Iran Turns Down Trump’s Offer to Help with Coronavirus After Ayatollah Aide Dies

In the wake of the death of a top aide to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Abbas Mousavi, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, turned down the Trump administration’s offer of help fighting the coronavirus. “Since the outbreak of the virus in Iran, we have been observing the U.S.-led anti-Iranian propaganda campaign and know about the measures the…

Trump sounded drugged during Iran statement

Opinion: If it Takes A Crime For Republicans to Impeach Trump, He Delivered

The fact that Donald Trump ordered Soleimani’s killing seven months ago  takes us into criminal territory that also ought to be impeachable. There’s nothing new about Trump breaking the law, or committing crimes when we consider every time he obstructed justice and tried to intimidate witnesses. This, however, is the first time we’re aware of…

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