Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Back Trump Into A Corner On Guns With One Genius Move

With one move, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tied Donald Trump's hands by giving him an offer he would be insane to turn down.

A Majority Of Americans Now Favor A Mandatory Buyback Of Assault Weapons

A majority of Americans (52%) support a government program to buyback assault weapons and get them out of the hands of potential mass shooters.

San Francisco Passes Resolution Deeming The NRA A Domestic Terrorist Organization

The San Francisco city council has passed a resolution deeming the NRA a domestic terrorist organization.

The NRA Threatens Walmart After It Stops Selling Handguns and Ammo

After Walmart announced that they were no longer selling handguns and ammo, the NRA responded by threatening the nation's largest retailer.

Trump Bows To The NRA And Says New Mass Shooting Changes Nothing On Guns

Trump said that the mass shooting in Odessa, Texas has done nothing to change his mind on doing something substantial about gun violence.

Trump Privately Tells The NRA That He Will Ditch Universal Background Checks

The sellout is complete: Donald Trump will oppose any universal background check legislation that Congress might send to his desk.

Sen. Chris Murphy Exposes The NRA As A Weak and Powerless Fraud

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) explained that Republicans are afraid of the perception of the NRA, but the reality is that the gun lobby is weak and in chaos.

Rachel Maddow Warns Trump And GOP That Blocking Background Checks Will Be Political Suicide

The American people are growing increasingly tired of Republicans refusing to offer anything but empty thoughts and prayers.

Leaked Document Blows The Lid Off GOP Strategy To Blame The Left For Mass Shootings

A leaked memo revealed that the House Republican strategy is to downplay the role of white supremacy while blaming the left for mass shootings.

Mitch McConnell Refuses To Say Whether He’ll Allow A Vote On Expanded Background Checks

The Senate majority leader refused to say whether he would support legislation to tighten background checks on gun sales.

Florida Republican Party Holds Voter Registration Drive At Gun Show After Mass Shootings

Republicans show the ultimate disrespect to mass shooting victims by holding a voter registration drive at a gun show just after two mass shootings.

Trump And McConnell’s Talking Point Destroyed As 70% Want Assault Weapons Ban

Trump and McConnell have been saying that the appetite is not there for action on assault weapon, but a new poll reveals that 70% of Americans and 54% of Republicans want assault weapons banned.

Senate Republicans To Crackdown On Video Games, Not Guns, After Mass Shootings

Senate Republicans are looking into new legislation on regulating video games, while doing nothing about guns, after the latest round of mass shootings.

Mitch McConnell Blocks Vote On House Passed Background Checks Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has no interest in allowing a vote on the House-passed bill to expand background checks.

Sen. Pat Toomey Refuses To Stop Mass Shootings Because Assault Weapons Are Popular

Pat Toomey Assault Weapons Ban

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) said that he will oppose legislation banning the guns that allow mass shooters to kill more people because assault weapons are popular.

Kamala Harris Rips Into Trump For Golfing While Blood Spilled On American Streets

Harris ripped into Donald Trump on Monday for his complete leadership failure following the mass shooting attacks over the weekend.

Trump Thinks The U.S. Is The Only Country With Video Games And Mental Illness

Republicans love to make these lazy arguments, but the United States isn't the only country in the world with those video games and mental illness.

In New Low, Trump Ransoms Mass Shooting Victims For Wall Money

Trump is trying to hold expanded background checks hostage in exchange for money for his border wall.

Pelosi and Schumer Slam Cowards Trump And McConnell For Refusing To Support Gun Bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer called out Trump and Mitch McConnell for refusing to support a bill to expand background checks for gun purchases.