Glenn Beck’s Private Healthcare Solution is to send the Uninsured to Walmart and Walgreens for Care

Glenn Beck keeps talking about his free market solution to rising healthcare costs, and in his book Arguing with Idiots, he outlines his solution. He wants to send the uninsured to Walmart and Walgreens for healthcare. Beck touts the fact that these stores are cheaper than a trip to the emergency room, without acknowledging that they don't provide serious care.

CBS’ Corporate Backlash against Michael Moore

Michael Moore has been making the TV rounds promoting his new film Capitalism: A Love Story, but he claims that CBS canceled an appearance on The Early Show today after he went on ABC's Good Morning America last week and blasted Disney which owns ABC. Moore thinks CBS was worried that he would do the same to them. CBS said he was never booked for the show.

Obama’s Appearance Delivers a Huge Audience for Letterman

President Obama's critics often complain that he is overexposed and on television too much, but the ratings disagree. The latest example of this was the president's Monday night appearance on David Letterman's The Late Show. Obama delivered Letterman his highest ratings in four years and over 7 million total viewers. It seems that Americans still like to watch this president.

Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Jon Stewart

Glenn Beck sat down for an interview with Katie Couric for her CBS series @katiecouric. Couric asked Beck if his joke about poisoning Pelosi was part of his show business side. Beck responded, "Have you asked Jon Stewart this question?" The implication being that the man followed by millions of conservatives considers his program to be a comedy, just like The Daily Show.

Fox News Tells Viewers that Longer Bills Are More Expensive

If you have ever wondered why some people on the right don't understand basic facts, I give you the fine example of Carl Cameron on Fox News, who today held up the Baucus bill in front of the camera called it huge, and said, "because of that so too could the price be huge." Cameron's dubious point was that you can always tell the cost of legislation based on the size of the bill.

Sean Hannity Tells Seniors that Obama is denying them Swine Flu Vaccine

The talk radio fear mongering over healthcare reform hit a new low today, as Sean Hannity invoked death panels to allege that senior citizens will be last on the list for swine flu vaccinations. Hannity insinuated that the Obama administration is intentionally denying seniors swine flu shots. while undercutting his claims by saying that seniors are less likely to get the swine flu.

Before Joining Fox News, Glenn Beck Supported Federal Bailouts

Here is a real non shocker. Before Glenn Beck joined Fox News he not only supported the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, but also called on the government to spend even more. On September 22, 2008 on CNN Beck said, "But these are anything but normal times. I thought about it an awful lot this weekend, and while it takes everything in me to say this, I think the bailout is the right thing do."

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Blasts the Lies of Fox News

On CNN today Rick Sanchez blasted Fox News today for running a full page ad in some of the biggest newspapers in the country that claimed that the other news networks did not cover 9/12 protests. Sanchez broke out the tape to show CNN covering the protest. Sanchez also pointed out the picture in the ad belonged to CNN. Sanchez even pointed out that Bill O'Reilly showed CNN's coverage.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls Out Glenn Beck

In response to Glenn Beck telling his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski to shut the hell up yesterday, Joe Scarborough did something he has been itching to do for a while. He opened up on Beck. Scarborough said, "Suddenly the Glenn Beck that nobody watched six months ago is now the Glenn Beck who he thinks is an international superstar."