Senate Republicans To Betray America By Refusing To Convict Trump For Inciting Insurrection

Senate Republicans say that there is no chance that 17 of them will vote to convict Donald Trump of inciting…

1 day ago

Impeachment Manager Calls Lindsey Graham A Disgrace For Trying To Stop Senate Trial

Rep. Dean blasted Graham for apparently forgetting that Trump incited an attack that targeted his own vice president and members…

5 days ago

Rep. Jamie Raskin Calls Trump’s Insurrection Crime The Most Terrible In US History

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the House impeachment trial manager, called Trump's insurrection crime the most terrible by a president in US…

6 days ago

Senate Phone Lines Flooded With 20,000 Calls Demanding Trump’s Conviction

After the House impeached Trump for a second time over 20,000 phone calls were placed to the Senate demanding Trump's…

1 week ago

Record Number Of House Republicans Vote To Impeach Trump

The 10 House Republican votes to impeach Trump are a new record for members of a president's party voting for…

1 week ago

Poll: Majority Support Trump’s Removal from Office Following Capitol Attack

The majority of Americans support removing President Donald Trump from office after he incited an attack against Congress, according to…

1 week ago

Rachel Maddow: Trump’s Failed Coup Puts Him In The Same Category As ‘Confederate Traitors’

Rachel Maddow said Donald Trump's failed coup at the U.S. Capitol puts him in the same category as Confederate traitors.

2 weeks ago

The Senate Reportedly Has The GOP Votes To Convict Trump If McConnell Gives The Green Light

If McConnell did eventually voice his support for the current effort, he could bring along enough Republican support to convict…

2 weeks ago

Pence Refuses To Act, So Pelosi Names Trump Impeachment Trial Managers

Speaker Pelosi has named the slate of trial managers that will make the case and oversee the second trial of…

2 weeks ago

The Dam Is Breaking As Two Dozen House Republicans Are Expected To Support Trump’s Impeachment

The dam appears to be breaking as a growing number of Republican lawmakers are planning to support Trump's impeachment.

2 weeks ago

Trump Comes Out Of Hiding To Threaten America With Violence

Trump falsely claimed that Pelosi and Schumer are putting the country in danger by impeaching him again while suggesting more…

2 weeks ago

Schumer Is Exploring Using Rare Emergency Power To Bring The Senate Back For Trump Impeachment Trial

Under an obscure provision, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer can bring the Senate back into session early for Trump's impeachment…

2 weeks ago

Rep. Jerry Nadler Calls For Immediate Vote To Impeach Trump Over Capitol Attack

With Mike Pence reportedly opposing an attempt to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment, House Democrats could move quickly on…

2 weeks ago

Trump Suggests Call He Made to Ukraine, Which Was Center of Impeachment Scandal, Predicted “Biden Corruption”

President Donald Trump was impeached, in part, for encouraging Ukrainian leadership to investigate President-elect Joe Biden for "political dirt" he…

1 month ago

Trump Pressured The British Government To Drum Up Business For His Scotland Golf Resort

Donald Trump used the power of the presidency to pressure a foreign government into ginning up business for his golf…

6 months ago

Ari Melber Busts GOP For Committing The Same Abuse Of Power That Got Trump Impeached

Melber said the GOP is committing the very same abuse of power that Donald Trump was impeached over, and he…

11 months ago

Trump’s Pardons Prove That His Entire Impeachment Defense Was A Joke

Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about corruption; he never has. His spree of pardons on Tuesday just confirms that…

11 months ago

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