Devin Nunes Has CPAC Meltdown And Claims Barack Obama Stole The 2020 Election

Nunes said that Obama and the Democrats were the masterminds of a conspiracy that started in the spring of 2020…

2 days ago

Stacey Abrams Launches New Campaign To Stop GOP Election Rigging In Its Tracks

Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight Action is launching a new ad campaign to combat recent efforts by Republicans in Georgia to…

5 days ago

Rachel Maddow Tells GOP Senators That Voting To Acquit Trump Will Invite More MAGA Terrorism

If Republicans vote to acquit Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, they are only inviting more MAGA terrorism.

2 weeks ago

Josh Hawley Says He Won’t Run For President In 2024 As His Political Future Fades

Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley thought it would be good politics to spread Donald Trump's big lie about election fraud.

1 month ago

Chuck Schumer: The Days Of Mitch McConnell Holding The Senate Hostage Are Over

Chuck Schumer reminded Mitch McConnell on Monday that he lost the Senate and no longer gets to hold the chamber…

1 month ago

Ohio GOP Wants To Go Full MAGA And Nominate Jim Jordan To Fill Rob Portman’s Senate Seat

Trump-loyal Republicans are already itching to go full MAGA and nominate one of the disgraced ex-president's true loyalists, Rep. Jim…

1 month ago

Biden’s Popularity Is Surging As He Quickly Moves To Clean Up Trump’s Mess

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris appear to be growing increasingly popular with each passing day.

1 month ago

Dr. Fauci Says It’s Much Easier Working For A President Who Doesn’t Spew Misinformation

This is what it looks like when a White House allows public policy to be dictated by science and data,…

1 month ago

Out-Of-Touch Susan Collins Says She Doesn’t See The Need For More COVID Relief

Susan Collins was happy to cast a vote for Donald Trump's $2 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest individuals and…

1 month ago

Maddow Mocks Trump For Throwing A ‘Sore Loser Send-Off’ Before Leaving Office In Disgrace

Rachel Maddow skewered Trump on Tuesday night, calling him a sore loser who will without a doubt go down as…

1 month ago

Presidential Historian Calls Trump’s Presidency A ‘Near-Death Experience’ For American Democracy

Michael Beschloss says we shouldn't forget just how close Trump came to completely toppling American democracy.

1 month ago

America Ignores Trump’s Farewell Address As Biden Arrives In D.C. And Immediately Begins Leading

America looked the other way on Tuesday night as Donald Trump released his farewell address to the country, turning instead…

1 month ago

Trump Is Installing MAGA Extremists In Military Agencies Ahead Of Biden’s Inauguration

Trump's last-second push to install loyalists Inside military agencies seems to suggest that he is still kicking around coup fantasies.

1 month ago

Trump’s Approval Rating Tanks To New Low As His Failed Presidency Crawls To The Finish Line

Trump is ending his presidency the same way he started it: as a deeply disliked man that most of the…

1 month ago

Impeachment Manager Tells GOP Senators To Put Democracy First And Convict Trump

If America wants to regain its credibility abroad and rebuild democracy at home, Trump must be convicted for his role…

1 month ago

Georgia Is Moving Toward A Criminal Investigation Into Trump’s Plot To Steal The Election

Prosecutors in Georgia are moving closer to opening a criminal investigation into Donald Trump's blatant efforts to steal the state.

1 month ago

Capitol Attack Shows That Trump Is Basically The Leader Of A White Supremacist Terror Cell

The mob that descended on D.C. on Jan. 6 was filled with pro-Trump white supremacists, many of whom were on…

2 months ago

Rachel Maddow: Trump’s Failed Coup Puts Him In The Same Category As ‘Confederate Traitors’

Rachel Maddow said Donald Trump's failed coup at the U.S. Capitol puts him in the same category as Confederate traitors.

2 months ago

Dominion Voting Systems Sues Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell for Pushing Election Conspiracies

Dominion Voting Systems has filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Sidney Powell for pushing blatantly false claims about the election,…

2 months ago

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