Opinion: Children Cannot Consent

Children cannot give consent to so many things under the law.

Whether it’s when someone rapes children, when children get medical treatment, or when children escape violence, their stories are framed as if they can give consent. We see this with the Jeffrey Epstein case, with medical deferments of deportation, and with asylum cases. This article barely scratches the surface. read more

12 Black Elected Officials In Charlotte Receive Trump Inspired Racist Letters

12 elected black officials in Charlotte, NC have received threatening racist letters which invoke the name of Donald Trump.

Beto O’Rourke Drops A Truth Bomb By Comparing Trump To Nazis

Beto O'Rourke Trump Nazis

Beto O'Rourke went there on Wednesday night and compared Trump and his supporters to the Nazis and Germany.

Trump Admits He Has No Strategy. He’s Just A Racist

Trump strategy racist

Trump admitted to the world that he has no political strategy and that he is saying "facts." In other words, Trump's a racist.

Rick Scott Gives The Most Pathetic Dodge Of Trump’s Racism In History

Rick Scott Meet The Press

Republicans have offered a ton of weak dodges of Trump's racism, but none were more pathetic than Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL).

Trump Thinks African-Americans Are Going To Vote For Him In 2020

Trump racist chinese

Trump claimed that he has gotten rid of racial tension in America, and he expects African-Americans to vote for him in 2020.

Trump Demands An Apology From Democrats For His Racism

Trump wants Democrats to apologize to him for his racist attacks, which he is trying to disguise as patriotism.

Fox News Defends AOC and Uses Trump Tweet To Destroy Stephen Miller

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace corrected Trump's false AOC garbage quote and then showed White House adviser Stephen Miller a Trump tweet about American garbage.

Rep. Al Green Calls Trump The Epitome Of Hate Who Must Be Stopped

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) called Trump the epitome of hate and said that people have told him to go back to where he came from.

Black Lawmaker Told To Go Back Where She Came From While Grocery Shopping (UPDATED)

Pregnant state Rep. Erica Thomas (D-GA) was grocery shopping with her daughter when the African-American woman was approached by a white man who hurled slurs at her and told her to go back to where she came from.

Trump Rehearsed and Planned Send Her Back Chant At Rally

Send her back chant planned

The send her back chant that Trump is claiming to disavow was planned at the rally and rehearsed with the crowd by warm-up act Lara Trump.

Mitch McConnell Blames Democrats For Trump’s Racism

Mitch McConnell Trump racism

Instead of speaking out against Trump’s racism, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed the four House Democratic women that the president attacked.

Mitch McConnell Blamed House Democratic Women for Trump’s Racism

McConnell said, “We’ve heard facilities on the U.S. Border called concentration camps. We’ve seen the far left throw accusations of racism at everyone. Anyone who disagrees with them on anything, including the Speaker of the House. We’ve seen a freshman Democratic congresswoman use anti-semitic tropes and imply people only support Israel because of campaign contributions. The most vile accusations and insults against our nation have become incredibly routine, and we’ve seen back and forth over the past few days. Most of you know Justice Scalia was my sort of all-time favorite. Here’s what he used to say. He said, I don’t attack people. I attack ideas. And I think that’s a good lesson for all of us. From the president to the speaker to freshmen members of the House, all of us have a responsibility to elevate the public discourse. Our words do matter. We all know politics is a contact sport. But it’s about time we lowered the temperature all across the board, all of us ought to contribute to a better level of discourse.” read more

Mitt Romney Runs Away When Questioned About Trump’s Racist Tweets

Mitt Romney Trump racist tweets

A reporter asked Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) if he would call Trump's tweets racist, and Romney responded by running away from the questioner.

Kris Kobach Outed As A White Supremacist By Leaked Trump Vetting Docs

Leaked Trump vetting documents list white supremacy as one of the red flags for Trump's adviser on voter suppression Kris Kobach.

Jared Kushner Refuses To Call Trump’s Obama Birtherism Racist

Jared Kushner birtherism

Jared Kushner refused to say that Trump is a racist, and wouldn't answer when asked if he thought birtherism was racist.

Rep. Ted Lieu Drills Republicans For Inviting Hitler Apologist To Hearing On White Nationalism

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) played the audio of a witness that Republicans invited apologizing and legitimizing Hitler during a hearing on the rise of white nationalism.

Tucker Carlson Throws A Seven-Minute Tantrum After He’s Caught Making Racial Slurs

Instead of apologizing, the Fox News host threw a seven-minute tantrum at the beginning of his primetime show on Monday night.

New Audio Catches Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Spewing Racism About The Obamas

The bar for Fox News is pretty low, but even the right-wing propaganda network should be able to recognize that Tucker Carlson's time is up.

Nicolle Wallace Calls Out Rep. Mark Meadows History Of Racism

Nicolle Wallace played two clips of Rep. Mark Meadows to demonstrate that the Republican congressman is a card-carrying member of the racist birther movement.

Democrats Defend Omar from GOP Attack By Threatening to Censure King and McCarthy

Democrats are done with the hypocrisy of Republicans on matters of racism and bigotry.

In response to Republican floor action against Omar, Democrats have "moved to protect her by privately suggesting they'd censure Republican Steve king and take action against Republican Kevin McCarthy for his own tweet issue."