The Trump-Barr DOJ Just Intervened To Give Paul Manafort Special Treatment In Prison

Under William Barr, the Department of Justice – which exists to protect the rule of law in the U.S. – has become a complete joke.

Pete Buttigieg Promises To Immediately Scrub Any Trace Of Trumpism From The DOJ

Buttigieg said he will restore the DOJ to its pre-Trump state as an entity that defends the rule of law, not acts as an extension of the Oval Office.

Democrats Prepare To Repeal DOJ Rule That Prevents Presidents From Being Indicted

Trump has shown that this decades-old guideline barring criminal presidents from being indicted most definitely needs to be revised.

Adam Schiff Tears Down William Barr After The DOJ Approves Trump’s Tax Return Cover-Up

Adam Schiff evidence Trump/Russia collusion

Schiff said Barr's approval of Trump's tax return cover-up is the latest example of how far the DOJ has fallen under this attorney general.

Democrat Erupts At Barr/Ross Contempt Hearing And Accuses Trump Of Giving The Middle Finger To Congress

Raskin Trump Congress middle finger

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that Trump had given Congress the middle finger during the William Barr/Wilbur Ross contempt hearing in the House Oversight Committee.

House Votes To Sue Barr And McGahn For Defying Subpoenas

The House has voted by a party-line vote to authorize the Judiciary Committee to sue Attorney General Barr and Don McGahn to enforce their subpoenas.

Dems Prepare To Slap Another Contempt Charge On Bill Barr After DOJ Ignores More Subpoenas

The DOJ announced that it would ignore subpoenas for documents related to a controversial move to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Jerry Nadler Smacks Down Barr’s Demand That Contempt Vote Be Canceled

Attorney General Willam Barr tried to demand that the House cancel a vote to hold him in contempt, but was smacked down by Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

House To Vote To Hold Barr And McGahn In Contempt Next Tuesday

The House will vote next Tuesday (June 11) to hold Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress.

Malcolm Nance Says It’s Time To Stop Calling William Barr The Attorney General

Barr is free to take a job with Fox News, but his conduct and rhetoric show that he has no business being the attorney general.

Adam Schiff Just Cut Off Barr’s Efforts To Declassify Secrets

Adam Schiff evidence Trump/Russia collusion

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made sure that Barr won't be able to declassify the nation's secrets behind the backs of Congress.

Rachel Maddow Says Bill Barr Has Given Mueller A New Opening To Accuse Trump Of Crimes

If Mueller does testify before Congress, he should follow Barr's new policy and tell lawmakers which crimes he believes Trump may have committed. 

Barr Throws Mueller Under The Bus For Not “Exonerating” Trump

Barr says Mueller should have decided on Trump criminal activity.

Attorney General William Barr said that Special Counsel Mueller could have made a decision on obstruction, even if he couldn't charge Trump.

‘Act Now Or Lose Our Democracy’: O’Rourke Urges Congress To Follow Mueller’s Impeachment Roadmap

Robert Mueller's comments didn't only make a liar out of attorney general William Barr, but they provided Congress a clear roadmap.

Lawless Trump Orders Intel Community To Submit To His Phony Investigation Into 2016 ‘Spying’

Donald Trump's new order reads like a threat to the agencies in the federal government that exist to keep the country safe.

William Barr Says Prosecuting Trump Criminals Is Not His Job

Barr offers more Mueller report to Democrats

The Attorney General of the United States told reporters that prosecuting criminals in the Trump administration is not his"real work."

Barr Tries To Make Democrats Impeach Trump To Get Mueller Evidence

Attorney General Barr is refusing to turn over any Mueller documents and evidence to House Democrats unless they impeach Trump.

Adam Schiff Pounces And Subpoenas Barr For All Mueller Docs

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff has subpoenaed AG Barr for all documents and evidence related to the Mueller report.

Prelude To Impeachment: House Judiciary Votes Barr In Contempt Of Congress

Barr voted in contempt

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. It now goes to the House floor for a full vote.

Hypocrite Chuck Grassley Once Held an AG In Contempt Over Navy Cost Overruns

As Democrats prepare a contempt citation for AG Barr, rpepare for some high pitched Republican histrionics as they attempt to shield this president from Congress knowing the extent of his contacts with Russia. In contrast, there's that time Republican Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), who is on the Committee on the Judiciary, cited an Attorney General for contempt, without proper authorization, over Navy shipyard contracts.