Rachel Maddow Just Beat Every Single Fox News Show

While Trump is counting on Fox News to save him from impeachment, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow beat Fox with viewers age 25-54.

Even Fox News Tells Trump That Schiff Is Following Impeachment Rules

Fox News Tells Trump Schiff is following impeachment rules

Fox News's Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is following the hearing rules enacted by Republicans.

Jake Tapper Crushes Trump And Congressional Republicans For Refusing To Come On CNN

Jake Tapper calls out Republicans for avoiding CNN

CNN's Jake Tapper called out the White House and House and Senate Republicans for refusing to come on his show and be held accountable.

Even Fox Admits Trump Is Violating Emoluments Clause By Holding G7 At His Golf Club

Even Fox News sees Trump's emoluments clause violations

Fox's Judge Andrew Napolitano said that by awarding himself the G7, Trump has created a direct and profound violation of the emoluments clause.

Shep Smith Was Pushed Out At Fox News For Attacking Trump’s Friends

Shep Smith was forced out at Fox News after he was told to stop attacking one of Trump's favorites, Tucker Carlson.

Shep Smith Pushed Out At Fox News After Trump Complained

Shep Smith Fired Fox News

Shep Smith had been with Fox News since 1996, but after Trump and his Fox primetime host allies complained, Fox pushed him out.

Chuck Todd Refuses To Air Trump’s Attacks On Hunter Biden

In a gigantic shift from 2016, MSNBC's Chuck Todd refused to reward Trump by airing the audio of the president's attack on Hunter Biden.

CNN Refuses To Air Trump Ad Pushing Biden Conspiracy Theory

CNN has refused to air an ad from the Trump campaign that pushes the baseless conspiracy theory about Joe Biden and Ukraine.

Opinion: Trump Is Why Whistleblowers Need Protection

Donald Trump showed us why whistleblowers need protection. He all but ordered a hit on the whistleblower who exposed his shakedown of the Ukraine and more when it became all too clear that his presidency is cooked. read more

As He Is Being Impeached, Trump Blows A Gasket Because CNN Spelled His Adam Schiff Nickname Wrong

As the House is investigating him for impeachment, Trump is sending typo-filled tweets to CNN about his nickname for Adam Schiff.

Trump Has Lost Hannity As Fox Host Privately Admits Whistleblower Allegations Are Really Bad

Trump has lost Sean Hannity, as the Fox News host and #1 Trump defender has told friends privately that the Ukraine whistleblower allegations are "really bad."

MSNBC Dumps Trump Press Conference To Fact Check His Lies

MNBC dumps Trump press conference

As Trump was making false statements at a furious pace, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace cut off Trump's press conference to fact check his lies.

Nicolle Wallace Exposes Trump’s Fake Presidency In Less Than A Minute

Nicolle Walllace Trump fake presidency

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace pointed out that Trump isn't even faking it well, as he has no governing events on his schedule every day.

CNN Burns Trump’s White House Press Secretary To The Ground

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham criticized CNN for an error on a graphic, and the network shot back a blistering reply.

Nicolle Wallace And Al Roker Bust Trump For Doctored Hurricane Map

Al Roker and Nicolle Wallace busted Trump for the altered image of the Hurricane Dorian forecast.

Rachel Maddow Exposes Trump’s Governing Catastrophe That Is Killing Rural America

Rachel Maddow Rural America

Rachel Maddow puts it all together and shows how Trump's governing catastrophe at the USDA is killing rural America.

Trump Thought He Could Deport Kids With Cancer and No One Would Notice, But Rachel Maddow Busted Him

Rachel Maddow Trump deport sick kids

Trump and his administration thought that he could deport kids with cancer and no one would notice, but Rachel Maddow shined a national spotlight on his heinous policy.

Trump Tries To Start A Viewer Boycott Because He’s Mad At Fox News

Trump blew a gasket on Wednesday and told his supporters to find a new news network, and that he can win without Fox News.

Jaws Drop Rachel Maddow Lays Out Mitch McConnell’s Economic Treason

Rachel Maddow Mitch McConnell Russia

Rachel Maddow explained how Mitch McConnell has allowed Russia to gain an economic foothold in the US so that they can influence US politics from within.

In Must See Clip, Nicolle Wallace Shows Just How Crazy Trump Is

Nicolle Wallace Trump crazy

Nicolle Wallace showed how Donald Trump is ignoring the fact that the world is on fire around him and acting flat out crazy.