George Knows Diplomacy…George Knows Fallacy!

ImageI've been called a wordsmith; I've been labeled "loquacious." Trust me, neither were meant to be flattering. But the Bush Administration, on Sunday, through National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley issued a statement on Bush's eager participation in the opening ceremonies for the Beijing games that has me completely speechless.

Redefining Barack Obama

ImageWhile Hillary Clinton was out knocking on doors in Scranton today, Barack Obama is still trying to explain why his not an elitist. Obama supporters such as Sen. Bob Casey Jr. took to the airwaves to defend Obama against charges that he is an elitist.

Obama Talks about Voter Anger with Politics as Usual

ImageOn Friday night in Terre Haute, IN, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama used a town hall meeting to speak about voter frustration and anger at the politics as usual campaigns of Hillary Clinton and John McCain. "And for 25, 30 years Democrats and Republicans have come before them and said we're going to make your community better.

Obama Calls Executive Pay an Outrage

ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke today in Indianapolis, IN where he called for passage of a bill he proposed in the Senate that would require a non-binding shareholder vote on executive pay packages. "We all believe in that fundamental, American value that if you do good work, if you're successful, you should be rewarded.

This is America, right?

ImageAs if it wasn't enough that China insisted that it's parliamentary police lay its corrupt and oppressive feet on the soils of London and Paris, beating down protesters along the way; they apparently think they are in charge over in the United States as well.

Radio Show Wrap Up 4/10/08

What a wonderful train wreak that was. Eventually I'll get this whole sounding intelligent and talking straight at the same time thing down. However I do blame myself for being absolutely unprepared since all of the notes I wrote down for the show had come up missing.

John McCain’s Identity Crisis

ImageA little more than two weeks ago Republican presidential candidate John McCain took a hands off approach to government aid for homeowners who have been caught up in the mortgage crisis. Today, McCain completely reversed his position. On March 25 McCain said, "I will not play election year politics with the housing crisis.

Obama Reacts to Bush’s Iraq Speech

ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama issued a statement today, in reaction to President Bush's Iraq speech today. Obama said, "President Bush gave no answer to the most important question about the way forward in Iraq: how will we end this war that is not making us safer?

Reid: Bush Only Has Exit Strategy for Himself

ImageSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) had some harsh words for President Bush's announcement that there will be a halt to troop withdrawals from Iraq in July. Bush also announced that he is cutting the length of troop tours from 15 months down to a year. However, this change doesn't impact troops already on the front lines.

Clinton Calls On Bush to State Iraq Endgame

ImageToday while speaking in Aliquippa, PA Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on President Bush to use his speech tomorrow to talk about the endgame for the Iraq war. "I have two requests of President Bush for his speech on Thursday. First, I call on the President to answer the question that General Petraeus did not.