Joy Reid To Dems: If Trump Bribing Foreign Countries For 2020 Dirt Isn’t Impeachable, What Is?

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who have been reluctant to go there with impeachment will have to think long and hard about what steps to take next.

Trump Calls It ‘Perfectly Fine’ To Extort A Foreign Country Into Investigating Joe Biden

Emboldened by congressional inaction and fearful of Joe Biden's candidacy, Donald Trump is committing more crimes to win another presidential election.

Trump Was Laughed At By Other World Leaders Behind The Scenes At The G7

Trump has no credibility on the world stage, and his performance and reception by other world leaders at the G7 summit was the latest evidence of that.

Rachel Maddow Says The Disaster G7 Summit Is Ironclad Proof That Trump Is Nuts

As American credibility is crushed under the weight of a man-sized toddler acting as president, the rest of the world is moving on.

Former U.S. Attorney Says Trump Broke The Law By Pitching His Resort For The Next G7

In a working democracy with two functioning political parties committed to the rule of law, Trump would face immediate legal repercussions or impeachment.

Trump Is Blaming Obama For His Embarrassing G7 Performance

Donald Trump's flaws are only enhanced on the world stage when he's next to world leaders who actually take their jobs seriously.

Trump Tags Parody Twitter Account Of French President Emmanuel Macron In Instant G7 Fail

Macron Trump handshake

Donald Trump immediately made a fool of himself at the G7 Summit by tagging a parody Twitter account for French President Emmanuel Macron.

While The Amazon Burns, Trump Is Tweeting About Dancing With The Stars

While the burning Amazon has sparked an international crisis, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday night to tweet about dancing with the stars.

French President Shows Trump What Leadership Looks Like By Declaring Crisis Over Amazon Fires

It's time for the United States to have a president who recognizes the harsh realities of climate change and rallies the world to fight it.

Trump Cancels Meeting With Denmark PM After Being Told He Can’t Buy Greenland

Something tells me that the prime minister of Denmark has more important things to do than entertain a juvenile president of the United States.

Trump Keeps Obsessively Asking His Aides If He Can Buy Greenland

Time and again, we have seen that Donald Trump's grasp of the U.S. presidency is similar to that of a third-grade student.

Trump Trashes U.S. Military After Receiving Another Love Letter From Kim Jong Un

Time and again, Trump has shown that he is happy to sell out America just for the chance to buddy up with strongmen like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Trump Says He’s Cool With Kim Jong Un Firing Missiles: ‘I Have No Problem’

It's pretty obvious that Trump didn't care to ask South Korea what they think of their neighbors to the north firing off missiles.

Malcolm Nance Issues Global Wake-Up Call: Trump Is Openly Helping Tyrants End Liberal Democracy

Trump's behavior at the G20 Summit in Japan has made it blatantly clear that he is working to undermine and destroy liberal democracy.

Trump Gushes Like A Lovestruck Teenager Because Kim Jong Un Follows Him On Twitter

Donald Trump gushed like a lovestruck teenager on Saturday because North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un apparently follows him on Twitter.

Trump Brushes Off His Own CIA And Defends Murderous Saudi Crown Prince At The G20

At home, Trump works tirelessly to undermine American institutions. Abroad, he alienates America's closest allies and embraces murderous tyrants.

House Dems Preparing Legislation That Would Bar Trump From Starting A War With Iran

As a result of the Trump administration's increasingly aggressive behavior toward Iran, the possibility of another war continues to grow.

Ex-Bush Speechwriter Calls Trump The Weakest President In History

For all of Donald Trump's tough talk, he has repeatedly shown himself to be the weakest president this country has ever seen.

Mike Pompeo Broke The Law By Letting Trump Cover Up His Meetings With Putin

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may be trying to drag the United States into another war in the Middle East, but back at home, he is in new legal trouble.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump After He Blames Iran For Attack That Taliban Already Took Credit For

With each passing week, it becomes more clear that the president and his hawk-filled foreign policy team are eager to start a war with Iran.