Biden Will Sign Order for Half of New Vehicles to Be Electric by 2030

President Joe Biden is expected to sign an order for half of all new vehicles on American roads to be…

2 months ago

The Proposed New ‘Fox Weather’ Has Scientists Concerned

Not content promulgating "climate change hoax" lies on its regular platform, it has decided to add a 24-hour weather channel…

2 months ago

Extreme Weather is a Warning We Can No Longer Afford to Minimize

This is a warning. Perhaps it's too late. But we are facing a potential climate hostile to human life.

3 months ago

Biden Leads The G7 In Taking Steps To Improve The World Economy

At the top of the docket for the president was a “Building Back Better” plan for the world. This is…

3 months ago

Biden Calls on Global Community to Band Together in Speech During Virtual Climate Summit

President Joe Biden urged the international community to band together to tackle climate change in his speech during a virtual…

5 months ago

Jayapal to Biden: Nation Can’t Afford to “Wait for Republicans to Have Some Awakening on Climate Change”

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) says the country cannot afford to "wait for Republicans to have some awakening on climate change."…

6 months ago

Biden Administration Takes Out The Trump Trash By Getting Rid Of 40 Trump EPA Appointees

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan has dismissed more than 40 key science advisers appointed by former President Donald Trump,…

6 months ago

EPA Head Michael Regan Confirms New Climate Regulations Are Top Priority for Agency

Michael Regan, the new administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, has confirmed that new climate regulations are a top priority…

6 months ago

Senate Set to Confirm Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary

The Senate is set to confirm Representative Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) as Interior Secretary, filling one of the few remaining vacancies…

6 months ago

Greta Thunberg to President Biden: “Treat the Climate Crisis Like a Crisis”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg urged President Joe Biden and his administration to "treat the climate crisis like a crisis" during…

7 months ago

Energy Secretary Confirms Her Department Has More Than $40 Billion in Funds to Transition to Clean Energy

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who was confirmed by the Senate just last week, has confirmed that her department, thanks to…

7 months ago

World Leaders Praise Biden as U.S. Returns to the Forefront in the Battle Against Climate Change

World leaders praised President Joe Biden after he signed an executive order authorizing the United States' return into the Paris…

8 months ago

Trump Goes Into Nonsensical Rant About European “Forest Cities” When Asked How to React to Climate Change

Speaking to the hosts of "Fox and Friends," President Donald Trump said "European forest cities" do a better job of…

1 year ago

20 States Sue Trump for Weakening Regulations on Methane Emissions That Worsen Climate Change

Twenty states have filed a joint lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his administration for weakening regulations on methane emissions…

1 year ago

Slew of Environmental Leaders Sign Open Letter Urging Voters to Choose Biden Over Green Party

A slew of environmental leaders has signed an open letter urging voters to choose Democrat Joe Biden over the Green…

1 year ago

Trump Administration Proposes Allowing Logging in an Alaskan National Forest

President Donald Trump's administration has moved to allow logging in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The proposal from the…

1 year ago

21 States Sue Trump Administration for Rolling Back National Environmental Policy Act

A coalition of 21 states has sued President Donald Trump and his administration for rolling back the National Environmental Policy…

1 year ago

Experts Say Trump’s Rollbacks of Environmental Protections Have Resulted in “Countless” Deaths

According to an Associated Press report released today, rollbacks on anti-pollution rules and waste have likely already resulted in countless deaths tied to…

1 year ago

Trump Threatens To Withhold Fire Relief Funds As California Burns

Trump is mad that California isn't sweeping its forest floors, so he's threatening to deny wildfire relief funds.

1 year ago

Trump Administration Opens Up Alaska Wildlife Refuge to Drilling

The Trump administration has finalized plans and opened up 1.5 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to…

1 year ago

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