Signs Grow That Voters Want To Rid The Country Of Trump

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll found that 59% of voters would have reservations or are very uncomfortable with the idea of reelecting Trump.

Joe Biden Calls Trump A Clown While Campaigning In South Carolina

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was asked if he would give Trump a nickname and said he would start with clown.

‘People Should Be Frightened’: Donny Deutsch Predicts Trump Will Stage A Revolt If He Loses

Because Trump and his supporters live in an alternative reality, they will be in for a rude awakening in 2020 if and when he loses.

Trump Is ‘So Scared’ Of Biden That White House Staff Can’t Get Him To Stay Focused

Trump is so scared that former vice president Joe Biden will be his eventual opponent that his staff is struggling to keep him focused.

Catastrophe Grows For Trump As Evangelicals Flee Over ‘Disrespect’

Trump's support with white evangelicals ahead of the 2020 election is softening because they feel disrespected by this president.

Trump Under Investigation For Forcing Undocumented Golf Course Employees To Work For No Pay

At the end of the day, it's clear that Trump doesn't give a damn about undocumented immigrants other than how much he can exploit them to his benefit.

Joe Biden Gains 6 Points, Sanders Drops 2, and Mayor Pete Stalls In New Poll

Joe Biden got a six-point bounce from his presidential campaign, while Bernie Sanders dropped two points, and Pete Buttigieg saw his momentum stop in new Democratic poll.

Rachel Maddow Explains How Democrats Are As United As Ever To Make Trump A One-Term President

A majority of the Democratic candidates have already signed onto an Indivisible pledge to wholeheartedly endorse the eventual nominee.

Trump Is Freaking Out As Workers Quickly Flock To Joe Biden’s Campaign

Biden won the official endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters on Monday, a union organization that represents over 300,000 workers.

Joe Biden Slams Trump for Badmouthing Labor And Unions

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination last week, blasted President Trump for badmouthing unions, hours before Biden spoke to unions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Opinion: Liberal Purists Need To Stop Treating 2020 Democrats As A Bigger Threat Than Trump

Here's where every 2020 discussion should begin and end: No matter who the Democrats nominate, progressive primary voters must unite behind them.

Republicans Refuse To Pledge Not To Use Hacked Or Stolen Info In 2020 Elections

Republicans have refused to join Democrats in pledging not to use hacked or stolen information in the 2020 election campaign.

Trump’s 2020 Chances Sinking In The Midwest As Just 34% Of Ohio Voters Support His Reelection

The poll's findings show that Trump's support in Ohio has drastically declined since 2016 when he managed to beat Hillary Clinton by eight points.

Trump Is Panicking To His Advisers Over Joe Biden’s Chances In 2020

Donald Trump's behavior in the early going suggests that he sees former vice president Joe Biden as the greatest threat to his presidency.

A Big Win For Democrats As Republican Gerrymandered Map Struck Down In Michigan

A Republican-drawn gerrymandered map of Michigan has been struck down as a violation of federal law because it was designed to hurt Democrats.

Maxine Waters Says America Is Demanding Impeachment: ‘We’re Going To Have To Do It’

Democrats need to do is acknowledge that none of this is oversight as usual. The information laid out in Mueller's report is extraordinarily damning.