The Looming Threat of Republican Destruction of This Economy

As the fall election nears, the buzz is that if the economy doesn’t recover, the Democrats will take a hard hit. Apparently the American people are too ignorant and lazy to remember exactly how we got into this mess in the first place, and will cast their reactionary votes of anger this fall against the “party in power” as if that makes any sense at all; thereby reelecting the clowns who not only are voting no on their own ideas in order to keep this economy a mess and help themselves politically, but also the very clowns who put their clown shoes on the gas pedal of recklessness that got us here.

Dancers Responding to Aids: Surreal Beauty on Fire Island

What can be more progressive than artists banding together to help causes they care about and an audience of supporters of said cause? This spirit of united humanity is the root of liberalism, the driving force behind liberal policies, and an ideal culmination of the concept of liberalism. It is rarely so perfectly actualized, but endlessly and profoundly worth striving for.

Taking a Stand against Sarah Palin’s Jealous Contempt For Barack Obama

Sarah Palin's Bitter Rage and Contempt

For the last, oh my Gosh, almost TWO years since Palin hit the national scene, conservatives have been salivating over the Democrats' alleged fear of Sarah Palin. Striking "fear" into their "enemies" is part of the entire worldview of these folks. Everything is seen as a war, a power structure of over and under, best exemplified by Palin's selling herself as a hunter and someone who just got things done in Alaska (contrary to her actual record and her quitting of her job). While I reject this worldview, it's important to note that their largest strategic failure is not their worldview, but their misinterpretation of the Left's outrage over Palin.

The Party of No Sabotages Small Business

For years, Republicans have been selling themselves as the party of business, using Small Business as the banner from which to launch their tax cuts for huge corporations, think Joe the Plumber, but when push comes to shove as with today’s Senate vote on the small business jobs bill, The Party of No reveals that it is November calculus, not small businesses that really matter.

The Drudge Report Trolls with Foxonian Visual Lies

Foxonian Visual Lies Courtesy of a Desperate Drudge Report

While Right Wing screams about liberal media bias, and the scream even louder when they're busted flat out lying to their audience (Acorn video, Sherrod video, etc), they continue their assault on reality via any means necessary. To this end, The Drudge Report felt compelled to use the Foxian trick of using imagery to lie for them yesterday when they attempted to lay blame for missing Iraq reconstruction money at Obama's feet.

Scott Brown Rejects Both Democracy and the Disclose Act

Scott Brown Delivers Death Blow to Campaign Finance Reform

By refusing to vote for the Disclosure Act, Brown is ensuring that our elections can be bought by special interests and big corporate powers without any fingerprints. Meaning that groups like, um, FreedomWorks can influence elections masquerading as grassroots movements, when in fact, they are funded by very interested corporate parties. FreedomWorks, doubling as a grass roots movement for the Tea Party, gave quite a pretty penny to old Scooter.

The Hard Truth is the Tea Party Can’t Elect Anyone

There simply aren't enough anti-intellectual, conservative religious, racist and bigoted voters to pass the lunatic agenda of the Tea Party. They can believe their own spin if they wish, but even if you ignore facts they will still be there to bite you in the ass at the end of the day. This is the bleak future that the Tea Party faces in November.

GOP Uses Mama Grizzlies to Attack Women’s Rights

Conservative Assault on Women's Rights

This week’s winners of the Patriarchy Award: Sharron Angle and David Vitter. Sharron Angle announced that she’s against abortion even when a girl is raped by her own father, and indeed, the Mama Grizzly Conservative suggests that said rape victims make “lemonade out of lemons”. But hold on to your outrage, my friends, because the compassionate conservatives also bring us David Vitter, who appointed a man who was found GUILTY of stabbing his girlfriend to be in charge of women’s issues.

Danger Lurks as the GOP Hoovervilles the Unemployed

As Republicans continue to filibuster extending unemployment benefits, the economic fate of our country hangs in the balance. Their obstruction to extending jobless benefits is a more a result of their ideological contempt for the social safety net that can historically be traced back to the New Deal than their claimed discomfort with a growing deficit.

Alicia Lewis: Victim of the Sarah Palin Attack Machine Speaks Out

Stanislaus Shredded Documents Photo: John Myers

An exclusive interview with Alicia Lewis, who found herself the unwitting victim of the Sarah Palin attack machine during the Palin Stanislaus speech shakedown. In the course of following a lead about documents which were being disposed of suspiciously, Ms. Lewis stumbled into the middle of another Palin drama and found herself being labeled a dumpster diver and "political operative" by Sarah Palin during Palin's national speech last weekend.

White Republican Overseers Order Obama to Do His Job

Republicans who are loath to do their own jobs are thankfully not reticent to run around pointing fingers at Obama and demand, “Mr. President! Do your job!” This is said in what I can assure you is not a racist tone, because the only racism we need to worry about is reverse racism, as you would know if you were a rich white man who has suffered mightily trying to get someone to stop you and ask for your birth certificate.

All American Coca-Cola Shuns a Toxic Glenn Beck

Ah, the sweet fizz of justice on a Friday morning. Yes, Coca-Cola, that all-American – dare I say REAL American?! – beverage company has decided that it is not right for their image to advertise on Glenn Beck. This is most upsetting for those who have been sneering at sane people everywhere that Glenn Beck is an entertainer for god’s sake, you over sensitive Lefty!

Sarah Palin’s 2012 Hopes Go Up In Smoke After She Endorses Marijuana

Real former governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK) took the gloves off when he showed a clip of half-term governor Sarah Palin endorsing pot from Fox News' Freedom Watch Show. Palin got carried away with her free-wheelin' AIP secessionist style, because saying pot is OK if you do it in your own home is a major political gaffe of epic proportions for any politician, let alone a law and order conservative.