Rep. Ted Lieu Drills Republicans For Inviting Hitler Apologist To Hearing On White Nationalism

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) played the audio of a witness that Republicans invited apologizing and legitimizing Hitler during a hearing on the rise of white nationalism.

Tucker Carlson Throws A Seven-Minute Tantrum After He’s Caught Making Racial Slurs

Instead of apologizing, the Fox News host threw a seven-minute tantrum at the beginning of his primetime show on Monday night.

New Audio Catches Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Spewing Racism About The Obamas

The bar for Fox News is pretty low, but even the right-wing propaganda network should be able to recognize that Tucker Carlson's time is up.

Nicolle Wallace Calls Out Rep. Mark Meadows History Of Racism

Nicolle Wallace played two clips of Rep. Mark Meadows to demonstrate that the Republican congressman is a card-carrying member of the racist birther movement.

Democrats Defend Omar from GOP Attack By Threatening to Censure King and McCarthy

Democrats are done with the hypocrisy of Republicans on matters of racism and bigotry.

In response to Republican floor action against Omar, Democrats have "moved to protect her by privately suggesting they'd censure Republican Steve king and take action against Republican Kevin McCarthy for his own tweet issue."

With Mueller Closing In, Donald Trump Jr Joins His Dad In Mocking Native Americans

After his father mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren with a reference to the Trail of Tears, Donald Trump Jr joined in by adding, “Savage! Love my president.”

Ashley Feinberg of the Huffington Post flagged this Instagram post on Sunday of Donald Trump, Jr replying to his dad’s Trail of Tears racism with more racism, writing, “Savage! Love my president.” read more