2022 election

Herschel Walker Just Got Taken Down By The Fonz

Actor Henry Winker delivered the truth to Herschel Walker about celebrity and fatherhood hypocrisy.

1 week ago

Oz’s ‘Everyman’ Photo-Op Goes Hilariously Wrong After He Leaves His $70,000 Car In The Picture

Mehmet Oz tried to stage a regular guy photo near some heavy equipment, but he left his $70,000 car in…

1 week ago

Democrats Lead In Pennsylvania And North Carolina Senate Race As Red Wave Isn’t Forming

The red wave that Republicans try to talk into reality isn't happening in key Senate races.

1 week ago

Herschel Walker Is Furious that Media Reported on Second Hidden Son

Under any circumstances, it is "odd" for a candidate to not include mention of their kids, all their kids, in…

1 week ago

Fetterman Leads Oz 46%-37% In First PA Senate Poll

A new poll shows Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman leading Republican celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz 46%-37% in the Pennsylvania…

1 week ago

Dr. Oz Gets His Own Address Wrong On Pennsylvania Candidate Form

Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee who just moved to the state to run for Senate, got his address wrong on…

2 weeks ago

John Fetterman Releases His First Senate Ad And It Is A Must See

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman released his first ad for the Pennsylvania US Senate general election, and it delivers.

3 weeks ago

Sen. Raphael Warnock Releases Devastating Ad Against Herschel Walker

This is what a fixation on "loyalty" gets you, an ad that is so utterly devastating it could end the…

3 weeks ago

Democracy On The Ballot In PA: Josh Shapiro Promises To Nominate A Pro-Democracy Secretary Of State If Elected

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) has pledged to nominate a Secretary of State that will defend democracy.

3 weeks ago

The First Republican Attack Ad Against John Fetterman Is Laughable Failure

The first Republican attack ad is running against John Fetterman across Pennsylvania, and it is awful.

3 weeks ago

Watch The New Lincoln Project Ad That Blisters J.D. Vance For Being A Phony And A Fraud

The Lincoln Project has a new ad that reminds Ohio that Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance is a phony and…

4 weeks ago

GOP House Candidates May Be Wiped Out After Federal Court Rules Insurrectionists Can Be Barred From The Ballot

A recent federal appeals court ruling found that insurrectionists whether they are current officeholders or not can be barred from…

1 month ago

Michigan Republicans Rocked By Petition Fraud Scandal That Could Wipe Out Half Of Governor Candidates

A petition signature fraud scandal has rocked the Michigan Republican gubernatorial primary and could lead to half of the field…

1 month ago

Herschel Walker Busted Before The Primary Acting As Spokesperson For Program That Preyed Upon Vets And Defrauded The Government

Just days before the Republican Georgia Senate primary, Herschel Walker has been linked to acting as a spokesperson for a…

1 month ago

Democrats Outsmart Vote Stealing Republicans As Georgia Sees Record Early Voting

Democrats and voting advocates have changed their tactics, so that instead of suppressing the vote,  Georgia is setting early voting…

1 month ago

Summer Lee Declared Primary Winner And Virtually Assured Of Becoming Pennsylvania First Black Congresswoman

State Rep. Summer Lee has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary over Steve Irwin and is a virtual…

1 month ago

Roe Overturn Could Unleash A Blue Wave As 2/3 Of Democrats Now Say They Are More Likely To Vote

A new poll has some very bad news for Republicans as two-thirds of Democrats say they will vote in the…

1 month ago

Republicans Are Panicking Because They Think Doug Mastriano Will Implode And Cost Them The Senate

Republicans are already worrying that having 1/6 insurrectionist Doug Mastriano at the top of the ticket will cost them the…

1 month ago

Biden Immediately Gives A Powerful Endorsement To John Fetterman

President Biden has immediately and full-throatedly endorsed John Fetterman to be the next US senator from Pennsylvania.

1 month ago

John Fetterman Tells Republicans To Bring It On As He Calls For No Restrictions On Abortion

Pennsylvania Senate Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. John Fetterman told Republicans to bring their attacks on as he called for no…

1 month ago