House Democrats Shred Trump’s Claim That A Rigged Election Should Judge His Crimes

House Managers point out that Trump’s claims that he can’t be convicted in the Senate because he has done nothing wrong, and that the proper way to deal with his abuse of power is via an election that he is actively working to cheat by bribing a foreign country, and is actually one reason why he was impeached.


Opinion: Mitch’s Impeachment Trial Is, Goosey Lucy Goes To the Senate

Working hand in glove with Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell is producing a Soviet-style sham trial reminiscent of a Kafka novel. It’s got the long arduous hours, giving equal validity to evidence laid out by the Democrats and to the slop Trump’s lawyers threw together because they have nothing else to counter the facts. Contrary to…

Trump sounded drugged during Iran statement

Opinion: If it Takes A Crime For Republicans to Impeach Trump, He Delivered

The fact that Donald Trump ordered Soleimani’s killing seven months ago  takes us into criminal territory that also ought to be impeachable. There’s nothing new about Trump breaking the law, or committing crimes when we consider every time he obstructed justice and tried to intimidate witnesses. This, however, is the first time we’re aware of…


Opinion: Impeachment Is The Christmas Present Trump Deserves

Days after Speaker Pelosi led the House to impeach Donald Trump, the president and Republican leaders continue to feel the same sting a child feels when punished. The fact that impeachment happened before Congress and the President went to their holiday destinations means Donald Trump got the Christmas present he deserved. For once, the return…

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