Mike Pence

Mike Pence Had To Be Talked Out Of Overturning The Election For Trump By Dan Quayle

Former Vice President Mike Pence wanted to destroy democracy for Trump but was talked out of it by another former…

4 days ago

Mike Pence Joins the Chorus of Republicans Opposing Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, And No One Is Surprised

Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized President Joe Biden's sweeping Covid-19 vaccination requirements. Pence lent himself to hyperbole, saying the…

1 week ago

Republicans Think They Have Found The Anti-Christ And It’s Mike Pence

Mike Pence joined Trump's ticket as a path to the presidency, but after one term as VP, some Republicans think…

2 months ago

Christian Crowd Attacks Mike Pence And Calls Him A Traitor For Not Overturning The Election

Mike Pence thought that he would build hype for his 2024 presidential campaign and at the Faith and Freedom Coalition…

3 months ago

Hundreds Of Simon And Schuster Employees Demand Mike Pence’s Memoir Not Be Published

Hundreds of Simon and Schuster employees are demanding that books from Mike Pence and other Trump officials not be published.

5 months ago

Simon and Schuster Defends Book Deal with Mike Pence Amid Staff Protest

Book publisher Simon & Schuster announced it would not cancel a seven-figure book deal with former vice president Mike Pence…

5 months ago

Mike Pence Looks To Get In On The Republican Cash Con With New Group

Former Vice President Mike Pence has launched a conservative political group to take on what he calls "the radical left."…

5 months ago

Pence Accuses Democrats of Ignoring “Valid Reforms and Concerns” Regarding 2020 Election

Former Vice President Mike Pence has issued his first public remarks about the 2020 general election, accusing Democrats of ignoring…

7 months ago

Trump And Pence Witnesses Were Contacted But Refused To Cooperate With Impeachment Trial

Witnesses close to both Trump and Pence were contacted about providing impeachment trial evidence, but they all refused to take…

7 months ago

Mike Pence Gets His Revenge By Letting It Be Known That Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Are Lying

Sources close to former Vice President Pence said that Trump's impeachment lawyers were lying when they said that Trump didn't…

7 months ago

Trump Called Mike Pence A P*ssy For Not Overturning The Election

According to Sam Nunberg, Trump berated Pence and called him a p*ssy for refusing to violate the Constitution and overturn…

8 months ago

House Judiciary Democrats Urge Mike Pence To Invoke 25th Amendment And Remove Trump

Every single Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Mike Pence asking to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove…

9 months ago

Trump Thugs Riot After Pence Refuses To Overturn The Election

Vice President Mike Pence refused to overturn the election, and shortly thereafter, Trump's fans rioted on the Capitol.

9 months ago

Trump Just Publicly Threatened Mike Pence At DC Rally

Trump openly threatened his own vice president, Mike Pence, and hinted that Pence needed to do "the right thing" and…

9 months ago

Mike Pence To Ignore Trump And Follow The Constitution To Certify Biden’s Win

People close to Mike Pence said that he intends to allow Republicans to raise their objections but follow the Constitution…

9 months ago

Trump Pressures Pence To Overturn The Election. (Pence Can’t Overturn The Election)

Trump is so desperate that he is tweeting demands that Mike Pence overturn the election for him, which Pence can't…

9 months ago

Louie Gohmert And Republicans Sue To Give Mike Pence The Authority To Overturn The Election

A new lawsuit that is being led by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is trying to get the courts to give…

9 months ago

Mike Pence Goes Skiing As Americans Die Without Pandemic Aid

Vice President Mike Pence violated CDC guidelines and is off skiing in Colorado as pandemic relief still has not been…

9 months ago

Mike Pence Accidentally Tells The Truth And Admits Democrats Are Fighting To Help The Poor

With the Christmas holiday just days away, Vice President Mike Pence appeared to do his best Ebenezer Scrooge impression on…

9 months ago

Mike Pence Is Officially House Hunting As Everyone But Trump Acknowledges Biden’s Victory

Whether Trump accepts Joe Biden's victory is a moot point. On Jan. 20, 2021, he will be forced to leave…

9 months ago

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