Biden Administration Withdraws Government Support for Lawsuit That Sought to Ban Trans Athletes from Competing in High School Sports

President Joe Biden's administration has withdrawn government support for a Connecticut lawsuit that seeks to ban transgender athletes from competing…

5 days ago

Opinion: Theocracy Alert – Trump’s SCOTUS pick wants religion to play a major role in public life

Around the world there are several nations with brutally authoritarian governments that embrace the concept of imposing religion to play…

4 months ago

Opinion: Trump gives evangelicals authority to discriminate against LBGTQ seeking healthcare

Trump is determined to grant evangelical bigots the religious freedom to legally discriminate against LGBTQ+ people, and during Pride Month…

8 months ago

Cuomo Affirms Support for Transgender People After Trump Administration Rolls Back Protection

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo affirmed his state's support for the transgender community after President Donald Trump's administration announced it…

9 months ago

Human Rights Campaign Will Sue Trump Administration for Revoking Transgender Protections

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has announced it will file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump's administration after it rolled…

9 months ago

Trump Just Claimed That LGBTQ People Are His Biggest Supporters

Trump told reporters that LGBTQ people gave him an award and that gay people are his biggest supporters in response…

2 years ago

Trump Defeated In Court On Transgender Military Ban

A district court in Maryland has ruled that transgender military service members have legal standing and stopped Trump from blocking…

2 years ago

Trump Disgraces America By Refusing To Let Embassies Fly Rainbow Flags During LGBTQ Pride Month

The Trump administration has refused to allow US embassies around the world to fly the rainbow flag for LGBTQ Pride…

2 years ago

Trump health agency proposes reversing Obamacare transgender protections

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Friday proposed a rule that would roll back protections for…

2 years ago

House Democrats Make History By Passing Sweeping LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Bill

House Democrats passed a historic and sweeping LGBTQ nondiscrimination bill on Friday.

2 years ago

Judge Who Issued Injunction Says There’s Still a Block on Trump’s Transgender Troops Policy

A federal judge on Tuesday contradicted the Trump administration's "incorrect" claim that no legal blocks remain for it to enforce…

2 years ago

LGBT+ groups dismiss Trump pledge to beat HIV by 2030 as empty rhetoric

By Sonia Elks LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Donald Trump's pledge to halt all new HIV infections in the United…

2 years ago

LGBT+ candidates make gains in U.S. elections

More LGBT+ candidates won in the U.S. midterm elections than ever before - and gender or sexual orientation was less…

2 years ago

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