BUSTED: Secret Memo Exposes Republican Talking Points On Abortion Bans

The very secret, “'strictly OFF-THE-RECORD' and not to be printed or reproduced by/for media" document was produced by the Republican Study Committee to offer “messaging guidance” on the Republican Party's "pro-life platform."

Kamala Harris And Elizabeth Warren Rise As Bernie Sanders Sinks

A new poll reveals Joe Biden at the top of the Democratic field, but Bernie Sanders is sliding while Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are gaining for second place.

Pelosi Suggests That Trump Is Mentally Ill And Calls For An Intervention

Pelosi Trump intervention

At her weekly press conference, Speaker Pelosi suggested that something is wrong with Trump by calling on his family and friends to hold an intervention.

Pete Buttigieg Slams Trump For Faking Disability To Avoid Vietnam

Pete Butigieg Trujmp fake disability

Pete Buttigieg slammed Trump for being a rich kid who faked a disability to avoid serving in Vietnam.

Trump Accidentally Admits That Putin Owns Him While Attacking Tillerson

Trump tried to attack Rex Tillerson but instead ended up showing more deference and bowing down to Putin.

Chuck Schumer Busts Trump And Fox News For Tantrum Collusion

Chuck Schumer Trump Fox News

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) accused Trump of tipping off Fox News before he threw his White House temper tantrum.

After Driving Trump Insane, Nancy Pelosi Owns Kellyanne Conway

Nancy Pelosi Kellyanne Conway

Speaker Pelosi drove Trump bonkers, and then followed it up by owning Kellyanne Conway when she tried to get in the way.

Swing Districts Are Quickly Shifting Toward Supporting Impeachment

swing districts Trump impeachment

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), a swing district House Democrat, said that the calls to her office have shifted toward supporting impeaching Trump.

Swing Districts Are Shifting On Impeachment

Rep. Hill said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

It’s really tough. I have been talking with my staff about this. They are the ones getting the phone calls constantly. I’m going to go back to the district for this work period. I’m leaving to go back home tomorrow. Our calls coming into the office have reversed in the trends. We were getting about two to one in terms of the number of calls opposing impeachment and telling us to stop the investigation. Now we’re getting three or four to one saying, we need to be moving forward. This is getting too out of hand. read more

Democrats Show Trump They Can Legislate And Investigate By Passing The Dream Act

The Dream Act

On the same day that Trump claimed that Democrats couldn't legislate and investigation, the House Judiciary Committee passed permanent protections for Dreamers.

More Bad News For Trump As Democrats Move To Expedite Appeal For His Financial Records

The House Oversight Committee reached an agreement with Trump's lawyers to expedite the appeal hearing for his financial records.

Top House Democrat Vows To Up The Ante On Trump

Hoyer trump

House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said House Democrats are prepared to up the ante on Trump.

Trump Suffers Huge Loss In Deutsche Bank Suit To Hide His Financial Records

Trump suffered his second loss in court this week as a judge ruled that the president can’t block a House subpoena of Deutsche Bank for his financial records.

Judge Ramos ruled:

Ramos: "These subpoenas are all in service of facially legitimate investigative purposes." read more

GOP Senator Who Demanded Review Of Obama Golf Trip Ignores Trump’s $102 Million Golf Outings

Trump golfs more than Obama

President Trump is costing the U.S. taxpayer $102 million plus for his golf outings, and because he refused to divest himself of his business interests like all other presidents have done, he is making money off of his outrageous expenditures.

Congressman Calls Trump A Pathetic Man Baby After White House Fit

Trump man-baby

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) called Trump a pathetic man baby after the president refused to do his job because Democrats are investigating him.

Ben Carson Humiliates Himself More By Claiming Katie Porter Is Clueless

Ben Carson Katie Porter

Ben Carson doubled down on humiliation and claimed that Rep. Katie Porter is really the one who doesn't know what she is doing.

Trump Threw A Fit And Stormed Out Of Meeting Because Pelosi Hurt His Feelings

Trump ran out of his infrastructure meeting with Democrats after 3 minutes because Nancy Pelosi hurt his feelings.

Nancy Pelosi Just Masterfully Pushed Trump Further Over The Edge

Pelos Trump infrastructure

Speaker Pelosi responded to Trump’s outburst on national television by telling the country that Trump wasn’t up to the challenge of an infrastructure deal.

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Lacks The Confidence To Do An Infrastructure Deal

Pelosi said, “For some reason, maybe it was lack of confidence on his part, that he really couldn’t match the greatness of the challenge that we have, wasn’t really respectful of the reason — of the congress and the white house working together. He just took a pass. And it just makes me wonder why he did that. In any event, I pray for the President Of The United States. And I pray for the United States of America.” read more

Nancy Pelosi Triggers A Full Trump Meltdown On National Television

Trump responded to Pelosi accusing him of a cover-up by going on national television and melting down in front of the world.

Steve Mnuchin Just Walked Into A Trap On Trump’s Tax Returns

Steve Mnuchin Trump Tax Returns

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin testified to the House today that he has not talked to the president or the White House about hiding Trump's tax returns.

Republicans Dig Their Own Graves As Voters Massively Oppose Alabama And Georgia Abortion Bills

By a margin of 56%-33%, voters oppose the anti-choice laws being passed in red states like Alabama and Georgia.