Barr Defies Trump And Refuses To Investigate Obama And Biden

Barr investigate Obama Biden

Trump has been trying to turn “Obamagate” into an investigation of Obama and Biden, but Attorney General Barr said no.

Barr said:

NEW: Attorney General Barr says that he does not expect the #Durham probe to lead to any "criminal investigations" of either @BarackObama and @JoeBiden, and said that "the concern of potential criminality" during the origins of Trump-#Russia probe "is focused on others.” read more

Opinion: Barr uses the Justice Department for an evangelical Crusade and Inquisition

Last week Trump’s yes-man running the DOJ issued instructions to federal attorneys detailing their new job entailed serving as Inquisitors for the religious right in their Crusade to rule America. In this case the Crusade officially begins by using the Federal government, in concert with fundamentalist Christian conservatives, to punish state officials who dare to hold churches and religious leaders accountable to rules meant to preserve American lives. read more

House Democrats Demand IG Investigation Into Barr

House Judiciary Democrats sent a letter demanding Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigate Barr's dropping of the Mike Flynn case.

Judge Questions Barr’s Credibility And Demands Unredacted Mueller Report

Calling Attorney General William Barr's account of the Mueller report "distorted” and “misleading," George W. Bush appointee Judge Reggie Walton ordered the Trump Justice Department to give him an unredacted copy of the Mueller report.