Reid Reacts to GAO Report on Pakistan

ImageThe non-partisan General Accounting Office issued a report today that concluded that U.S. has not met its security goals in Pakistan's tribal region. Because of this al-Qaeda has regained its attack capability. The report also found that the Bush administration has no security plan for this region.

ABC Asks Right Questions at Democrat Debate

ImageMuch has been made about ABC's failure to ask policy-related questions during the crucial Pennsylvania debate Wednesday. Moderators George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson have come in for particularly stiff criticism from the Obama-supporting web. Regardless, ABC did the proper thing by ignoring the "real" issues.

House GOP Blocks More Funding for Paper Ballots

ImageToday House Republicans successfully blocked a bill from passing that would have encouraged states to hold verifiable elections by converting to a paper ballot voting system, offer emergency paper ballots, and conduct hand-counted audits. The bill titled the Emergency Assistance for Secure Elections Act of 2008 fell short of the 2/3 needed for passage.