Republican Representative Wishes Sarah Palin Would “Butt-Out” of Primaries

Republican to Palin: Butt Out

Before Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Karen Handel conceded today, Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston was on the radio show "America's Morning News" with John McCaslin & Amy Holmes when he expressed his displeasure with Sarah Palin sticking her nose into Republican primaries all over the country, and said he thought Georgians would be "doin' their own thing". Kingston prefers Palin "butt out" of Georgia politics and urges Republicans to "rethink Palin as someone who shoots from the hip."

Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

Sarah Palin is a petty, mean girl not fit for prime time. It doesn't matter if she's just a celebrity, even successful celebrities know better than to behave like this. But in Palin's case it's worse, because Palin is the person the Republican Party is seriously touting as their Presidential candidate in 2012. Over the weekend, Palin dipped a bedazzled toe into a nonsensical and stupid fight with Kathleen Gustafson, a schoolteacher.

Looking for Terrorists in All the Wrong Places

Ground Zero mosque

Everyone is by now familiar with the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy. Cries of horror have ascended to the heavens from the right-wing as they denounce Muslim plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero. But xenophobia, to be more precise, Islamophobia, most of it originating from conservative Christians, is not fact-friendly. Bottom line is that it’s getting put where it can be put, to serve an existing need in Lower Manhattan.

Reaganites: Reagan Would Never Support Extending the Bush Tax Cuts

Republicans Betray Theories of Regananomics

Earth to the Republican Party: David Stockman, the architect of Reaganomics, declared on NPR that “Reagan would never support extending the Bush tax cuts.” Stockman took this assertion a step further in calling out the Republican leadership for perverting the notions of fiscal conservatism and betraying what the Party used to stand for. He laid his harshest blame on the Bush administration.

The Tea Party’s Support of Republicans’ Most Corrupt Bastards

The sixth tenet of the Tea Party is to end corruption and yet they've aligned themselves with the most corrupt party. Corruption spreads on both sides of the aisle. Of late, it’s made a happy home in the Republican Party simply because like mold, corruption takes root in the right environment. The modern day Republican Party is loath to hold its leaders accountable for violating ethics laws. The list of busted criminals and cheats currently in office is astounding.

Palin-Cowered Media Skewer Michelle Obama

While the poor Right is all over the place trying to find a meme to stick to Michelle Obama -- one day a gangster Marxist the next Marie Antoinette (as the media called both Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton) -- the main stream media gnaws away at any notion of feminine independence by criticizing her for leaving the President by himself on his birthday. Bad girl.

Caucusing With Madness: Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party

Bachmann super crazy

The lunatics have assembled like hungry piranha around Tea Party caucus leader Michele Bachmann. Twenty-eight Republican members of the House are listed as members of the caucus. There are currently 178 Republican members of Congress. By my count then, some 15% of the House has declared itself insane and unfit to hold public office.

John McCain Palinizes Into a Pit Bull With Lipstick

mccain palin 2010

One of the fascinating things about John McCain's reelection campaign is not only has he sold out and moved further to the right, but he has adopted the political persona of his 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin. McCain, like Palin, has abandoned his reputation for bipartisanship, his former positions and values, and is now plain pandering to an angry GOP base. In short, McCain has been Palinized.