets With Inaugural Committee Funds

In the book, an ex-friend of the First Lady described how she was scapegoated in the midst of a scandal…

8 months ago

Jealous Melania Trump Attacked Michelle Obama

An upcoming book takes the mask off of First Lady Melania Trump by revealing that she's jealous of Michelle Obama…

8 months ago

Birther Melania Trump Claims Democrats Are Dividing America By Criticizing Trump

Melania Trump claimed that Democrats divided America by criticizing her husband at the Democratic National convention.

8 months ago

Melania Trump Sounded Like A Hostage In Convention Speech Disaster

With her husband creepily peering at her, Melania Trump read the words of her script with the passion of a…

8 months ago

White House To Sell Melania Trump As The New Jackie Kennedy At Convention

Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro previewed tonight's Republican convention by calling Melania Trump the Jackie Kennedy of her time.

8 months ago

First Lady’s Spokesperson Doesn’t Deny That Melania Trashed Donald And Ivanka Trump

Melania Trump's Chief Of Staff Stephanie Grisham didn't deny that the First Lady made disparaging remarks about Donald Trump and…

8 months ago

Opinion: Melania Trump Celebrated her Hour of Researching Juneteenth By Showing Off In A Tweet

In the latest series of articles about Mary Jordan’s upcoming book, we learn more about Melania’s effort to be seen…

10 months ago

Opinion: A New Book Reveals How Melania Trump Capitalized on Donald’s Affairs

In 2016, we were introduced to a carefully-crafted image of Donald Trump’s third wife, Melania, as a private, family-oriented wife…

10 months ago

Melania Trump Tantrums Over White House Tennis Pavillion As Coronavirus Kills Americans

First Lady Melania Trump is tantruming over criticism that she is spending her time building a White House tennis pavilion…

1 year ago

Hillary Clinton To Melania: ‘She Should Look Closer To Home’ When It Comes To Online Bullying

Former Democratic presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out at current first lady Melania Trump's "Be Best"…

1 year ago

Opinion: Impeachment Is The Christmas Present Trump Deserves

Days after Speaker Pelosi led the House to impeach Donald Trump, the president and Republican leaders continue to feel the…

1 year ago

Jill Biden Shows Melania Trump How To Be A Real First Lady And Stand Up To Bullies

Since First Lady Melania Trump refused to condemn Donald Trump's bullying of a teenager, Jill Biden stepped up to do…

1 year ago

Melania Trump Met With Massive Protest At Boston Hospital

Melania Trump could escape protesters in Boston as health care professionals greeted her with signs protesting her husband's treatment of…

1 year ago

Opinion: Trump Deserves Chants Of “Lock Him Up” And More

You wouldn’t know if it you heard Joe Scarborough’s rant about the reception Donald Trump got at Game Five of…

1 year ago

White House Forced To Admit That Melania Trump Doesn’t Know Kim Jong-un

Trump claimed that his wife knew and like Kim Jong-un, but the White House was forced to admit that none…

2 years ago

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