Trump Campaign Adviser Hilariously Points To African-American Unemployment To Claim Trump’s Not Racist

Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp tried to say that since African American unemployment is low, Trump's not a racist.

Jerry Nadler Is About To Drop The Mueller Hammer On Trump

Nadler Muelller Trump

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that after Mueller testifies the House will begin to hold Trump accountable.

Fox News Defends AOC and Uses Trump Tweet To Destroy Stephen Miller

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace corrected Trump's false AOC garbage quote and then showed White House adviser Stephen Miller a Trump tweet about American garbage.

Adam Schiff Says DOJ Could Indict Trump After He Leaves Office

Adam Schiff Trump indicted

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the DOJ could reopen the felony hush-money case against Trump and indict him after he leaves office.

Rep. Al Green Calls Trump The Epitome Of Hate Who Must Be Stopped

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) called Trump the epitome of hate and said that people have told him to go back to where he came from.

Black Lawmaker Told To Go Back Where She Came From While Grocery Shopping (UPDATED)

Pregnant state Rep. Erica Thomas (D-GA) was grocery shopping with her daughter when the African-American woman was approached by a white man who hurled slurs at her and told her to go back to where she came from.

Deranged Trump Thinks His Approval Rating Is 65%

Despite what he tells himself, Trump never – not even in his 2016 election victory – had the support of a majority of Americans. He never will.

Biden Slams MAGA Racism: Trump Is ‘More George Wallace Than George Washington’

Biden dropped a huge dose of straight talk on Donald Trump and the MAGA racism that was spewed at a campaign rally this week.

Trump Is Now Defending ‘Send Her Back’ Chanters: ‘They Love The USA!’

After disavowing the racist "send her back" chants heard at his North Carolina rally, Donald Trump is now defending the MAGA mob.

Outraged Trump Claims Melania And Ivanka Trump Are Racists

Trump called reports that his wife and daughter advised him to condemn the racist chant by his rally crowd fake news.

Trump calls reports that Melania and Ivanka were troubled by racist chants fake news

Here is how Trump responded when asked about a CBS News report that his wife and daughter were concerned about the chant: read more

Trump Is Now Making Up Fake Quotes From AOC and Ilhan Omar

Trump attributed statements to both AOC and Omar that they never said as his making up fake quotes to smear two Democratic congresswomen.

Trump Blames Obama For His Record Tax Cuts For The Rich Deficit

Trump didn't know the difference between deficit and debt as he tried to blame Obama for the deficit caused by his tax cuts for the rich.

Trump Calls His Racist Supporters Incredible Patriots

Trump racists incredible patriots

Trump flip-flopped on Friday by renewing his racist attack on Rep. Omar and calling his supporters who chanted send her back patriots.

Democrats Could Take The Senate, As They Are Dominating GOP Candidates In Fundraising

In an early sign that Democrats are in a good position to take back the Senate, Democrats are outraising Republican candidates in all toss-up Senate elections.

Donald Trump Thinks He’s Your Favorite President

Trump threw a fit after New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called him a racist, and called himself your favorite president.

Adam Schiff Demands Investigation Into Barr’s Trump Felony Cover-Up

Rep. Adam Schiff is calling for an investigation into Attorney General Barr's role in shutting down the SDNY investigation into Trump campaign finance felonies.

GOP Mayor In North Carolina Throws Trump Under The Bus After Racist Rally Chant

Republicans are correct to disavow the racist chant spewed during Donald Trump's rally this week – but it's not nearly enough.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Makes Lindsey Graham Look Like An Ass After He Compares Trump To John McCain

Suggesting that Trump is falsely being called a bigot and then comparing him to John McCain is laughable, and Rep. Omar made him pay.

Chris Hayes Says Racism Is The Fuel That Keeps The Republican Party Alive

There is a simple reason so many Republican leaders are standing by Trump after his shameful rally in North Carolina: The GOP needs racism to survive.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Swarmed By Supporters Chanting ‘Welcome Home’ At Minnesota Airport

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was greeted by a crowd of supporters welcoming her home when she arrived at a Minnesota airport on Thursday.