William Barr

Barr: Trump’s Behavior is a “Betrayal of HIs Office and Supporters”

Former Attorney General William Barr has denounced President Donald Trump after rioters, spurred by the president's incendiary language and baseless…

2 weeks ago

Barr Defies Trump And Says No To Special Counsel To Investigate Hunter Biden

As he is getting ready to depart as Attorney General, William Barr told reporters that there is no need for…

4 weeks ago

With Bill Barr Jumping Off The Trump Titanic, A White House Pardon Spree Could Be Coming

The outgoing president could be on the verge of a pardon spree – for himself, his family members and his…

1 month ago

It All Falls Apart For Trump As Bill Barr Resigns After Electoral College Formalizes Biden Win

Trump's presidency – and his hopes for remaining in office, despite Biden's decisive victory – came crashing to the ground…

1 month ago

27 House Republicans Beg Trump To Force Barr To Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Fraud

Despite the fact that there is no election fraud, more than two dozen House Republicans sent a letter to Trump…

1 month ago

Rachel Maddow Says Pre-Inauguration Resignation Won’t Save Bill Barr’s Trump-Stained Legacy

One sign that the DOJ will be in better hands is that Biden understands that it must not serve as…

1 month ago

Trump and Barr Had “Contentious” Meeting After Justice Department Found No Evidence of Election Fraud

According to a source within the Justice Department who did not go on the record, President Donald Trump and Attorney…

2 months ago

Barr’s Appointment Of John Durham As Special Counsel Appears To Be Illegal

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that Barr's appointment of Durham as a special counsel violated DOJ rules.

2 months ago

WATCH: An Irate Lou Dobbs Says That William Barr “May Be Compromised”

For much of the year, polling showed Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden. It may have taken a while, but Biden…

2 months ago

William Barr Sabotages Biden By Making John Durham A Special Counsel

Attorney General Barr notified Congress that he has made John Durham a special counsel so that it will be more…

2 months ago

Barr Defies Trump And Says FBI And DOJ Found No Election Fraud

Attorney General William Barr said in an interview that there is no evidence of any fraud that would have changed…

2 months ago

Trump Accuses William Barr And The FBI Of Election Fraud

On Sunday, Trump claimed that Attorney General William Barr and the FBI engaged in election fraud for Biden.

2 months ago

Barr Is Blocking A Criminal Public Corruption Investigation Into Trump

William Barr stepped in and blocked Justice Department lawyers from investigating acts of potentially criminal public corruption by Trump.

2 months ago

Barr Authorizes DOJ To Probe “Voting Irregularities” In Bid To Steal Election

William Barr has authorized the Department of Justice to probe what he considers "substantial" voting irregularities.

2 months ago

Trump Is Furious At Barr For Not Investigating Obama And Biden

Trump is livid with his attorney general and the FBI director for refusing to investigate Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

3 months ago

Bill Barr’s DOJ Says Trump’s Denial Of Rape Allegations Is An Official Presidential Act

The Bill Barr Justice Department on Monday continued to intervene on Donald Trump's behalf in a decades-old rape allegation.

3 months ago

Barr Tells Trump His October Surprise Won’t Be Ready By Election Day

Trump counted on the Durham investigation to save his reelection campaign, but Barr said it wouldn't be ready by election…

3 months ago

Trump Tells Barr To Indict Joe Biden Before The Election

Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to indict Joe Biden and Barack Obama for "crimes" before Election Day.

3 months ago

Hundreds of Attorneys and Judges Offer Support to Anyone Against “Political Misuse” of Justice Department

Hundreds of attorneys and judges have signed an open letter offering support to any Trump administration officials opposed to "political…

3 months ago

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