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Barr: Trump’s Behavior is a “Betrayal of HIs Office and Supporters”

Former Attorney General William Barr has denounced President Donald Trump after rioters, spurred by the president’s incendiary language and baseless claims of election fraud, stormed Capitol Hill yesterday in a bid to overturn the election results. In a statement to The Associated Press, Barr said Trump’s conduct amounts to a “betrayal of his office and…


Trump and Barr Had “Contentious” Meeting After Justice Department Found No Evidence of Election Fraud

According to a source within the Justice Department who did not go on the record, President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr had a “contentious” meeting after the president summoned Barr to the White House following the Justice Department’s announcement that it did not find evidence to support the president’s claims that the 2020…


Hundreds of Attorneys and Judges Offer Support to Anyone Against “Political Misuse” of Justice Department

Hundreds of attorneys and judges have signed an open letter offering support to any Trump administration officials opposed to “political misuse” of the Department of Justice. “We, the undersigned, are attorneys from across the political spectrum and across the country. We write to express support for Department of Justice (“DOJ”) professionals who may face difficult…

Trump Death Toll Virus

Legal Team for E. Jean Carroll Moves to Block Justice Department’s Interference in Case Against Trump

The legal team for journalist E. Jean Carroll, who last year accused President Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s, has moved to block the Justice Department’s attempt to intervene and replace the President’s private lawyers. “There is not a single person in the United States — not the President and not anyone…


AG Barr: NYC, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon Are “Permitting Anarchy”

Attorney General William Barr said in a statement that New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon are jurisdictions “permitting violence and destruction of property” and are subject to funding cuts per an executive order from President Donald Trump to slash the budgets of cities “permitting anarchy.” The news release cites the decision by New York…


Opinion: It is a bad sign that a judge had to rule that Trump’s thugs cannot punish journalists

It is beyond refute that Trump will kill American citizens to further his chance at being re-elected. And when he can’t kill Americans, like his hero Adolf Hitler he dispatches Brownshirts to commit extrajudicial punishments like all of the tyrannical despots he emulates. If any American needed to understand how horribly Trump is decimating Americans’…


Opinion: Barr uses the Justice Department for an evangelical Crusade and Inquisition

Last week Trump’s yes-man running the DOJ issued instructions to federal attorneys detailing their new job entailed serving as Inquisitors for the religious right in their Crusade to rule America. In this case the Crusade officially begins by using the Federal government, in concert with fundamentalist Christian conservatives, to punish state officials who dare to hold…

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