Women’s Rights

Polling Shows The Midterm Shifted To Democrats When SCOTUS Overturned Roe

Internal House Democratic polling reveals that the midterm election shifted toward Democrats after the Supreme Court overturned Roe.

5 days ago

Republicans Should Be Terrified As Abortion Rights Get A Landslide Victory In Deep Red Kansas

Voters in deep-red Kansas overwhelmingly rejected an amendment that would have stripped away the constitutional right to an abortion.

2 weeks ago

Merrick Garland Rips Texas Challenge to HHS Abortion Guidelines

Attorney General Merrick Garland made it clear yesterday that the federal government was prepared to hammer Texas with clear federal…

3 weeks ago

Massive Protest Rocks The Supreme Court For Second Day After Roe Is Overturned

The protesters aren't going away and their numbers seem to be growing on the second day after the Supreme Court…

2 months ago

The Untold Spiritual and Emotional Damage of the Supreme Court Overturning Roe

Republicans decry the accusation that they are waging a war on women, but not only have they been doing so…

2 months ago

Religious Freedom Tables Turned As Synagogue Sues Over Florida’s Abortion Ban

A South Florida Synagogue has sued over Gov. DeSantis' new 15 week abortion ban because it violates their religious freedom.

2 months ago

Roe Overturn Could Unleash A Blue Wave As 2/3 Of Democrats Now Say They Are More Likely To Vote

A new poll has some very bad news for Republicans as two-thirds of Democrats say they will vote in the…

3 months ago

Ketanji Brown Jackson Delivers Blunt Takedown of SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Leak

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will be sworn in to serve on the United States Supreme Court, has addressed the…

3 months ago

Hundreds Of Thousands March In Bans Off Our Bodies Protest That Cable News Largely Ignores

Hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country are marching the bans off of our bodies protest that cable news…

3 months ago

Even Anti-Abortion Groups Are Urging States Not to Criminalize Women for Having Abortions

Even anti-abortion groups are speaking out against state lawmakers and urging them not to criminalize women for having abortions.

3 months ago

We Will Not Forget: Republicans And Joe Manchin Block Bill To Codify Abortion Rights

Senate Republicans and Democrat Joe Manchin teamed up to block the advancement of legislation that would federally codify abortion rights.

3 months ago

Susan Collins Calls Police on Sidewalk Chalk Urging Her to Protect Women’s Rights

Republican Senator Susan Collins called the police after concerned citizens left a message in chalk outside of her home urging…

3 months ago

John Oliver Destroys Brett Kavanaugh And Clarence Thomas While Talking About Abortion

HBO's John Oliver called out Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and the three other "weirdos" who want to overturn Roe.

3 months ago

Speaker Pelosi Rips SCOTUS For Slapping Women In The Face

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that the Supreme Court has disrespected women and slapped them in the face…

3 months ago

SNL Cast Members, Benedict Cumberbatch Powerfully Protest Overturning Roe

On SNL, guest host Benedict Cumberbatch, several cast members, and musical guest Arcade Fire’s Win Butler took their final bows…

3 months ago

Religious Hypocrite Pence Lashes Out at Harris After She Vows to Fight for Abortion Rights

Former Vice President Mike Pence lashed out at Vice President Kamala Harris after she vowed to fight for abortion rights.…

3 months ago

Devastating New Poll For GOP As Support For Not Overturning Roe Is Growing

A new poll found that support for not overturning Roe is growing, and people are twice as likely to support…

3 months ago

Romney Calls for Whoever Leaked SCOTUS Opinion on Roe v. Wade to Be Punished

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said he supports the Supreme Court's leaked draft opinion indicating that the court will overturn Roe…

3 months ago

West Virginia Legislature Introduces Bill to Ban Abortion at 15 Weeks

A proposal nearly identical to the Mississippi law currently under review by the United States Supreme Court to ban abortion…

7 months ago

Democracy in Tatters? Only 24% of Americans Want Roe v. Wade Overturned

As the Republican/McConnell conservative activist Supreme Court hears a Mississippi abortion case, a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows just 24%…

8 months ago