Mike Pence

Staff Member in Mike Pence’s Office Tests Positive for Coronavirus

UPDATE: News sources have not identified the staffer for Vice President Mike Pence who has tested positive for coronavirus. Pence…

1 week ago

Mike Pence Suggests That Americans Don’t Need Coronavirus Tests

The new White House line is that the American people don't need coronavirus testing. They just have to close everything…

2 weeks ago

Trump Walks Away From Reporters After They Ask Him If He’s Been Tested For Coronavirus

During a press conference with the so-called coronavirus task force, Trump walked out after reporters ask whether he has been…

3 weeks ago

Trump And Pence Are The Last Two People On Earth Who Should Be Leading A Global Health Crisis

As this administration stumbles from crisis to crisis, they have repeatedly shown the American people that they are unwilling to…

4 weeks ago

Mike Pence Is Holding Political Fundraisers Instead Of Leading The Coronavirus Response

As the president and vice president attend rallies and fundraisers and call the coronavirus a hoax, it continues to spread…

4 weeks ago

Trump And Pence Launch Propaganda War To Muzzle Health Officials On Coronavirus

Trump is requiring all health officials to get approval from Mike Pence on any statements about the Coronavirus.

1 month ago

Trump Proclaims Mike Pence A Healthcare Expert And Puts Him In Charge Of Coronavirus

Trump said that Mike Pence is a healthcare expert as he put the vice president in charge of the US…

1 month ago

Pete Buttigieg Torches Mike Pence’s Pearl Clutching Fake Outrage

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg torched Mike Pence after the Vice President claimed that Pelosi ripped up the Constitution.

2 months ago

Mike Pence Falls Apart As Doctor Confronts Him On Medicaid Cuts

Dr. Rob Davidson confronted Mike Pence about the Trump administration's plan to cut Medicaid, and the Vice President deflected, lied,…

2 months ago

Prince Charles Snubs Mike Pence Handshake At World Holocaust Forum

Prince Charles was greeting leaders at the World Holocaust Forum when he blew past Mike Pence without acknowledging him or…

2 months ago

Mike Pence Busted As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Plot

Lev Parnas said that Mike Pence knew about the Ukraine plot and went to meet with President Zelensky on Trump's…

2 months ago

Mike Pence Goes Full WMD and Falsely Links Suleimani To 9/11

Mike Pence pulled a page out of the Bush WMD playbook by falsely linking Suleimani and Iran to the 9/11…

3 months ago

Rep. Adam Schiff Is Coming After Mike Pence Next

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he has evidence that Pence knew more about the Ukraine scheme than he has…

3 months ago

Rachel Maddow Drops An Impeachment Bombshell On Mike Pence

Rachel Maddow discussed the new evidence related to Vice President Mike Pence's secret communications with Ukraine that have been turned…

4 months ago

Even Trump’s Own Campaign Admits That Voters Don’t Like Him

Contrary to the president's imagination, the Trump campaign is admitting that voters don't like him and are counting on Mike…

4 months ago

Busted Mike Pence Just Fell Into The Democrats’ Trap On Impeachment

Gordon Sondland testified that Vice President Mike Pence knew about the Ukraine plot weeks before the Trump/Zelensky phone call.

4 months ago

Photos Reveal Indicted Giuliani Associate Tied To Mike Pence

Photos from the private Instagram account of indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas reveal a connection to Vice President Mike Pence.

5 months ago

Mike Pence Throws A Fit And Refuses To Comply With Impeachment Subpoenas

Mike Pence sent a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff that questioned the legitimacy of the impeachment investigation.

6 months ago

Trump May Dump Pence Over Impeachment And Ukraine

The Vice President's office is worried that if his poll numbers continue to slide, President Trump may dump Mike Pence…

6 months ago

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