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Lincoln Project Vows To Come After Laura Ingraham Guests And Advertisers After She Mocks Injured 1/6 Cops

Fox's Laura Ingraham spent a segment of her show giving out awards that mocked the officers who testified before the…

13 mins ago

Comcast Refuses To Air New Lincoln Project Ad On Fox News Killing Americans

Comcast is helping Fox News kill Americans with anti-vaccination propaganda by refusing to air a  new ad from The Lincoln…

6 days ago

Sean Hannity’s Plea for Viewers to “Take Covid Seriously” Has Been Viewed More Than 2 Million Times

Fox News personality Sean Hannity's plea for viewers to "take Covid seriously" has been viewed more than 2 million times…

1 week ago

The Proposed New ‘Fox Weather’ Has Scientists Concerned

Not content promulgating "climate change hoax" lies on its regular platform, it has decided to add a 24-hour weather channel…

2 weeks ago

Former Fox Exec Destroys Rupert Murdoch For Lying To Millions Of Americans

A former Fox executive said Rupert Murdoch through his Fox News is damaging America by lying to millions.

3 weeks ago

The NSA Just Smacked Down Fox News’s Tucker Carlson

The NSA released a statement calling out Tucker Carlson's false claim that they are monitoring his show and trying to…

4 weeks ago

Fox News Hammered With Biggest Fine In History For Human Rights Law Violation

Fox News has agreed to pay a fine of $1 million and hit with other penalties for violating New York's…

4 weeks ago

Fox’s News Charade Destroyed As Sean Hannity Busted Writing Trump Campaign Ad

Sean Hannity, who is supposed to be a Fox News host, actually wrote a campaign ad that the campaign spent…

2 months ago

Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris For Memorial Day Weekend Tweet Then Shoots Itself In The Foot

Fox News attacked Vice President Harris for wishing everyone a happy long weekend and then promptly did the same thing.

2 months ago

Chris Wallace Crushes House GOP Insurrectionist With His Own Actions

Fox's Chris Wallace would not Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) whitewash and forget the role that he played in the attack…

3 months ago

Trump Terrorist Claims Fox News Brainwashed Him Into Attacking Capitol

Trump terrorist Anthony Antonio is blaming his actions during the attack on the Capitol on watching Fox News for six…

3 months ago

Brian Kilmeade Gets Schooled by a Sixth-Grader on the Consequences of Trump’s Covid Response

"Fox and Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade did not receive the response he expected while speaking to a trio of students…

3 months ago

Rudy Giuliani Somehow Managed to Make FBI Raid of His Own Home All About Hunter Biden

Speaking to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani, who this week had his home raided by federal agents as…

3 months ago

MSNBC Dominates Fox And Sets Record For Biden Speech

MSNBC not only beat CNN and Fox News, but they also set a viewership record as 4.1 million people watched…

3 months ago

“Fox and Friends” Continues Promotiong Conspiracy Theories About Biden Not Being in Charge

The hosts of "Fox and Friends" concocted a conspiracy theory about President Joe Biden getting into "trouble" with nefarious actors…

3 months ago

Fox News Admits On Live TV That They Lied About Biden Red Meat Ban

Fox News admitted on the air to their viewers that they lied about President Biden banning red meat.

3 months ago

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Tucker Carlson, Urges Advertisers to Pull Their Ads

In remarks before the World Federation of Advertisers, Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on…

3 months ago

Federalist Co-Founder Ben Domenech Exposes His Anti-Science Approach, Calls Dr. Fauci “An Out of His Depth Bureaucrat”

Speaking on "Fox and Friends," Ben Domenech, the co-founder and publisher of The Federalist who is also married to The View co-host Meghan…

3 months ago

Tucker Carlson Slammed for Employing White Supremacist Conspiracy Theory in Latest Lie About Dems

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is being criticized after he employed the white supremacist “great replacement theory" to assert that…

4 months ago

Chris Wallace Calls Out Greg Abbott’s Partisan Hack Hypocrisy On Fox

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace called out Gov. Greg Abbott for not saying anything about abuse at migrant facilities while…

4 months ago

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