Republicans Insult Sexual Assault Victims By Circling The Wagons To Defend Alex Acosta

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday morning that Trump’s labor secretary Alex Acosta is doing a great job in the wake of the new Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking indictment.

Rachel Maddow Tells Missouri GOP To Get Lost After They Whine About Her Abortion Coverage

Rachel Maddow had a response for the Republican-led government in Missouri after they asked her to stop reporting on the state's attack on women.

Rachel Maddow: Missouri GOP Now Forcing Women To Have ‘Medically Unnecessary’ Pelvic Exams

The GOP-led government in Missouri is now forcing the last abortion clinic in the state to conduct mandatory and medically unnecessary pelvic exams.

BUSTED: Secret Memo Exposes Republican Talking Points On Abortion Bans

The very secret, “'strictly OFF-THE-RECORD' and not to be printed or reproduced by/for media" document was produced by the Republican Study Committee to offer “messaging guidance” on the Republican Party's "pro-life platform."

Republicans Dig Their Own Graves As Voters Massively Oppose Alabama And Georgia Abortion Bills

By a margin of 56%-33%, voters oppose the anti-choice laws being passed in red states like Alabama and Georgia.

Alabama Gov Ivey is Sure the GOP Abortion Ban Won’t Hurt Tourism or Business

In what might be seen as a dismissively antagonistic stance, Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said she doesn't think the abortion ban that has no exception for rape or incest, which she just signed into law, will hurt tourism or business recruitment.

Republicans Are Running Away From Their Own Toxic Platform on Abortion

Republicans are very busy running away from Alabama's tough abortion law, even though they not only enabled this exact situation by stealing a Supreme Court seat from President Obama and then installing two exceptionally far-right extremists to the bench but also, their platform insists on personhood for a fetus.

Elizabeth Warren Goes Big With Reproductive Rights Protection Plan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) responded to attacks on reproductive rights in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri with a big plan to protect the right to choose.

Women were there for you; Will you be there for us?

Stand up for women like you stand up for any other cause: We are real, we are right here, and we are in a crisis heretofore unseen.