National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Stresses Administration’s Commitment to Getting Remaining Americans Out of Afghanistan

National security adviser Jake Sullivan stressed that President Joe Biden and his administration remain committed to getting Americans who’ve remained in Afghanistan out via diplomatic means.

We continue our mission to get them out, it’s just that it has shifted from a military mission to a diplomatic mission. And we have considerable leverage over the Taliban to ensure that any remaining American citizen will be able to get out,” he told “Good Morning America.” read more

Pentagon Confirms U.S. Has Resumed Air Operations in Kabul

John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said that the United States has resumed its air operations at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and working to maintain security. The U.S. has flown in about 1,000 troops into Afghanistan, he said, bringing the total number of troops in the country to 3,500. 700 to 800 individuals have been flown out of Afghanistan in the last 24 hours; about 150 of them are Americans. read more

WH Deputy National Security Adviser Says U.S. Has Made Clear to Taliban Not to Interfere with Afghans Trying to Evacuate

White House Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer said the United States has made clear to the Taliban not to interfere with Afghans attempting to get to Kabul airport for potential evacuation as the nation collapses. He noted that President Joe Biden is “deeply engaged” on all policy matters related to Afghanistan. read more

‘Welcome back America’: World leaders congratulate Biden and Harris

Washington (dpa) – Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo seemed to capture the mood of many world leaders and top officials on Saturday with her tweet “Welcome back America!”

Warm words were extended to Joe Biden for his hard-fought victory over Donald Trump in the US election, with many also noting the history-making achievements of vice-president elect Kamala Harris. Here a few of their reactions: read more