Biden Endorsed by Group of Nobel Prize-Winning Economists

A group of 13 Nobel Prize-winning economists has announced their endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden in November's general election. The…

2 mins ago

Trump Supporters Boo Ohio’s Lt. Governor For Urging Rally Crowd To Wear Masks

Trump supporters heckled Ohio's Lt. Governor Jon Husted on Monday for having the nerve to urge the crowd to wear…

14 hours ago

Trump Gets Bored Of His Jobs Speech In Ohio, Starts Calling Joe Biden Dumb Instead

During another unhinged campaign event on Monday, Donald Trump didn't even pretend to have an economic agenda.

15 hours ago

Cory Gardner Just Kissed His Senate Seat Goodbye As He Pledges To Confirm Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Republicans are in for a rude awakening if they think it's smart politics to steal another Supreme Court seat right…

16 hours ago

Trump Says He Can “Call Rich People I Know” To Close Fundraising Gap Between Him and Biden

President Donald Trump claimed in an interview on "Fox and Friends" that he can "call rich people I know" to…

24 hours ago

GOP Senators Are Now Openly Admitting That Criminalizing Abortion Is Their SCOTUS Endgame

As Trump and McConnell move quickly to fill Ginsburg's seat, GOP senators aren't even trying to hide what their endgame…

3 days ago

Polling Shows America Wants Biden, Not Trump, To Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Seat

The polling consistently shows that the American people want Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, to choose Ginsburg's replacement.

3 days ago

Trump Tells Republicans To Move Forward On Filling Supreme Court Vacancy ‘Without Delay’

Trump plans to move forward on selecting a nominee to replace Ginsburg with just 45 days until the November election.

3 days ago

Susan Collins Facing Uphill Climb to Reelection in Maine

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is facing an uphill climb to reelection in her state, according to the latest New York…

4 days ago

Poll: Biden’s Popularity Soaring in Arizona and Maine

According to the latest New York Times and Sienna College poll numbers, Democrat Joe Biden is significantly ahead of President…

4 days ago

Biden Shreds Trump’s Economic Con In Strong Town Hall Performance

During Thursday's town hall event on CNN, Joe Biden showed why many voters in midwestern battleground states are flocking to…

5 days ago

White House Forced The CDC To Downplay The Need For Coronavirus Testing

Trump didn't just downplay the pandemic, but he repeatedly dismissed measures to slow the spread of the virus and save…

5 days ago

Biden Says Trump ‘Should Step Down’ For Intentionally Misleading America On The Pandemic

There are plenty of reasons to vote against Donald Trump this fall, but his failed response to the pandemic is…

5 days ago

Former GOP Chair Torches Bill Barr For Comparing Coronavirus Restrictions To Slavery

Instead of doing his job, which is to uphold the rule of law, Barr is actively seeking to prop up…

5 days ago

Maddow Calls Out Trump Admin For Forcing Detained Immigrants To Have Reproductive Organs Removed

This administration's cruel and inhumane immigration policy will go down as one of the darkest chapters in American history.

7 days ago

Trump Lies Straight To A Voter’s Face And Claims He ‘Up-Played’ The Virus

Trump is literally on tape saying he likes to downplay the virus, even though he has privately known all along…

7 days ago

Biden Tells Trump To ‘Get Off The Damn Golf Course’ And Make A Deal On COVID Relief

During a Florida visit, Biden told Trump that he should spend less time on the golf course and more time…

7 days ago

QAnon Follower Calls for “Patriots To Take Matters into Their Own Hands” and Arrest Democrats

QAnon conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor appeared on Chris McDonald’s “The MC Files” YouTube program and called for "patriots to take…

1 week ago

Latest Lincoln Project Ad Calls Trump a “Sucker Who Got Played” By His Own Campaign

The latest Lincoln Project ad calls President Donald Trump a "sucker who got played" by his own campaign because he…

1 week ago

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