Januarth 6th

Ron Johnson Needs to be Subpoenaed After Getting Busted Working with Trump Lawyer on Fake Electors

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) claimed an aide had given him fake slates of electors to give to then Vice President…

9 months ago

Witness Tells Jeff Clark He’s Perfect for Trump AG Because His First Step Would Be to Commit Felony

Former Trump White House attorney Eric Herschmann to Jeff Clark: "You just admitted your first step you would take as…

9 months ago

Opinion: New Revelations Show Why Clarence Thomas Has Got To Go

Clarence Thomas should not be sitting on the Supreme Court, and it is an under-reaction to suggest he should recuse.

11 months ago

Multiple Judges Sound The Alarm That 1/6 Terrorist Attack Threat Is Ongoing

"Judges sounded the alarm today, verbally grabbing America by the lapels Warning from the bench today that Jan 6 is…

1 year ago

DOJ Won’t Defend Jan 6th Inciter Mo Brooks and Signals Trump is On His Own

The Justice Department signaled that it won't defend Republican Representative Mo Brooks and their reasoning suggests they might not defend…

2 years ago

Officers Want Trump And GOP In Congress Investigated For Collaborating With 1/6 Attackers

Officers Fanone and Hodges asked the Select Committee to investigate what every patriot in this country is desperate to understand:…

2 years ago