Fox News

This Exchange Between Jen Psaki And Peter Doocy Cracked Up The White House Briefing

Fox's Peter Doocy said that he was sorry to Jen Psaki go, and Psaki's answer had the whole White House…

2 weeks ago

The Scary Thing About Fox: The Audience Demands More Tucker Carlson Racism

The perception has been that Tucker Carlson is leading Fox News viewers to more racism, but it turns out that…

3 weeks ago

Tucker Carlson Sounds Ready To Cry As He Begs Elon Musk To Save The Right

Tucker Carlson told his viewers that no one else would save the right unless Elon Musk came to their rescue…

1 month ago

In Body Blow To Fox News, Chris Wallace Exposes The Network’s Big Lie

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace explained that Fox isn't about news and facts, but questioning truth.

2 months ago

Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin Debunks Sean Hannity’s Russian Propaganda To His Face

Fox News's Jennifer Griffin debunked Russian propaganda being spread through a Qanon conspiracy theory to Sean Hannity's face.

2 months ago

Brianna Keilar Calls Out Rupert Murdoch for Pushing COVID-19 Disinformation on Fox News

CNN's Brianna Keilar called out Fox Corporation chair Rupert Murdoch for pushing COVID-19 disinformation on Fox News. Keilar stressed that…

4 months ago

Sean Hannity’s Texts Rip The News Mask Off Of Fox News

Sean Hannity's texts are written proof that Fox News is not a news network, and needs to stop being treated…

5 months ago

Omicron Is Set To Wipe Out Red America Fox News Viewers

A perfect storm is brewing as the Omicron variant and the red areas of the country that watch Fox News…

5 months ago

MSNBC Viewership Grows More Than Fox And CNN Combined

MSNBC's growth has exploded since 2015 as they increased viewership by 160%, which is more than Fox News and CNN…

5 months ago

Watch How Fox News Kills Their Viewers With Misleading COVID Questions

Fox News's Bill Hemmer phrased a question to a guest to make it sound like Fox viewers did not need…

5 months ago

Fox News Gets Its War On Christmas As Man Burns Down Their Christmas Tree

For decades Fox News has been fighting a bogus war on Christmas. This year a man burned down their Christmas…

5 months ago

Jen Psaki Turns Peter Doocy’s Blaming Of Biden For COVID Deaths Into A Trap For Fox

Jen Psaki turns the tables on Peter Doocy as he tried to blame Biden for COVID deaths at the White…

6 months ago

Judge Banned MSNBC, But Allowed Tucker Carlson Into A Secure Area To Film Kyle Rittenhouse Documentary

The same judge who banned MSNBC from the courthouse had no problem with allowing Fox News and Tucker Carlson into…

6 months ago

President Biden Just Busted Fox News And Called Their Report Garbage

While taking questions from reporters, President Biden called out Peter Doocy and Fox News for pushing "garbage."

7 months ago

Biden Unleashes Chaos At Fox By Exposing The Network’s Vaccine Policies

Fox News is expressing outrage, but not admitting on the air that Biden is telling the truth about its vaccine…

8 months ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatens to Shut Down Telecomms Companies If They Hand Over Phone Records to 1/6 Commission

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) claimed she would "shut down" any telecommunications companies if they comply with a request from…

9 months ago

Republicans Are Getting Desperate As Chris Wallace Falsely Hints That Biden Has Dementia

On Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked if Biden knows what's going on, as the dementia falsehood is popping…

9 months ago

Fox News Is Finally Being Held Accountable As Judge Grills Them For Election Lies

A judge grilled Fox News about their 2020 election lies as part of the Smartmatic lawsuit.

9 months ago

Republican ‘Cancel Culture’ Hits New Low With Attacks Against D.C. Police

Sometimes we have to give republican pundits and lawmakers credit. They're really good at herding their right-wing hate media¬†flock away…

10 months ago

Lincoln Project Vows To Come After Laura Ingraham Guests And Advertisers After She Mocks Injured 1/6 Cops

Fox's Laura Ingraham spent a segment of her show giving out awards that mocked the officers who testified before the…

10 months ago