Rep. Jim Jordan Can’t Keep A Straight Face While Trying To Claim There’s No Quid Pro Quo

Jim Jordan no quid pro quo

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) couldn't keep a straight face while lying about impeachment transcripts and saying there was no quid pro quo.

Adam Schiff Drops The Hammer On Trump With Public Impeachment Hearings

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has announced that public impeachment hearings will begin on November 13.

Source Close To Trump Says Kentucky and Virginia Are Bad Omen for Impeachment

A source who "regularly talks to Trump" said Kentucky and Virginia signal to GOP they are underestimating voter intensity against Trump.

Lindsey Graham Says He Won’t Read Any Witness Transcripts If They Incriminate Trump

Graham openly admitted on Tuesday that he plans to bury his head in the sand and not read witness transcripts that incriminate Donald Trump.

White House Issues Delusional Statement After New Transcripts Sink Trump

After the transcripts of two pivotal Ukraine witnesses blew apart Trump's impeachment defense, the White House responded with pure delusion.

Jaw Dropping Transcript Reveals Trump Directed Ukraine Plot

Former Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker testified to the impeachment investigation that Trump was at the center and directing the Ukraine plot.

Impeachment Disaster For Trump As Sondland Transcript Confirms Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland confirmed Trump's Ukraine quid pro quo and provided a step by step progression of how the demands evolved.

The Impeachment Investigation Just Came For Mick Mulvaney

The impeachment investigation wants Mick Mulvaney to appear for a deposition on November 9, because he is at the center of the Ukraine scheme.

Rudy Giuliani’s Arrested Associate Turns On Trump And Talks To Impeachment Investigators

Lev Parnas has broken with Trump and Rudy Giuliani and is now talking to congressional investigators looking into impeachment.

GOP To Sabotage Devin Nunes By Putting Jim Jordan On Intel Committee For Impeachment

Jim Jordan blames James Comey For Trump lynching tweet

House Republicans may steal Devin Nunes's thunder by putting Rep. Jim Jordan on the Intelligence Committee for public impeachment hearings.

Sean Hannity Busted In Ukraine Scandal Impeachment Testimony

An exchange between Chairman Schiff and Marie Yovanovitch revealed that Sean Hannity was involved in Trump's Ukraine shakedown.

In Damning Transcript, Yovanovitch Says She Was Told To Tweet Support For Trump To Save Her Job

In the released transcript of her testimony, Marie Yovanovitch testified that she was told that she had to tweet support for Trump to save her job.

Trump Blows Up And Says He’s Getting “F*cking Killed” On Impeachment

Trump is obsessively following the media coverage and telling people around him that he is getting "f*cking killed" on impeachment.

Trump Just Threatened War Hero and Impeachment Witness Vindman

Vindman's testimony opens the Trump impeachment floodgates

In an attempt to intimidate an impeachment witness, Trump threatened to release information on war hero Lt. Col. Vindman.

Trump Has A Sunday Meltdown And Claims Obama Is Behind The Ukraine Whistleblower

Trump blames Obama for Ukraine whistleblower

Trump had a Sunday afternoon meltdown on the White House lawn and claimed that the Ukraine whistleblower is an "Obama person."

The House Is Considering Impeaching Donald Trump For Bribery

Rep. Jackie Speier Trump could be impeached for bribery

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said that there is a case to be made for impeaching President Donald Trump for bribery.

Trump Has A Friday Night Breakdown For All To See On Impeachment

Trump admits he would commit a felony to win.

Trump broke down on Friday night as impeachment triggered him to attack the whistleblower, Democrats, and claim he did nothing wrong.

Trump Wants To Read Ukraine Call Summary Rachel Maddow Style On National TV

Trump wants to do a dramatic reading of the Ukraine call summary, just like Rachel Maddow does on her show, to defend himself on impeachment.

White House Lawyer Who Hid Ukraine Call Told Vindman Not To Talk About It

Vindman's testimony opens the Trump impeachment floodgates

The White House lawyer who hid Trump's Ukraine call told Lt. Col. Vindman not to discuss the call with anyone.

Former NSC Official Testifies That He Was Told To Stay Away From Rudy Giuliani

Tim Morrison testifies in Trump impeachment probe

Former Trump NSC official Tim Morrison testified in the impeachment investigation that he was warned about Rudy Giuliani and the shadow Ukraine policy.