William Barr

Trump Is Furious At Barr For Not Investigating Obama And Biden

Trump is livid with his attorney general and the FBI director for refusing to investigate Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

5 days ago

Bill Barr’s DOJ Says Trump’s Denial Of Rape Allegations Is An Official Presidential Act

The Bill Barr Justice Department on Monday continued to intervene on Donald Trump's behalf in a decades-old rape allegation.

2 weeks ago

Barr Tells Trump His October Surprise Won’t Be Ready By Election Day

Trump counted on the Durham investigation to save his reelection campaign, but Barr said it wouldn't be ready by election…

3 weeks ago

Trump Tells Barr To Indict Joe Biden Before The Election

Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to indict Joe Biden and Barack Obama for "crimes" before Election Day.

3 weeks ago

Hundreds of Attorneys and Judges Offer Support to Anyone Against “Political Misuse” of Justice Department

Hundreds of attorneys and judges have signed an open letter offering support to any Trump administration officials opposed to "political…

3 weeks ago

Barr Is Trying To Get Federal Prosecutors To Interfere In The Election

Attorney General William Barr has removed a long-standing prohibition against the DOJ interfering in elections.

3 weeks ago

Legal Team for E. Jean Carroll Moves to Block Justice Department’s Interference in Case Against Trump

The legal team for journalist E. Jean Carroll, who last year accused President Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in…

3 weeks ago

AG Barr: NYC, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon Are “Permitting Anarchy”

Attorney General William Barr said in a statement that New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon are jurisdictions "permitting violence…

1 month ago

Former GOP Chair Torches Bill Barr For Comparing Coronavirus Restrictions To Slavery

Instead of doing his job, which is to uphold the rule of law, Barr is actively seeking to prop up…

1 month ago

Barr Shows His True Colors By Comparing Lockdowns To Slavery

The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, compared lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic to slavery.

1 month ago

Barr Tells Prosecutors To Charge Protesters With Trying To Overthrow The Government

Attorney General Barr told federal prosecutors to potentially charge violent protesters with attempting to overthrow the government.

1 month ago

William Barr: Dems are “Spreading Sh*t” About Trump Seizing Power

Donald Trump knew who William Barr was before he appointed him to be his Attorney General. Writing an op-ed in…

2 months ago

Top Aide To Durham Russia Investigation Quits Because Barr Is Trying Rush Report

The top aide to John Durham's Russia investigation has resigned due to concerns that Trump is trying to rush the…

2 months ago

Bill Barr Is Trying To Save Trump From E. Jean Carroll’s Rape Lawsuit

Time and again, Barr has made it clear that the current DOJ exists solely to protect the corrupt president, not…

2 months ago

Bill Barr Helps Trump Rig Election With False Mail-In Voting Fraud Claim

Attorney General William Barr falsely claimed that mail-in voting is fraud during a sometimes contentious interview on CNN.

2 months ago

Melania Trump Busted For Illegally Using Private Email For Government Business

First Lady Melania Trump has been caught using a private email account inside the White House to conduct government business.

2 months ago

Barr And Trump Lose As Appeals Court Refuses To Dismiss Mike Flynn’s Case

A federal appeals court has ruled against Mike Flynn, and by extension Trump and Barr, by refusing to order that…

2 months ago

Bill Barr Humiliates Himself By Slobbering All Over Trump

The Attorney General of the United States, Bill Barr, claimed that Trump always makes well-vetted decisions, has tons of energy,…

3 months ago

Louie Gohmert Exposed William Barr To The Coronavirus

Attorney General Barr didn't wear a mask when he testified before Congress and was exposed to the virus by Rep.…

3 months ago

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