Anti-immigration party set for election gains as Sweden swings right

By Simon Johnson and Johan Sennero

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swedes voted on Sunday in an election dominated by fears over asylum seekers and welfare, with the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats vying to become the biggest party in a country long seen as a bastion of liberal values. read more

Sarah Palin Resurfaces To Make John McCain’s Death All About Her With Rant About Disloyal People

Palin continued to criticize McCain, after saying he had been in the DC bubble for too long. "I think that's unfortunate because he had some strange people around him and... disloyal people, and you know, I don't say that as like hate speech or griping about it, it's just a fact they were just some not nice people."

Pictures: Washington white nationalist rally sputters in sea of counterprotesters

By Ginger Gibson and Jonathan Landay

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A white nationalist rally in the heart of Washington drew two dozen demonstrators and thousands of chanting counterprotesters on Sunday, the one-year anniversary of racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. read more

California police chief’s son charged in beating of Sikh man

The estranged son of a northern California city police chief was formally charged on Friday with attempted robbery and abuse of a 71-year-old Sikh man who was beaten and spat upon in an unprovoked attack caught on video, prosecutors said.

Anniversary of fatal Charlottesville rally puts city, D.C. on edge

Officials in Charlottesville have vowed a massive police presence – with some 1,000 personnel assigned – to deter any violence.

The "Unite the Right" rally last August, called to protest the removal of a Confederate statue, turned the picturesque Virginia college town into a chaotic scene of street brawls, and one woman was killed when an Ohio man rammed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters.

Roseanne Completes Her Ode to Trump Racism With, ‘I thought the b*tch was white!’ Rant

Roseanne completed her ode to President Trump and his white supremacist ideology with a rant during which she yelled, "I thought the b*tch was white!" to justify her racism against Valerie Jarrett.