Texas House Authorizes Arrest Warrants for Democrats Who Left State to Block Voter Restrictions

The Texas House has authorized arrest warrants for the Democrats who left the state to block a bill that would have tightened voter restrictions in the GOP-controlled state.

“Members, the sergeant-at-arms and the officers appointed by him are directed to send for all absentees whose attendance is not excused for the purpose of securing and maintaining their attendance — under warrant of arrest, if necessary,” House Speaker Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), said from the floor. read more

DOJ Busts Georgia For Illegally Targeting Black Voters With Voting Laws

The DOJ lawsuit against Georgia alleges that the state intentionally and illegally targeted black voters with their new voting laws.

According to Mother Jones:

The Justice Department suit is relying on what remains of the VRA to try to ensure Georgia will once again have to approve its voting changes with the federal government. Specifically, a still-standing section of the law says that states that are found guilty by a court of intentionally discriminating against minority voters can be required to clear their voting changes with the federal government for a period of time. read more

Department of Justice Suing Georgia Over Voting Restrictions

The Department of Justice is filing a lawsuit challenging new voting restrictions in Georgia.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the DOJ‘s action during a press conference this morning.

“This lawsuit is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure that all eligible voters can cast a vote, that all lawful votes are counted, and that every voter has access to accurate information,” he said.  read more

One of the Biggest Democratic Super PACs Has Pledged $20 Million for Voting Rights Initiatives Ahead of 2022

Priorities USA, one of the biggest Democratic Super PACs, has pledged $20 million for voting rights initiatives ahead of the 2022 election cycle. The group’s announcement is aimed at actions by Republicans to restrict voting access and will comprise a digital effort that will include “a series of extensive voter information campaigns, going beyond a more traditional approach that would consist solely of persuasion ads,” according to The New York Times. That effort will also include text message reminders to vote and request absentee ballots. read more

Senate Republicans Prepare to Kill Voting Rights Bill Today

Senate Democrats are preparing for a defeat as their Republican colleagues unite to kill the For the People Act, a voting and election reform bill that Democrats have made a top priority. Republicans have called the bill a partisan exercise and Democrats have faced opposition from within their own party, most notably from Senator Joe Manchin (W. Va.), who recently put forward several compromises that received support from prominent leaders such as voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams. read more

Pelosi Dismisses Manchin’s Objections, Urges Senate to Act to Defend Election Integrity

Pelosi Election Rigging Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) urged the Senate to approve a bill that would constitute the largest expansions of voter protections yet, dismissing the objections of Senator Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.), who vowed not to vote for the measure on partisan grounds and highlighted problems with the Democrats‘ ability to pass major legislation with a razor-thin majority. read more