Trump Apparently Thinks 11/9 Is The Anniversary Of The Sept. 11 Attacks

Trump 9/11 first responder

For no apparent reason, Trump reposted a tweet from former White House national security adviser John Bolton commemorating the Sept. 11 attacks.

Devin Nunes Wants Hunter Biden And The Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has released his requested witness list for the impeachment hearings and includes Hunter Biden.

Trump Is Spying On And Eliminating Republicans Who Criticize Him

Donald Trump is spying congressional Republicans who criticize him and taking steps to eliminate them from the party if they criticize him.

Trump Pretends Not To Know His Own EU Ambassador Who He Praised In Tweet

Trump praised his EU ambassador in a tweet but pretended not to know Gordon Sondland after he testified in the impeachment investigation.

Nikki Haley Goes Full Drama Queen And Claims Democrats Are Giving Trump The Death Penalty

Nikki Haley claimed that impeachment is the death penalty for public officials, so Democrats are giving Trump the death penalty with impeachment.

Republicans Try To Make Giuliani The Fall Guy To Save Trump

House Republicans have come up with a new defense of Trump, which is to claim that Rudy Giuliani wasn't working for the president.

Trump Demands There Be No Public Impeachment Hearings

Trump no public impeachment hearings

Trump told reporters that there shouldn't any public impeachment hearings, as the president repeated that impeachment is a "hoax."

Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lawyer Says Trump’s Rhetoric Is Putting His Client In ‘Physical Danger’

Trump calls the emoluments clause phony

Republicans have also amped up their reckless rhetoric directed toward the whistleblower, even calling for the individual to be exposed.

Explosive Excerpts From Anonymous WH Official Show That Trump’s Staff Thinks He Is Unfit

It's a terrifying reality that the president of the United States is seen as an unfit man-child by those who work closest to him.

Trump Loses It After He’s Forced To Pay $2M In Damages For Using Charity As Personal Piggy Bank

Trump freaked out on Thursday hours after it was reported that he has to pay $2 million in damages for using his so-called charity as a personal slush fund.

‘He’s Going To Sing’: Rudy Giuliani Will Throw Trump Under The Bus To Save Himself

It's possible that former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani will face criminal charges, and if he does, he could bring down the president with him.

Trump Bought A Painting Of Himself Because No One Else Bid On It

Trump's attorneys have admitted that he bought a painting of himself with his foundation's money because no one else bid on it.

Trump Under Investigation For Violating The Law By Withholding Ukraine Aid

Trump's problems could be bigger than impeachment as the Government Accountability Office is investigating the president for violating the law by withholding Ukraine aid.

Adam Schiff Stops Devin Nunes From Turning Impeachment Hearings Into A Circus

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sent a letter to ranking member Nunes that stopped any effort to derail the impeachment hearings.

Trump Is Planning On Returning To The Apprentice If He Loses In 2020

Trump misses being on The Apprentice and is already mulling the idea of doing The Apprentice: White House if he loses in 2020.

Trump Demands A Lawyer Because He Thinks The House Is Holding An Impeachment Trial

Donald Trump inaccurately claimed that the House is holding an impeachment trial, and demanded that he be given a lawyer.

Rudy Giuliani Buries Trump With New Ukraine Tweets

In his latest tweet, the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he was extorting Ukraine to personally help his client, Donald Trump.

Trump Tried To Get Barr To Hold A News Conference To Clear Him Of Ukraine Crimes

Trump tried to get his attorney general, William Barr, to cover for him on Ukraine by holding a press conference to clear him of any Ukraine wrongdoing.

Trump Loses It In Louisiana And Flips Out Over Impeachment

Trump flips out lin Louisiana on impeachment

Trump flipped out and read the crowd a Fox News conspiracy article about impeachment during his rally in Louisiana.

Trump Refuses To Turn Over Bill Taylor’s Notes To The Impeachment Probe

Trump claims he did nothing wrong, but he is refusing to turn over Bill Taylor's Ukraine notes to the impeachment investigation.