Democrats In Both The Senate And House Are Crushing Republicans In Fundraising For Elections

Enthusiasm (and a sense of urgency) on the left has been a huge help to the fundraising efforts of Democrats up for election this November.

Numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal that Democrats in both the Senate and the House are drastically outdoing Republicans in GOP-held districts and states where Trump was victorious in 2016. read more

GOP Strategist Admits That They Can’t Be Saved From The Blue Wave

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos believes that the Republican Party is doomed in November as Trump and GOP can’t be saved from the blue wave.

Castellanos wrote in Politico Magazine, “A little more than six months from now, on November 7, the sun will rise on a political landscape wrecked by President Donald Trump’s first midterm election. Thanks to a map that puts more Democratic than Republican seats at risk, our party will still cling to control of the Senate, but GOP House members lack insulation: They will crawl out from the smoking rubble of a 40- to 50-seat pounding to find they have lost their majority.” read more

Blue Wave Surges As Democrats Have Outraised Republicans In 60 GOP Held Seats

60 House Republican incumbents have been outraised by their Democrats opponents compared to five incumbent Democrats who are being outraised by their Republican challengers.

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report discussed the ominous sign for Republicans, “The newest FEC filings spell danger for Republicans. In the most recent fundraising period, Democrats outraised Republicans in at least 60 GOP-held seats, more than twice the 23 seats Democrats need for a majority. Meanwhile, the reverse is true in just five Democratic-held seats. That’s going to force the NRCC and Congressional Leadership Fund to bail out a lot of cash-strapped GOP candidates come the fall.” read more

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent Announces He Won’t Bother Completing His Term Before Retiring, Will Leave In May

The Republican Party’s exodus from Congress continues as Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent announced on Tuesday that he plans on leaving office in May. This is earlier than previously expected.

Dent is among the 43rd House GOP member to say they won’t be running for re-election — some have opted to retire, some have resigned, and some have left for the private sector or to run for a different political office. read more

Paul Ryan’s House Seat Is In Danger Of Flipping To Democrats

Paul Ryan’s seat is already being listed as competitive for Democrats after the Speaker of the House announced that he wouldn’t seek another term.
Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report looked at the impact of Ryan’s retirement, “More locally, Ryan’s exit puts his southeastern Wisconsin seat at risk for the first time since his initial election in 1998…But now, Republicans will have to start from scratch without Ryan’s $9.6 million campaign account against a Democrat armed with millions and a blue-collar profile. Democratic Army veteran and former ironworker Randy Bryce, perhaps better known as the “Iron Stache,” has been a national phenomenon on MSNBC and in left-leaning online fundraising circles for months. He ended March with $2.3 million on hand and will have a massive financial head start over the GOP field. But he also sports serious personal liabilities, including late child support payments.” read more

Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election, Confirming Rumors Of His Retirement

After repeated denials of rumors about House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plans to retire, it was confirmed on Wednesday that he will, in fact, be leaving Congress.

“This morning Speaker Ryan shared with his colleagues that this will be his last year as a member of the House,” said counselor to the Speaker Brendan Buck. “He will serve out his full term, run through the tape, and then retire in January. After nearly twenty years in the House, the speaker is proud of all that has been accomplished and is ready to devote more of his time to being a husband and a father. While he did not seek the position, he told his colleagues that serving as speaker has been the professional honor of his life, and he thanked them for the trust they placed in him. He will discuss his decision at a press conference immediately following the member meeting.” read more

In key Kentucky House race, voters want their Obamacare

The 43-year-old stay-at-home mother, who suffers from diabetes, anxiety and depression, is one of more than 400,000 low-income Kentucky residents who obtained Medicaid coverage under President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act. Barr's vote last year to repeal Obamacare scared Anderson.