Betsy DeVos Busted For Illegally Using Your Money To Put More Guns In Schools

The Education Department’s acting inspector general found that Betsy DeVos broke federal law when she did nothing to block federal funds from being used to arm teachers.

Republican NRA Suckers Get Conned As Wayne LaPierre Spends $200K On Beverly Hills Suits

The NRA board let Wayne LaPierre charge $440,000 to the "nonprofit," $200,000 of which was for suits. Suits he bought in Beverly Hills. Oh, and trips! He spent $240,000 on trips to Italy, Hungary, and the Bahamas, and charged the NRA "without providing adequate documentation."

The NRA Is Teetering Toward Collapse As Internal Civil War Goes Public

The once fear gun manufacturers lobby is teetering over declining revenues and civil war between Wayne LaPierre and Oliver North.

Ari Melber Flat Out Calls Mitch McConnell A Threat To Public Safety

To Mitch McConnell and too many other NRA-owned Republican lawmakers, public safety doesn't matter so long as their campaign checks keep cashing.

Democrats Are Gathering The Ammo To Take Down The NRA

Documents have been requested by the House Judiciary Committee from the NRA about the Trump campaign and their role in communications with Russia.

Parkland Dad Warns GOP They’ll Lose Senate For Ignoring Real National Emergency Of Gun Violence

If Republicans continue to hold this issue hostage as the body count grows then more of them will lose their jobs in 2020.

John Heilemann Obliterates Trump: The Real Emergency Is Mass Shootings, Not The Wall

MSNBC's John Heilemann put Trump's cheap national emergency stunt in perspective by saying that the real emergency is guns, not the southern border.

Trump Fails By Remembering Parkland Without Mentioning Guns or Gun Violence

The White House put out a lengthy statement marking the first anniversary of the Parkland shootings, but the statement never mentioned guns or gun violence.

For Parkland survivors, a year of political gains and unresolved pain

The student campaign in support of gun control, which featured a massive march on Washington and in other cities around the country, resulted in the formation of a sprawling national network called March for Our Lives.

With some 500 chapters, it has linked tens of thousands of student activists in pushing for political candidates who support their goals of new measures to reduce gun violence.